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Number 519, May 17, 2009

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Obama Is Still a Thug
by Jim Davidson

Special to the Libertarian Enterprise

Well, guess what? He won't release the torture photos. Obama has come up with tortured logic instead.

Bush said they hate us for our freedom, and Obama says that they'll hate us for torturing their friends to death. Gee, ya think? Which is no excuse not to release the photos and try the military and CIA personnel involved for murder, violating their oath to the constitution (see the 8th Amendment for details), and treason.

Why won't he release the photos, really? Because Obama wants to continue torturing. His buddy Nancy Pelosi was thoroughly briefed on torture, and she loved the idea. She wanted to encourage the military in every way, which is why she kept voting for more money for the wars and why she took so much defense contractor money for her campaign.

Obama also took huge contributions from the defense contractors, or baby killer companies as I prefer to call them. Of course GE, a baby killer company, has NBC networks (which it owns) play cuddly with Obama and his family. Of course Westinghouse, a baby killer company, which owns CBS, has nothing but bubbly kindness for Obama. They want to continue to build bombs to be exploded over foreign cities to slaughter children, because that is how these evil men and women get money for their "work."

Working evil pays well, that's why there is so much of it.

Obama is a mass murdering thug. He has slaughtered thousands of women and children, non-combatants, enemy troops, and American soldiers in his time in office, and he loves it. He relishes every death and wants more. He wants to paint his face with blood the way Stephen Colbert painted his face with gold on a recent episode. Obama loves the taste and smell of blood, which is why he supports torture, which is why he loves the military for torturing its captives to death.

What Obama does not want to do is protect the United States or its people from attack. Rather, he wants to try to pretend that secrecy about torture is a good idea. At the same time, he has refused to reinstate gay men and women who have been dismissed from the military because they are openly gay, or become openly gay. Curiously, quite a few of these people are fluent in Arabic, and, gosh, wouldn't it be helpful while Obama is having thousands of men and women tortured all over the world to get their words translated?

As Jon Stewart points out, you can torture them until they talk, but they still won't talk in English. And, as Stewart showed on his Thursday evening 14 May 2009 show, Obama promised to end this nonsense about men and women who are gay not being allowed to serve in the military. Now, you can disagree with the policy of allowing gays to serve if you like (and explain why you won't make exceptions for Arabic translators while you are at it) but you can agree that Obama said he would end the policy. And he's not.

He's not, any more than he's ending the policy of having a prison at Guantanamo and keeping lots of prisoners there. He loves torturing people to death, and he never wants to close any of these prisons. Not in Cuba, not in Europe, not in the Middle East. After all, he is an evil tyrant. He hates liberty, he hates private property, and he wants to kill as many people as possible.

Authoritarians are all alike. Sic semper tyrannis.

Jim Davidson is an author, financial analyst, newsletter editor for The Gold Economy, and executive producer of the documentary film "Destination Resorts in Orbit" and the feature film "Alongside Night." Visit his site at


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