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Clearly, no nation with a Bill of Rights that includes
freedom of expression has any place anywhere for
anything even remotely like the FCC.

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Letter from Mike Blessing

Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Jim Davidson

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Bill Koehler

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Kent McManigal

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Scott Graves

Letter from Jim Davidson

Letter from Pam Maltzman

Letters from Rex May

A Continent-Wide Switzerland?


What you're proposing in your reposted article "Radically Decentralized Defense" is nothing more than a continent-wide version of the Swiss Confederation, commonly known as Switzerland.

I don't say this to disparage your article, but to support it by showing that YES there IS historical precedent on hand for your idea. In fact, I wholeheartedly endorse it, and further note that a significant number of America's Founders would have supported it, as well.

An addition, though—current (OK, government-sponsored) laser research is expanding to levels you're only hinting at in this article. At present,they're working on truck-mountable units capable of shooting down artillery shells and mortar rounds in flight. Where I say "working on," I don't mean developing the technology, I mean getting ready for field deployment. Add to that the fact that they've already deployed laser units (again, mounted on a truck) for use in destroying IEDs from a distance.

Mike Blessing

In spite of warnings that submission to violent criminals only leads to their becoming more vicious, many liberals continue to advise not arming oneself to fight back, Their claim is that most people lack adequate training to fight back. It would be better to increase training.

Therefore the following is proposed as a change to publicly funded education (as long as we are stuck with public funded education.):

Students are to be trained in self defense with and without weapons from kindergarten through graduation from high school and even into undergraduate school in college. Besides instilling in people the necessary skills to defend themselves this should help instill the self confidence and independent spirit appropriate for members of a society of free people. It should also provide physical activity leading to pulmonary and cardiovascular health, greater physical strength, coordination, and flexibility.

Students should start with Tai Chi in kindergarten combined with age appropriate gun safety, move on through "soft" styles and techniques. advance to "hard" striking and and grappling techniques and basic marksmanship, and progress through impact and cutting weapons, combat shooting and deadlier bare hand techniques by high school. Obviously secular ethical training to instill the Zero Aggression Principal in these students should be included. Parents and students will retain the right to get private instruction in the martial arts over and above what is offered in school, and to instill whatever religion based ethical training in the use of force they consider appropriate. The exact curriculum is left to experts to develop.

College martial art instruction should of course include pedagogy of the arts as well as the more esoteric meditational techniues associated with them.

Self defense training should lead not only to people who are prepared to defend themselves but also to more self confident and independent minded citizens in our society. As long as we are stuck with public education, it should help people learn to be free, not brainwash them into servitude.

A.X. Perez

Please check out the improvements Arto has made to our site at New theme, new graphics. I think it is looking very sharp.

We're going to redirect the site to our new domain at Cadre.Ag (Agorism Cadre, Ag = silver so Silver Cadre, and, of course, Antigua) as soon as the updates to that name registration are complete.


Jim Davidson

The Elephant in the Room

It's started.

The pressure to use civil rights as an excuse to start pushing gun control laws is started. The criminality and insanity of a few extremists will be touted as proof that extreme conservtives are racist murderers that must be disarmed and that opponents of gun control are extreme conservatives. African Americans, Jews and Latinos (among others), are in danger of being persecuted unless gun control is passed now.

Now it happens that I am a Latino. I am concerned about Nazis, skinheads and the KKK attempting to violate my rights, either illegally or by electorally seizing control of the government and using its power to violate my rights. Therefor, I arm myself to defend my family, self, freedom and property. Before anyone accuses me of racism, a lot of my kin are Anglo, black, Asian, etc. Not only that, I figure that everyone has the right to arm themselves to protect their life, family, freedom and property regardless of race, color, creed, gender, national origin, previous condition of servitude or whatever qualifier you wish to invent.

Or you can let the government outlaw your guns, then authorize the Klan, Black Panthers, and/or Brown Berets to come by your house to collect your weapons.

A.X. Perez

People who live in glass houses should not get undressed in the day time.

We all know that our government has done terrible things to other countries. Over throwing their elected governments and putting our puppets in power, the Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein being obvious examples.

We all know that money wins elections in Amerika.

What if the Chinese or even the Iranians are behind the election of our first communist president.

I'd say it comes under the heading of pay back is a mother f*cker.

Bill Koehler

As of 8 June, 2009 the US Mint is not selling gold, silver, or platinum Eagles, or gold Buffalo 1 oz. gold coins. This is alleged to be due to a shortage of pecious metal blanks to strike into coins (not the metals, metal stamped into blanks). thje Mint claims it will rebegin production in the second half of this year.

Make of this what you will, especially in the context of other shortages

A.X. Perez

The Right of Rebellion

I was sent the link to this video by its creator. I watched it and think it is important enough to forward to ALL of my politically-inclined friends. You know who you are!

Part 1

Part 2

Kent McManigal
Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner

According to the American Knife and Tool Institute the U.S. customs Service is planning to promulgate regulations that would declare assisted opening and potentially all one hand opening folding knives switchblades. Presumably the purpose of this is to prevent the importation of these tools, but please note this could eventually lead to state laws and "enforcement policies" treating folding knives that can be opened one handed as switchblades.

Considering that Case Sodbusters and Cold Steel Kudus can be opened one handed by a klutzy wimp with arthritic thumbs and wrists this is a pretty sweeping restriction.

This new regulation is offensive for two reasons:

Obviously restrictions on what kind of knives people may own and publkicly carry should be offensive to libertarians and other supporters of Second, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendment right (I know there are people reading this who don't like the 14th Amendment.) I say should because apparently acrimophobia will cause people who flat out foam at the mouth and all but rise up in arms at the suggestion of gun control to support knife control. Nevertheless, concede knife control and you concede the legitimacy of the state controlling any kind of personal weapon or tool.

Secondly, the Customs Service is arrogating power that properly belongs to Congress. It is Congress' job, not the customs Service or indeed any other Service, Bureau, Agency, or Commission to define switchblade knives (and machineguns, short barrelled rifles and shotguns, and what constitutes indecency on the airwaves. Of course, none of these things should be banned or regulated by anyone, but some unelected and all but unfirable paperpusher promoting his private problems doing so is more objectionable than an elected Congressman who theoretically has to answer to the voters he {mis}represents.). Somewhere a line must be drawn and the Federal Bureaucracy needs to be broken of its habit of legislating by regulation. This is as good a place as any.

So write your congressman and the Customs Service if you can afford postage or e-mail them if you're in a rush to be heard from.

A.X. Perez

First off, let me toss out a thank you to Pam Maltzman. Thank you for letting people know I am not "a very bad person in life or "a horrible, evil man." You know well that while I am an asshole I am not bad, horrible or evil.

Now Jim raised a few points in his reply to Pam that I thought needed comments from the target of his rage.

Jim said, "I have not had the misfortune to meet him in real life, but I've been inundated with his ideas."

Perhaps you need to be inundated with some basic principles of Libertarianism. You know, that whole "Zero Aggression Principle" thing. You may defend yourself at the time of the attack but not years after the fact. That is simply not acceptable. The idea is best left to movies on Lifetime where the woman who was raped tracks down her attacker ten years later and manipulates him into some kind of deathtrap to exact her vengeance. Not in the platform of a political party that claims to be principled.

Jim ranted on, "He has gone to some lengths to impinge his idiotic, feeble-minded, hateful, and evil ideas on my awareness."

The idea that murder is wrong is idiotic? The worry that an agenda of liberty must be sold to the voters is feeble-minded? Saying that your personal vendetta against the police is clouding your judgement is hateful and evil? Jim, you need to step back and get some perspective on this deal. Americans have been indoctrinated for over 50 years to think drugs, drug dealers and drug users are evil incarnate. Is it so hard for you to see that most drug cops are doing what they believe is right? Is it impossible for you to understand that most Americans think the Drug War is right? Your view is in the minority.

Jim closed his reasoned response with, "Meanwhile, neither you nor Graves has bothered to deal with the substance of my comments. I guess it is simply that you like a military which slaughters children in foreign countries and tortures its captives to death."

I think I've said this about a dozen times to you and you keep ignoring it. The majority of Americans do not agree with the ideals of the Libertarian Party. They accept and to some degree expect immoral brutality from their police and military. They have a logical disconnect where they figure the government will only use these awful methods against the "bad guys" so they feel safe. You aren't going to win friends by demanding the deaths of people who are not seen by the majority as evil. Unless you plan a bloody revolution to fulfill your dreams of liberty you will need to win over the majority of people.

Tell you what Jim. If you really think your agenda of political murders is a good idea then why wait? Get out there and start killing the bad guys. If you are right then there will be a spontaneous wave of relief from the people of America and you will be seen as a hero. If I am right you will be seen as a monster and the people will celebrate your arrest, trial and execution. How sure are you that your plan is a good one? Will you bet your life on it?

Scott Graves

Dear Editor,

Scott Graves asks, "I wonder how he knows this?"

Of course, I have my methods of finding out about people who vex me. There is a surprisingly large amount of information available about Graves. Of course, by their fruit shall ye know them.

One of the things that readers here will know is that he repeatedly and deliberately mischaracterises what I write. He claims that I have a "shoot now, shoot some more, shoot anyone whose left over and maybe then ask a few questions" approach, which is, of course, not true. It is a deliberate statement of the view of statists everywhere, which he assigns to me. But he neglects to show any of my statements which align with this character of my view.

Graves digger writes, "I tried to make him a friend on Facebook but all he did was call me names and refuse my request."

Of course.

"So how does Jim know that I am a bad person?" For one thing, Graves writes, "I am a bad person," and I believe it. lol

"Actually I do have a problem with those people."

And what is that problem? Is it that they initiate force, or that they don't do enough of it? We may never know.

"I just have a further problem with using their own methods against them."

But, why? If no one is willing to use deadly force to defend life, liberty, and property, then the jackboots get away with murder. It is not enough that we have a gun culture, which the Jews in Germany and the victims of the Soviet gulags did not. It is also necessary that people be willing to take up arms and defend life, liberty, and property.

"Demanding the deaths of people who in most cases honestly think they are doing what needs to be done seems awfully banana republicy to me."

It seems to me that Graves is a mindless sycophant for authority. Or maybe he's got pigs in the family. Those who enforce unjust laws against non-violent persons are not permitted to think they are doing what needs to be done, they are required to think that they are doing something wrong. If they are unable to reason, then what they think doesn't impress me. And to say that they think honestly when they are in law enforcement is too great a stretch. People in law enforcement are thugs, thieves, corrupt, murderers, bullies, and know others in law enforcement who are the same. If any one of them began to enforce their laws against those in law enforcement, as Serpico did some decades back, they would be forced to leave the country as he was.

"I can't get on board with a plan that some third world dictator would love."

But, of course, he has no plan of his own.

"Ah, love the judgmental tone there Jim."

Of course, I am to judge. Everyone has a mind to reason with and a conscience to guide them, so everyone can be judgemental. It is not wrong, it is rational. Graves has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

"Because I don't support killing everyone you think needed killin' I am the evil man?"

There are a great many reasons Graves is evil, and I've gone over these in considerable detail.

"Murder is wrong."

Indeed. And homicide is very often justifiable. Liberty, life, and property do not defend themselves against aggression. Individuals must choose what to do.

"Be it for personal, financial or political reasons you don't just kill people."

Of course one does. One kills people for all kinds of reasons. The legitimate reasons are defending life, liberty, and property, or in the process of obtaining just compensation.

"Demand they pay restitution for the damages they cause but don't end their lives."

He can't be a pacifist, based on the things he's written. So he's just being silly. Of course sometimes thugs end up dead. Bullies don't get the same respect that their victims do.

"Well, if your plan is the future of the Libertarian Party I think my first step will be to distance myself from what the Party of Principle has devolved to."

One of the things my actual friends know is that I have not been a dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party since 1998. I regard the level of corruption and ineffectiveness in the LP to be far too high. I refuse to send them money. I have been active in LP politics in many states. I've also been active with the Boston Tea Party, with the Republican Party's Ron Paul campaigns, and with other groups.

"Joining the Nazis seems like the only worse idea I can think of than sticking with you."

It goes without saying that I don't want Graves on my side. He wants to crouch down and lick the hand that feeds him. He wants to look at the mangled bodies of his countrymen and protest that they were only killed by persons who "honestly thought they were doing what needs to be done."

I say, may your chains rest heavily upon you Graves. May your manacles chafe and bind. And may history never record that you once called yourself a libertarian.


Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson's insults and pissing contest

Well, I just happened to actually read some of the stuff on the Left Libertarian 2 list at Yahoo, after lurking for a while.

Seems that you, Mr. Davidson, are actually known far and wide as a man who turns everything into a pissing contest, and you make a special effort to (1) jump to unwarranted conclusions on the basis of very little, if any, evidence, and (2) insult everyone who dares to question you as rudely as possible. This was unknown to me before I responded to your trashing of Scott Graves.

Just a rhetorical question: If you think that Scott Graves is "evil" and "horrible," then what adjective will you reserve for Hitler?

It will be my pleasure to boycott anything and everything you do or say, whether in print or otherwise. I also see that you are involved with the alleged film production of J. Neil Schulman's "Alongside Night."

This means that although I generally respect Mr. Schulman's work—and also have known him personally for over 30 years—I will also refuse to patronize this film, assuming it actually comes to fruition.

I too have been spending less and less time around libertarians, and for once I agree with Scott's conclusion in this regard.

But, Mr. Davidson, the next time I am in the vicinity of libertarian men and they start pissing and moaning about "where's the libertarian women," I will laugh my ass off and think of you.

Pam Maltzman

[And by the power invested in me by being Editor, I think this topic is now closed. Everyone has had a say or two, and there is no point to continuing. At least that's my opinion, I could be wrong—Editor]

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