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Number 521, May 31, 2009

"There is good news and bad news."

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Beware of Luo Bearing Gifts
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Barack Obama is beginning to worry me on the issue of gun control.

First he repudiates his Attorney General and Secretary of State on using the trouble in Mexico as a pretext for reimposing the "Ugly Gun Ban." Then he goes along with an amendment to The Credit Card Reform Act (or whatever it's properly called) to allow persons licensed under local and state laws to carry concealed handguns in national parks. Want to bet that any treaties he negotiates to control the "illicit gun trade" will be carefully written to protect the interests of firearms enthusiasts in the US, to include handloaders and Hillary be damned?

Of course, there's still that Right Wing Extremist Report. There's still his failure to remonstrate his supporters in various police agencies who have harassed so called RWE's. There's still his socialization of the banking industry and probably GM. There's still his failure to do more than ban the use of torture to make sure the soi disant war on terrorists brought in line with American, let alone libertarian ideals. And there's no telling what he will do on the issue of gun control if his supporters win big in the 2010 elections.

This is the time to start identifying progun liberals and helping them push out antigun liberals in areas where liberals will dominate local politics (as in win elections to State legislatures and Congress.). This is the time to identify Conservatives who think it's okay to compromise on gun rights and correct their confusion or replace them with people who won't compromise.

I distrust politicians with power who don't trust me with guns and access to guns. On the issue of gun control BO has earned a little trust from me. I fully expect him to turn at any moment now and go back to being the victim disarmer he's always been. More importantly, he keeps earning my distrust in other ways.

Still. on two out of three chances to date to earn my trust on gun control BO has done so, and the third is still open. That said, I think I'll refrain from turning my back on him unless I can keep an eye on him in a monitor or mirror.

Beware of Luo bearing gifts.*

*The Luo are Obama's ancestral tribe.


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