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Number 517, May 3, 2009

"What a maroon...."

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There's an old saying: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three (or more) times is enemy action. While not normally a fan or even a follower of conspiracy theories, I have to admit that the events of the last few years have made me more than a bit uneasy. Between the very disturbing images of the WTC towers falling, EXACTLY in their own footprints, the so-called economic crisis, the spate of mass shootings, and now the complete over-reaction to this newest flu scare, I'm wondering just who profits?

Let's take these one at a time.

WTC towers: I'm not going to go into all the details of the so-called conspiracy theory here. There are more than enough sites on the web devoted to those. I'm only going to look at one major FACT. The two major towers were hit in different ways. FACT. One tower was hit by one plane. FACT. The other was hit by two planes, at different levels. [Huh? I thought it was one plane per tower—Editor] FACT. Both towers went down precisely in their own footprints. FACT. WTC7, which was not hit at all, but which was the building housing a certain government agency, went down several hours later, again, precisely in it's own footprint. FACT.

While it is possible that one building might have gone down so precisely, two is certainly stretching the plausibility, and three warps it totally. Even given that WTC7 was damaged by the shock of the twin towers falling, it is beyond the realm of possibility that it would have fallen in its own footprint.

To bring a building down in its own footprint is a specialty. There are very few men or even companies who are good at it, and they make a great deal of money, since it is so hard to do. It requires precisely spaced, timed and calculated explosive charges to do it properly.

Who profited from the shockwave of fear caused by this?

Economic crisis: While there is more than enough blame to go around for the economic crisis, let's look at the history, shall we? As far back as the 70's, it was obvious that some form of financial crisis was in the offing. All the groundwork for it, as well as the steps to 'deal' with it, were in place that far back. That groundwork was laid by the stupid and totally inept economic meddling of the congresscritters. For a complete breakdown of this, I strongly urge you to obtain a copy of Mel Tappan's book, "Tappan on Survival," which has recently been re-issued, and read the first chapter, taking notes and doing your own research to confirm what he says. Even though much of the material is dated, the economic background tracks suprisingly well with what is happening today. (As a side note, Mr. Tappan died unexpectedly right after he submitted that first chapter, which was broken down into two parts for a magazine.) While I won't go into detail on this, the legislation that laid the groundwork for the current economic crisis was passed by a Democrat controlled house and Senate. This, coupled with the actions of various other federal agencies and feel-good policies pushed by the congresscritters totally destabilized the housing market and the economy. Top all this with the actions of various corporate 'leaders,' who were counting on the Federal government helping them out, as it did various times over the last 40 years, and the snowball reached critical mass, not just for one company, but for whole industries. Does the phrase: "Too big to be allowed to fail" ring any bells?

Again, I am asking you NOT to take my word on it, but to look it up, do the research, and decide for yourself what the truth is.

Who benefits from the increased federal presence in the economic markets?

Mass shootings: This area is where I first noticed this whole disturbing trend. Why is it that EVERY SINGLE TIME a major gun control bill is placed before congress, there is a spate of highly publicized shootings? Why is it that EVERY SINGLE TIME the pro-gun crowd makes some sort of gain, there is another highly publicized shooting, usually affecting children or the elderly. Why is it that when someone LEGALLY defends themselves with a weapon, very little is heard about it, and what little is heard is almost always some police drone talking about 'taking the law into your own hands' or other such drivel? I challenge you to find the last time the main stream media devoted even one tenth the coverage to law abiding use of firearms as they do to the illegal use, even though it is a FACT that well over 99% of all legally owned firearms are never used in a crime.

Who benefits from disarming the American people?

Swine flu 'pandemic': This one is totally off the wall. Every year, thousands upon thousands of people die from the flu, or complications arising from it. What I find most puzzling is that over the past few years, there have been more than a few so-called 'flu scares.' This one is actually less intense than the avian flu scare of a few years ago, but everyone seems to be panicking over it. Why? So far there has been only one US death, and that was of a hispanic child visiting this country from Mexico. Don't get me wrong, any child's death is a tragedy, but why the fuss made over this particular one? To date, there have been less than 100 confirmed cases of this type of flu in the United States. That does NOT justify the potentially draconian steps needed to combat a true pandemic, even though those steps are being considered by some in government.

Again, who benefits?

I know what my answer to these questions is. And I even know why, though I truly don't understand that type of insanity, as lust for power has never been a part of my make up. I am not going to enumerate my conclusions to you, and even if I did, NEVER, EVER take my unsupported word for anything. Instead, I leave it up to you to answer these questions for yourself. Again and again and again, do your own research, answer these questions to your own satisfaction. Reach your own conclusions. Make up your own mind. Don't let ANYONE else tell you what to think about ANYTHING!


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