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"What a maroon...."

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The New Foo-foo Flu

Pig farmers don't want it called Swine Flu. I propose, honoring Penn & Teller, that we call it the Bullshit! Flu. Do I hear a second?

L. Neil Smith

Where Was Longcore?

Dear Editor,

In his unpleasant diatribe, Russell Longcore asks

"Why didn't these protestors take to the streets when George Bush was in office during the last eight years?"

Why didn't he? Where was he in November 2008 when Americans were rallying in front of the Federal Reserve buildings all over the country to "End the Fed"?

Where was he in September 2008 when Americans came together to hear Ron Paul and others speak at the Rally for the Republic?

Where was he in July 2008 when Americans marched on Washington in the Revolution March?

That's just a few instances of Americans protesting and rallying and marching. Every Saturday, Americans protest the war in Iraq by congregating in downtown Lawrence, KS with signs and fliers. Every week since 2003.

Is protesting futile? No. It is just protesting. It is an outlet for rage and other emotions. It is an opportunity to meet people who feel similarly. It is a chance to see that you aren't alone against the machine.

And if Longcore doesn't like it, he can change his government some other way.


Jim Davidson

Here We Go Again

In the 1950's officials from states practicing segregation swore up and down they would never desegregate. They split the Democratic Party (for a second time), turned a blind eye to Ku Klux Klan activity, forced the President to turn paratroopers loose on them to enforced desegregation.

In the 2000's supporters of victim disarmament are swearing up and down they will resist treating gun ownership and carry as the civil rights they are. They are trying to circumvent Supreme Court and state attorney general rulings, laws passed by legislatures, have split the Democratic Party and have all but been told to back off by a President more sympathetic to their cause than not.

Racists have been put on the list of possible terrorists and traitors for the violent actions of some of their number, and I'm sure there are many reading this who say they belong there. Well, on what list do FBI Directors, mayors, Police Chiefs and others who publicly proclaim their intent to disregard Constitutional, statutory, and case law as well as the directives of their superiors belong?

A.X. Perez

Dear Editor:

Re: [letters last issue]

While I agree with Dennis Wilson that the hippies Ayn Rand discussed in her article 'That Inexplicable Personal Alchemy' were deserving of contempt, due to their actual crimes (such as theft and arson), it was NOT proper for her to reference nudism, a desire for freedom of travel, or a desire for freedom of self medication in a sarcastic manner. If doing so was the only way she could think of to express sarcasm for the hippies, then my opinion is that she would have been better off, both in a literary and a philosophical sense, without any use of sarcasm at all in that particular case. The fact that a person may desire to be a nudist, to travel freely, or to use certain substances for medication or recreation is utterly irrelevant to any actual crimes they may have committed (unless the crime in question consists of operating a vehicle while under the influence of such substances in the latter case).

To make sarcastic remarks about these subjects was no more proper on the part of Ayn Rand than it would have been for her to make sarcastic remarks about the race, religion, or sexual orientation of the hippies in question. It was improper, irrelevant, and it both detracts from the mention of their actual crimes while (and largely because of) conflating activities which are not crimes with those that are.

Ann Morgan

[Mr Davidson is replying to a letter from someone named Franklin Oliveira—Editor]

Hello, ugly American.

> If you think the torture advocates should be tortured,
> doesn't that include al-Qaeda and Taliban captured by
> American forces?

No, of course not. First, neither al Qaeda (a CIA group) nor the Taliban are bound by the Constitution for the united States of America. The "American forces" swear an oath to uphold that constitution, including its 8th Amendment guarantee that none of those "American forces" will ever inflict torture.

Second, I am not part of those groups, and I am not in Afghanistan, nor in any of the other countries they work in. I have a moral obligation to tell Americans not to violate the Bill of Rights. I have no obligation to fix problems with the governing body in parts of Pakistan and parts of Afghanistan.

I know that as an ugly, vicious, brutal, nationalist socialist American you want to rule the world and destroy the lives and property of everyone else, on the flimsiest of pretext. You hate life, you hate liberty, you hate small children, which is why you advocate having "American forces" slaughter women and children wherever they go.

But, I am not that way. I only seek to hold the USA government and those "American forces" to the standards in the constitution to which they swore an oath to defend against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, up to and including their commander in chief.

> Are you naive enough to think al-Qaeda and Taliban
> do not torture?

It is not my problem. My problem is with this government in the USA, where I live. You want to fix those groups? Go. Leave as quickly as you can. Go bind yourself to those groups and reform them. May your chains set heavily upon you, may your manacles chafe and bind, and may history never record that you were our countryman.

> Or do you have a double standard that says an action
> can only be bad when committed by the American government?

I believe that many people all over the world can commit bad actions. But I don't rule the world. I live in the USA, so I feel an obligation to hold "the American government" to the standards in its founding documents, especially to require enforcement of the bill of rights.

You may think you rule the world, or you may think that you get to be "on the team that's winning" by having "the American government" go around raping and murdering and looting and massacring in other countries. I object to your foreign policy. I object to your views on the Bill of Rights. I object to you being a lazy and inhumane person who refuses to take responsibility for the government of your country.

Charity begins at home. So does responsibility. If Americans ever regain the limited republic their forefathers organised, it is possible that "the American government" could be a shining example of honesty, decency, and absence of atrocity.

But you don't want that. You don't want to ever challenge anyone in "the American government" to do what they swore an oath to do, to behave within the bounds of decency and constitutionality they are required by their oath to do. You want "American forces" to rape and pillage and mutilate children and torture people, whether they were ever guilty of any crime in the USA or not, because you like to see other people suffer. You like to imagine that you are on the side that's winning.

We can discuss the merits of your proposal after you've had your head slammed 83 times against a wall. If you are interested in having this "service" performed, please consult your local military recruiting station.


Jim Davidson

Want to avoid the floo?

Don't do this:


Dave Earnest


In a recent posting to his L. Neil Smith at Random blog our esteemed publisher posted a short article titled "The New Foo Foo Flu" [see first letter above—Editor]in which he suggested the Current Crisis Causing Swine Flu be renamed the Bull Shit Flu. He also asked readers if they had any suggestions as to what they thought it should be renamed. I humbly propose the following:

Better to call it the Unmasking Flu. As I write it is being announced that the new flu lacks the "killer genes" of the 1918 outbreak and that the number of deaths it has caused has been exaggerated (about a dozen confirmed as opposed to about a gross suspected.).

Meanwhile the media has revealed itself to be a pack hysteria inciting fools (quel surprise), too many racist type "right wing extremists" have shown their eagerness to create racial dissension and desire to panic people into submitting to government enslavement, and all the hysterical old women in pants both with and without testicles (well unused testicles in the cases of those who have them I may add) have revealed their true colors.

BO has gotten a cheap opportunity to look like a real leader by repeating the mantra, "don't panic, it's not as bad as you think and we're ready if things suddenly do get that bad."

The flu is genuine, but could it be that the risk was overstated to make President Obama look, well, presidential? In any case, the 2009 Swine flu outbreak has exposed fools, racists, hysterics, totalitarians and panderers to tyranny for what they are and who they are.

Remember the unmasking.

Since the above was originally posted (Friday, St. Joseph's Day 2009) There is a growing body of evidence that the disease should be named the Shakespeare Flu (After the comedy Much Ado about Nothing).

A.X. Perez



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