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The Source of the Human Problem and Why the Constitution Has Failed
by Rocky Frisco

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

After recently reading Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewsky, I have come up with a theory of why the Constitution has failed us and where most of our modern human problems come from. After reading Lobaczewsky's book, I went out online and spent hundreds of hours reading up on psychopaths, their tendencies and behavior patterns and the effects they have on the rest of the population. Every human population includes around 5% male psychopaths and around 1% female psychopaths. Although they represent a very small portion of the living humans, they have a radically disproportionate effect on us all. Here is my theory why this is true:

Those humans living today are the descendants of members of hunter-gatherer groups who survived long enough to breed. Modern life has not been around long enough to make any serious changes in the tendencies that allowed our ancestors to survive. The groups who had the best chance of survival were those led by a certain kind of natural leader and composed of those who would blindly follow and obey these leaders. These natural leaders were mostly free from the scruples, morals and twinges of conscience that characterize most humans. They tended to be clever, selfish, vain, suspicious and paranoid. They considered their followers to be property, to be protected, promoted, enhanced and empowered, but only to the extent that they were unquestionably loyal to the leader. The modern word for these natural leaders is "psychopath." The United States Constitution has failed because it was an attempt to go against our nature, to prevent the natural activity of psychopaths and their followers to create tyranny and fascism. Even those who would not be defined as psychopaths can be converted into the pathology by holding power over others, as elucidated in the aphorism, "Power Corrupts." We have created political offices no living human can occupy without being turned into a psychopath. The Founders attempted to ameliorate this situation by limiting the power of government, but they have failed because generations of psychopaths and their "sheeple" have whittled away the limitations the Founders created, until now, when nobody in power respects the Constitution or the Oath of Office.

I do not yet have any suggestions for a solution to this problem, but I'm working on it. I think part of the solution is to inform as many people as possible that this is the problem we face. Bullies and psychopaths on the playground have always been a serious problem for children; bullies and psychopaths in government, and their loyal followers, produce war and totalitarianism and Hell on Earth. We must recognize them for who and what they are and find ways to prevent them from destroying our lives and liberty.

Rocky Frisco,


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