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Number 521, May 31, 2009

"There is good news and bad news."

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Our first Kenyan born "President" was in Sin City on Tuesday trying to drum up support for a Democratic candidate who stood smiling right behind George W. Bush as he signed the Patriot Act into law and who voted for the Bush / Cheney War in Iraq.

No, it was not Shelley Berkley. Although, I did chat with her briefly on the floor of Caesar's Hotel and Casino, even complementing her on her looks. In our short talk, I didn't get a chance to thank her privately for cosponsoring Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 to Audit the Fed. To be fair, I have criticized her during our several campaigns against each other for voting for the Bush / Cheney Wars, for voting for the Patriot Act, and for voting for the Bush and now Obama Bailout Plans. But, fair is fair. So, let me publicly say, thank you Shelley for co-sponsoring H.R. 1207. I hope you also co-sponsor its sister legislation, H.R. 833.

Before the event, I met with soldiers stationed outside Caesar's who were petitioning their government and their fellow citizens. Many had served three or more tours in Iraq. And, now that they're home, they're doing their duty to support the troops by lobbying the government they served to bring home their brothers and sisters who are still serving in an unnecessary nation-building capacity in Iraq.

Here in Nevada, much of Obama and Ron Paul's support in their respective primaries came from soldiers—and families of soldiers—still serving in an unnecessary war. Curiously, even though it was the day after Memorial Day, Obama never once mentioned Bringing Home the Troops. Not once. Not the entire night.

After being introduced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Presumptive President, Barack Hussein Obama, if that is his real name, gave another "Yes We Can" speech that would have made Bob the Builder proud. Then, Sheryl Crow sang the same old tune she's been singing for all of recent memory. It didn't make me happy.

Despite ignoring the sacrifices of the troops, Obama was able to mention how nice his room at Caesar's Palace was. Nellis Air Force Base is less than an hour from where Obama spoke. Surely, if the Presumptive President can complement Caesar's for giving him the Rainman Room, he could have paid respects to the troops the day after Memorial Day.

At least, for those in attendance, Obama's speech had the style, even if it lacked the substance, of one of John Kennedy's speeches. No, Obama didn't rail against a Pax Americana as JFK did shortly before that fateful day in Dallas. In fact, I couldn't help but thinking, maybe the modern Democrats in Washington have given up on our troops.

During the 2004 Campaign, the Democratic Congressional Representatives from Nevada were still actively supporting the Bush / Cheney War in Iraq. And, why not, they had all voted for it in 2003. And, that year, the electronic voting machines reported that W. had earned a majority of the vote for the Presidency from Nevada.

Then, in 2006, the Democrats rode the public's anti-war sentiment all the way to a majority in both Houses of Congress. Immediately, Speaker Nancy Pelosi quelched even discussion of bringing home the troops before the 2008 Presidential Election. Political insiders thought she was willing to continue taking losses on the battlefield if it meant victory for her party in 2008.

Now, the 2008 election has been concluded. The Democrats control the White House. They have a comfortable majority in the House, and a virtual filibuster proof majority in the Senate. And, the troops? They're still making the region safe for Halliburton and related multi-national corporations.

The majority of Americans, the majority of Nevadans, and especially the majority of the troops and families, all strongly agree that it is high time we let the Iraqi people govern themselves. It is now one of the most lopsided political issues in American politics.

Yet, despite the clear will of the people, Obama's government has continued to fund the unnecessary Bush / Cheney War in Iraq. And, while Obama and friends can't seem to find the money needed to close the torture operations at Guantanamo Bay Cuba they have increased the funding of the unnecessary and undeclared "war" in Afghanistan.

The troops and the people? We only get "Yes We Can" lip service. And, not even that on Tuesday.

Has the "President" forgotten the commitment of the American troops?

Have our delegates to the United States Congress?

Let's look at their first hundred days or so.

They exert lots of effort explaining why they can't find money to fulfill campaign promises like ending torture—although they have dutifully covered up new evidence of rape and torture of Iraqi children at Abu Ghraib. They are increasing the funding of both of the unnecessary Bush / Cheney wars. They are following and expanding upon the Bush Bailout example, spending billions upon billions of newly printed paper currency to nationalize major industries. First insurance, then cars, then health.

That's not a good fight. That's becoming the group you defeated.

The American people expected the so-called opposition party to actually oppose the policies of the Bush / Cheney administration. Not simply rebrand them.

If this intransigence continues, the increasingly numerous predictions about a successful third party effort in 2012 may be worth a bet next time Obama comes to Lost Wages.

Original Publish date: May 29th, 2009


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