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Number 520, May 24, 2009

"There is really only one freedom, the freedom to
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Safe at Last!
by Larry Baird

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Once again Moreno Valley's finest has halted a crime wave unequaled in California if not the entire United States.

Last night (5-15-2009) Moreno Valley School Board member Victoria Baca was arrested for "interfering and resisting". According to Ms. Baca, she and two youngsters were near Perris Boulevard displaying signs warning motorists of one of the "safety check points". We can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that such actions that interfere with one of the biggest cash cows for Moreno Valley and their favored tow and impound businesses will not be tolerated.. (I wonder if they are campaign contributors).

Victoria Baca wrote:

What actually happened, was we were deterring cars from the checkpoints. Then MVPD changed their tactics and went to ALL the locations where we had signs and began pulling people over who "looked" suspicious. Alessandro & Perris was under siege!

There was sirens & lights everywhere. It looked as though it were a riot scene. People were confused. They didn't know which way to go because there was cops everywhere. Cars were coming into the Fresh & Easy parking lot, making u-turns, stopping to ask where the checkpoint was located. The MVPD started pulling cars over in the parking lot too! I left to do an interview with channel 22.

When I came back I parked on Alessandro near the 76 gas station. We were standing on the sidewalk directly below the gas station. A car came in & parked near my truck. I went to the driver because it appeared to me that he had a question about what we were doing. I was doing this since 6:00pm. Suddenly a police officer was at the driver's side of the car. He told me to step away. I backed up but could go no further because my truck was parked behind me. That's when the police officer asked if I had an ID.

I said, "No. Why?" he began yelling asking for my ID. I identified myself, giving him my name, address and my business card. He told me he didn't want my business card. Next, he told me he was going to call his supervisor. So I waited. Suddenly I have another police officer in front of me, angry as all! I explain who I am and that there's no law that obligates me to carry ID. I'm not driving a car.... Suddenly he twisting my already injured left arm. I'm screaming at the top of my lungs that my arm is already injured. I wasn't resisting arrest nor was I breaking any laws.

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