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Number 519, May 17, 2009

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Troublesome Priests
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

In El Paso the name Bruce Lee was used in the early '90's for men being arrested on John Doe warrants. Usualy these were homeless individuals not carrying ID or people whose privacy was being protected.

What with the proclivity for harassing opponents of the current regime being shown by some PD's perhaps it is time that a new generic name for arrest suspects be listed. Of course this alias would only be applied to political detainees, readers and writers of TLE, members or supporters of the NRA, JPFO, GOA, Catholic Archbishops who criticize Catholic Universities for not supporting Church Doctrine and Supporters of Ron Paul come to mind. For this alias I propose the moniker Thomas a Becket.

For those of you who don't remember Thomas a Becket is the Archbishop of Canterbury who got into a quarrel with Henry II of England on whether clergy should be tried in civil or church courts for crimes in England. Given the problematic nature of Medieval justice Becket's concerns were reasonable, and given his efforts to solve this issue King Henry had a good point. However, instead of discussing the issue and negotiating a reasonable compromise these two proud men tore into each other until Henry II made the statement "Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest." Reginald Fitzurse and company took Henry at his word and the Catholic Church got a martyr.

Henry claimed that his knights had overreacted to his plaint and the world gained a weak example of plausible deniability. Then again, Henry II never specifically asked for someone to kill Thomas. At least they waited for the King to say something. The evidence is that those responsible for the various security reports leading to the harassment of soi disant right wing extremists apparently did so without any comment from Barack Obama. Apparently they came up with these reports all on their own, and the police who have overreacted to them are acting on their own hook. As Heinlein observed, the mayor can be a good egg, but what goes on in the back room of the precinct house is something about which he is kept in the dark.

I am not saying that at this time BO doesn't know what is being done in his name. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. I am saying that it is time for him to make clear that he will not tolerate back room interviews. Not for Muslim Fundamentalist terrorists. Not for right wing extremists, not for dissidents of any stripe. His candidacy and administration have already had enough of this.

Or else we will know that he is turning a blind eye to those who deal with troublesome priests for him. And people end up in the morgue killed while resisting arrest, having committed jailhouse suicide, or having mysterious health ailments the detaining officers were not ready to deal with (such as being overly sensitive to being slapped around with a sock filled with sand or number ten shot). All listed as Thomas (or Thomasine) Becket.


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