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Number 519, May 17, 2009

"The establishment media and the
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Letter from Jim Davidson

Another Letter from Jim Davidson

Letter from Mike Blessing

Letter from A.X. Perez

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Rex May

Dear Guys,

Please share with your friends and networks.

The Motorhome Diaries crew has been arrested in Mississippi.

It started with a routine traffic stop, but one of the guys starting videoing the cops, and they turned ugly. Now the jackboots have all three guys under arrest and in one of their filthy, ugly jails.

Charges include resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, transporting booze across state lines, and transporting a gun across state lines (a federal charge). I think all the charges are bogus.

Two of the guys, Adam and Jason, are held on $500 bail. A group I know is putting together a team to get there to bail them out. Pete Eyre is charged with the firearm "violation" and his bail would be higher, if they don't impose excessive (infinite) bail.

It seems like a great case to pursue more justice on the firearms laws front.

Let's go!


Jim Davidson

Dear Ken,

You were looking for links to confirm Neil's story about the guy stopped for having a Gadsden flag on his bumper.


Jim Davidson

In [last] week's TLE, the following note was appended to the end of L. Neil's article "Don't Tread on Freedom!"—

[Editor's Note: As soon as we find the exact name of the town, the Chief of Police, and the policeman involved in this we will provide contact information. If you know any of the above send it along!]

Here's what I was able to dig up using Google—

[long URL]

[long URL]

It seems that the stop in question took place in Ball, Louisiana, part of Rapides Parish.

See also [this link]

The Google search that I linked to above also yakked up a link to a scandal involving Hurricane Katrina-related FEMA funds dating to 2006.

Re: the offending MIAC/DHS literature—this sort of thing is based on boilerplate material from the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. They've been producing this sort of crap since 1995, that I can remember, and will continue doing so as long as the Ruling Classwipes display a willingness to take it seriously. Rather than destroying it, I'd like to see it debunked and ridiculed for the garbage that it is. Preferably in the lamestream snoozemedia, but I'm not holding my breath on that.

Mike Blessing

"I have thirty eight brains in me and not one of them says you can sign a contract to be a slave."
—Joss Whedon, Dollhouse Season Finale

There may be hope for this guy yet, in spite of some inherent antigun attitude from being a Californio (which he shows signs of overcoming, notice he shows a BATFE agent as a bad guy in one episode of Dollhouse).

May his artistic and economic success spread to other pro freedom authors. Who knows, maybe Wes Studi will get a notion that his life won't be complete without playing Win Bear.

One can always hope.

A.X. Perez

The Truth for Once

The El Paso Times published, on its front page no less, a report that the 90% of all firearms seized from drug dealers in Mexico come from the US (with implications that they are being bought from gunshops and at gun shows) statistic that is thrown around so enthusiastically by proponents of victim disarmament is based on false data. Hopefuly this story came out in other newspapers and magazines, not including pro gun publications.

The El Paso Times is a fairly liberal rag, however it is in Texas, where liberals use hollowpoint ammo to avoid over-penetration instead of improving "knock down power." (Sensible people use hollowpoints for both reasons, of course.) That said, at least one liberal paper has stepped away from the antigun party li(n)e that gun control in the US is necessary to solve Mexico's drug war problem.

It may turn out that gun control is desirable (fall on floor laughing) because of some unimaginable flaw in human nature (and don't ask for examples, if I said it was unimaginable that means I can't think of it). It may be possible that the rabbit people and hoplophobes are able to warp the political will of the American people to make it politically inevitable no matter how foul it is (sudden sobering up). However, they will have one less lie with which to push this agenda.

To quote Lucky Eddie "Only 9,999 more to go."

A.X. Perez

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