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"Don't Tread On Me"

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Letter from The Editor

An Interesting New Project

I think readers of The Libertarian Enterprise will enjoy

In the Motorhome Diaries, two former Bureaucrash chiefs and their fellows chronicle their RV trip exploring freedom movements in America. Among the many people they've video interviewed are David Nolan and Ernie Hancock. They've filmed a lot besides interviews too, including a market anarchist disrupting a Tea Party rally and some classic road trip fun. They're moving through the South now and will be sharing thoughts on their journey at this summer's Porcfest in New Hampshire.

Darian Worden

While checking out Walela singing "Amazing Grace" in Cherokee on youtube saw following bumper sticker—"Sure you can trust the government, just ask an Indian."

'nuff said.

A.X. Perez


I found this picture online, and the question was....
Obama float
What is she hanging on to?
Answer: His stimulus package.

Wayne Grantham

Re: Rockerfeller on Internet (last issue).

Screw internet! Must break kids of habit of drawing pictures on cave wall! Don't need River People come up and learn secret technique for hunting mastodon.

Gral of Cedar Brake People

If I want to run a business I can start one or buy a controlling interest in one. Nowadays many corporations have turned day to day management over to professional administrators, so I guess I can get myself made CEO, after the proper training and years in the trenches.

If I have an agenda to pursue, like reducing carbon emissions from energy generation, I can start a company producing power using green technology. I will have to raise money for start up and get customers, but if I can do so at a profit or at least a bearable loss until I eventually start making a profit I have every right to do so.

If traditional energy producers used government connections and regulation to put me out of business or to gain control of my business the entire world would cry foul.

So why is no one calling the so called environmentalists on their efforts to gain control of energy companies by means other than buying stock and/or investing in the creation of companies that produce "green" energy?

A.X. Perez

I wanted to sent a big thank you to everyone who supported the Atlas Shrugged Books-to-Politicians Campaign during the month of April. Your help promoting this is truly appreciated.

To date we have had 27 contributors who have sent 213 books to their politicians. I honestly thought that during April the numbers would be an order of magnitude larger. I was expecting that the Tea Party organizations across the country would actively support this effort, but now believe that I failed to get the kind of coverage at these events that I was anticipating. I am considering ways that this action could be better advertised for the next wave of Tea Parties in July so that we can still achieve the level of penetration I originally envisioned. In the meantime, I am keeping the site active and additional participants continue to sign up. I have redesigned the website, removing references to the month of April. This includes modifying the graphic which is referenced at:

If you are linking directly to that image, then your site will have been updated automatically, and if you are willing to continue promoting this effort, I would appreciate that.

As a follow up action, a colleague and I are working on a letter writing campaign to probe our legislators about the books that they have received and their reaction to it. Additionally, we will be asking them pointed questions about current policy decisions in the hopes of eliciting responses which will then be published. Information on all of this will be added to the site within the week.

If you would like to participate in writing a follow up letter, please add your voice. If you have any thoughts on how to make this campaign more effective or ideas on how to advertise it in a more compelling manner, I would be happy to have your participation. And if you would like to discuss any other issues, please feel free to contact me.

But most importantly, this is a letter of appreciation to all of you who saw the value in this idea and were willing to act in service of it. And remember that anywhere that a person maintains their reason and their passion, they create their own Galt's Gulch.


C. Jeffery Small

Sometimes they make you proud

While discussing the undesirability of government intervention in Economics class the subject of government honesty came up. One of my students admitted that hearing the line "They're from the government, they wouldn't lie to us." or words to that effect in Alien vs. Predator: Requiem caused said student to "Laugh my ass off." The student in question had been in my class the year before when AVPR came out.

I will not say I taught that attitude to my students or even this particular student. I will claim credit for reinforcing it. Of coursed as a government employee I am limited in how far I can push antigovernment ideals. Meanwhile I think I'm forwarding the cause by making sure they understand that the government has to earn their trust and live up to it, not simply demand blind trust.

Forcing the government to be worthy of our trust is of course a necessary part of constraining the inherent tendency of all governments to degenerate into tyrannies. Hopefully my students will take the next step and begin to realize the need to limit and control the power of government, if not completely eliminate it, is a necessary step to guaranteeing freedom, prosperity, and happiness.

Meanwhile, at least one of my students finds the concept of trusting the government funny. I'm so proud of how smart my kids are.

A.X. Perez

American Secession's "batting average"

In his article "DumpDC"—Six Letters That Can Change History in last week's The Libertarian Enterprise, Russell Longcore points out features about "the fast-growing secessionist movement in the united States of America."

He also says:

I won't take the time in this introduction to chronicle the complete history of secession in North America. It's obvious that the English colonies seceded from England in 1776. The Confederate States of America tried to secede in 1861, and failed. So, secession's batting average in America is .500.

Still a pretty good average.

I realize that a complete history of secession in America would include many counties and even cities that have been split into multiples and though technically secession was involved, the importance is minor. However, there are additional important secessions in American history and because secession in general is usually ignored or only briefly mentioned in government schools, I think it is vital to include the secession of Texas from Mexico and the secession--with Lincoln's help and blessing--of West Virginia from Virginia.

Those two change the "batting average" just a tad bit in favor of successful secession.

Dennis Wilson

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