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Number 516, April 26, 2009

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"In the event you are captured...."
by A.X. Perez
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Remember the TV series Mission Impossible? Whenever Mr. Phelps was being briefed he was warned "In the event you or your team are captured, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your existence."

It is time for President Obama to do some repudiation. There have been several disturbing reports since he got the Democratic nomination for President of BO's supporters using the police power of the state to silence and/or persecute his critics. The latest was the report on Right Wing Extremists in which everyone who disagreed with Mr. Obama's policies was labeled a RWE, potential terrorist and not an honest citizen ("causing right wing extremists—and honest Americans to stockpile ammunition").

Mr. Obama needs to publicly announce that he respects the First Amendment right of his opponents, even soi disant right wing extremists, to state disagreements with his policies without being hassled by the bulls, let alone arrested. He needs to tell his law enforcement people, publicly, that he does not consider the necessity of watching out for potential terrorists as carte blanche to wiretap, tail, go through trash, interrogate neighbors, friends, employers and families, and otherwise interfere with the normal business of those who disagree with him (which due to its stand on abortion, includes the entire Catholic Council of Bishops in the US, for example).

Even Dubya, hypocritically or not, paid lip service to the right of his opponents to criticize his actions and offer alternatives. Part of Obama's victory in 2008 was based on the American people's rejection of Bush as a tyrant. This means that BO must demonstrate his respect for the freedom of thought of his opponents and not suppress or allow his subordinates to suppress it. Or else I'm going to have to look up a fancy French phrase on how the man triggered a general civil war in this country.

By the way, how come NBC, ABC, CBS, and others don't appear to have picked up on the Department of Homeland Security's effort to declare what sounds like about forty percent of America terrorists?

I resent being outlawed. Maybe that's why I can't let the DHS report on right wing extremism go. Because I oppose gun control and want the power of Government limited to assure the American people's liberty I fit the report's criteria of a right wing extremist. If you read the report you will see that RWE's are not considered by the reports author(s) to be an honest American. Therefor the author has declared me an outlaw.

Not only that, he has lumped me in with racial and religious bigots. I resemble that remark (does my need to make light of things indicate that I'm a threat to the government in a way not listed in the report?).

There are of course potential tyrants who would warp our love of liberty to destroy freedom. In that case we need to be warned of that danger. I'm sure most true libertarians are smart enough to twig to this danger, but you think a government that warns people of the risks involved in drinking water with natural for region amounts of arsenic and antimony could warn us about this risk. Yet this report was supposed to be for law enforcement eyes only. Were the paranoids' they perhaps planning of turning agents provocateurs loose on suspected RWE groups? (It's rather frightening to think how many French terms there are for the tools of tyranny.)

Assuming there was a decent reason for keeping this report confidential why was it leaked? Was it meant to intimidate RWE's with threats of more Ruby Ridges and Ranch Mount Carmels. Was it intended to provoke RWE terrorists into acting prematurely? Was it just incompetence, a trait that can make a tyranny deadlier than all but the greatest malevolence?

Regardless, there is at least one person in the Department of Homeland Security who has declared many, if not most, of my friends (even some pretty liberal types) and myself to be outlaws. This is something I take quite personally and will continue to rail about until those who claim to run this country very carefully, clearly and without hemming or hawing denounce the threat to dissident opinion implied by the offending report (search right wing extremism on the engine of your choice.).

PS. A copy of the document that started all this flap can be found at Please note that while not classified secret it was the intention of the author and DHS that thee and me not read it.


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