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"They sense that the Age of Authority is over"

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Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letters from Pam Maltzman, Jim Davidson, and Scott Graves

Letter from Paul Bonneau

Letter from A.X. Perez

Another Letter from Paul Bonneau

Letter from Rex May

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Re: "What is the Ruling Class?" by Sean Gabb

Bravo, Doctor Gabb! In better-chosen words than I've had for it so far, you have explained why, for so many years (especially in my novel Pallas_), I have been using the expression "the Productive Class" to distinguish between those who earn their living ethically, and the two groups, upper and lower Non-Productive Classes, who live by stealing what they want, or by receiving stolen goods.

Your analysis also accounts for a phenomenon with which I remain fascinated, the shrill, spittle-launching hysteria with which the prospect of an obvious member of the Productive Class—Sarah Palin, despite her small town mayorality and small state governorship—joining the ranks of our rulers and overseers was greeted. To judge from late night TV comics, they still haven't recovered.

To those who believe they own us, it must seem like the cattle, pigs, and sheep—or even the wheat, corn, and asparagus—want to vote and run for office.


L. Neil Smith

Re: "Letter from Jim Davidson"

Wow, Mr. Davidson, you sure used some strong words there. You called Scott Graves "a very bad person in life" and "a horrible, evil man"--based on what?

Do you actually know Scott Graves in real life? Further, is this opinion based merely on one letter to the editor, or did you simply pull this one out of your rear end?

Scott Graves may be many things (some of which I could not stand back when I knew him in real life), but to this day I still don't think he's either "a very bad person in life or "a horrible, evil man." Sheesh.

Pam Maltzman

To which Jim Davidson replied:

Dear Pam,

Graves has made an effort to communicate at me, or at least to send me diatribes. I have not had the misfortune to meet him in real life, but I've been inundated with his ideas.

> Wow, Mr. Davidson, you sure used some strong words there.

I use words all the time, Pam. I'm a writer. I write things that get published. This fact has been true since 1975. I'm aware that I was firm in my description of Graves.

> evil man"—based on what?

Based on the evil he does. "By their fruits shall ye know them."

> Do you actually know Scott Graves in real life?

I am alive. I have experience of Graves. He has gone to some lengths to impinge his idiotic, feeble-minded, hateful, and evil ideas on my awareness.

> pull this one out of your rear end?

It is based on a number of data points. Why? Is your defense of him something you feel contributes to the discussion of his ideas? Or is it something you queefed out of your vagina?

> Scott Graves may be many things

Indeed. Sensible, clever, erudite, decent, honorable, these are some of the many things he is not.

Strange that the only "friend" who rises to his defense says he is things "I could not stand back when I knew him." lol

Look, the point of his letter was to attack me, personally. He did so by pretending that his substitute of absurd statements in place of my arguments was an attack on my arguments. I took the time to make some comments about him, in the same vein. I give as good as I get, very rarely any better.

If what I wrote offends you, Pam, I would invite you to never read anything I ever write again. If you would also go to some effort never to contact me again, that would be just great, too.

Meanwhile, neither you nor Graves has bothered to deal with the substance of my comments. I guess it is simply that you like a military which slaughters children in foreign countries and tortures its captives to death. Anyway, I'll assume that's your view until you notify the readers of this excellent 'zine otherwise.


Jim Davidson

And Scott Graves replied:

Reply to the kind and understanding letter of Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson tells us, "Scott Graves, who is a very bad person in life".

I wonder how he knows this? We have only corresponded by e-mail a few times. He has never been to my home, never met my family or my co workers. He only knows that I disagree with his "shoot now, shoot some more, shoot anyone whose left over and maybe then ask a few questions" methods. I tried to make him a friend on Facebook but all he did was call me names and refuse my request. So how does Jim know that I am a bad person?

Then Jim jumps to the following conclusion, "Scott does not have any problem with people who torture their prisoners to death, slaughter entire cities full of civilians, wear the boot stomping the human face, forever."

Actually I do have a problem with those people. I just have a further problem with using their own methods against them. Demanding the deaths of people who in most cases honestly think they are doing what needs to be done seems awfully banana republicy to me. I can't get on board with a plan that some third world dictator would love.

Then Jim tells us, "Scott, you are a horrible, evil man. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Ah, love the judgmental tone there Jim. Because I don't support killing everyone you think needed killin' I am the evil man? Murder is wrong. Be it for personal, financial or political reasons you don't just kill people. Demand they pay restitution for the damages they cause but don't end their lives. That is as wrong as what they did.

Jim ends his rant with, "Perhaps for his next trick, Scott will join the Nazi party. That'll show us."

Well, if your plan is the future of the Libertarian Party I think my first step will be to distance myself from what the Party of Principle has devolved to. Joining the Nazis seems like the only worse idea I can think of than sticking with you.

Scott Graves
Former Libertarian

Re: "The Terror of Constantinople, a novel by Richard Blake" Reviewed by L. Neil Smith

Neil, thanks for the tip about Blake's novels; I will certainly take a look. If you liked reading about Constantinople, take a look at Count Belisarius by Robert Graves, the same fellow who wrote I, Claudius and Claudius the God, as you no doubt are aware. His depiction of the battling between the Blues and Greens, the chariot racers and their followers, and the later evolution of these groups into political parties, is priceless.

Maybe we ought to start referring to Washington DC as "Constantinople on the Potomac". What goes on there is certainly Byzantine....

Paul Bonneau

On a very light note:

I've frequently contemplated what the song "Memories" from Cats would sound like arranged for mandolin, banjo, and guitar. No wind instruments, no bowed string instruments, no piano. Maybe a whiskey jug baseline, possibly dobro and dulcimer. Harmonica and Jew's harp would be over the top. There are several chanteuses who sing Bluegrass and could do credit to the song.

There is no Ministry of Taste preventing some arranger from borrowing this idea. There are no Red Guards to bust me for being to Bourgeoise is my choice of songs. I don't have to worry about Commie hunters saying my choice of styles is too plebeian and thus proof that I'm a neoStalinist or Trotskyite (I'd rather be a fourth International Counter Revisionist, especially if no such critter exists yet.) Critics and fans of modern show tunes and Bluegrass may come out to lynch me if it doesn't work, but that's another story.

Meanwhile if someone wants to give this idea a go they are free to do so. The freedom to enjoy a pretty song well arranged or to not listened to what we consider musical trash is a minor freedom we rightfully take for granted.

Until it's taken away.

A.X. Perez

I was reading Jim Duensing's "The Good Fight", and a couple things occur to me.

The first thing, is that we need to stop calling them the "Bush/Cheney Wars" and start calling them the "Bush/Obama Wars".

The next thing is to throw overboard the meme of "representative government" and of "the Republic". These people do not represent us, never have, never will. In fact even if they wanted to, they could not. We are individuals, not some collective with distinct, definable positions that can be faithfully represented. "Representative government" and "republic" are just soothing euphemisms for "oligarchy".

However I don't have much hope for third party efforts, as Jim suggested. Hell, if even Ron Paul made no headway against the system, how could any third party? Secession, or at least growing interest in secession, will do better for us. That and simply ignoring/nullifying federal dictates (backed up by being heavily armed at all times).

Paul Bonneau

Baloo News

Baloo News

The latest Baloo news is that I've done two greeting cards for a special purpose.



To find the cards for sale, go to:

And enter "Sotomayor" in "Search all cards."

Each has a blank version, and a version that reads inside, "Enough is enough—Please vote NOT to confirm Sotomayor!"

Just the thing to send to your Senators.

Also, my blog is still going strong at:

And my main site is still at:

Visit them often! Bookmark them!


Rex May
PHONE: 1-970-218-0889
All about me here:

The best revenge is revenge executed by the turning of the Great Wheel. A while back I wrote about Luther Jones outlawing me back in the Eighties. This last week he was indicted on corruption charges. The Wheel turns.

Actually what Jones did was rule as El Paso County Attorney that balisongs were illegal switchblade knives. At the time I was carrying one or two on my person. So for about twenty four hours or so I could have been busted on felony charges thanks to Mr. Jones. Any overzealous officers of the law should note the statute of limitations is long expired.

As a courtesy to Mr. Obama and Mr. Evans I should mention that when I'm heeled I favor a polymer framed, large capacity autoloader loaded with hot hollowpoints. Don't want them getting caught under the Great Wheel.

A.X. Perez


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