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Number 522, June 7, 2009

"They sense that the Age of Authority is over"

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I'm having a problem believing in the current ammunition shortage. Yes there are filibusters going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and undoubtedly covert operations going on to support the War on Terror. And yes we have an issue with panic buying and hoarding by so called right wing extremists and other honest Americans.

However not since WWII have we been short on ammunition. I have seen no historical reference to an ammo shortage during the Korean War, nor do I recall a shortage during the Vietnam War even when the copper miners went on strike. Yet in a much smaller conflict, with more manufacturers in business, we are short on ammo. This in spite of claims that the ammunition factories are in full production and that the ammo supply cannot be profitably increased.

There is only one answer that strikes me as logical. Somebody is buying and stashing ammo. Seeing as the shortage in certain calibers actually goes back to last summer it really can't be blamed on the current administration or people fearing it imposing restrictions on weapons. However if someone was expecting a war or major peace keeping action they might start building supplies of munitions.

My grandfather was investigated for claiming that the US was getting ready to enter WWII to end the Depression and make the Capitalists rich again (This was triggered by my uncle being drafted. My grandfather completed the sentence with words to the effect "And they're going to get my son killed doing it."). A few months later he was building barracks for soldiers undergoing basic training at Fort Bliss.

Several of my former students are now in the military. So I have to ask a question, is someone getting ready to start a war to end the current economic crisis? As a follow up, how many of my kids do you plan on killing in the process?

It is one thing to send my guys off to fight and risk dying to protect America from people who wish to bring us the devastation of war to her shores. It is totally another to do so to keep the Roughheads in office and Chase Manhattan from going broke.


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