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Expatriation Thoughts: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
by Russell D. Longcore

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

In 1742, a man, his wife and infant child in Rengsdorf, Germany made a decision to move. He packed what belongings he could and they boarded a boat that took them down the Rhine River to Rotterdam. There, they boarded a ship named Phoenix and set sail for the American Colonies. They landed at the port of Philadelphia and went ashore. From there, the little family settled in Sussex County in the northern part of New Jersey. Once settled, he set about his new life and the couple had another eight children.

We don't know why they came here. We don't know what the economic situation in the Rhine Valley was in 1742. We don't know if he left for religious or political reasons. But we do know that Johann Jacob Langhaar was sufficiently motivated that he left Germany and came to America.

That is the story of how our family came to America. Unless your ancestors were here to greet the émigrés of old, your family has a similar story.

I think of my ancestor much these days. Is it time for one of the Langhaar descendents to leave America?

Is it time for YOU to find a new home outside the United States?

For over two centuries, America was the land of opportunity. The promise of political and religious freedom, abundant land, and a can-do spirit drew tens of millions of immigrants to these shores.

But that was then and this is now.

The cavalcade of American ills and injuries coming from the monolithic and ubiquitous Federal Government could easily take up the remainder of this article. So, for now let's just agree that it appears that the American Federal Government will continue to grow, tax and sop up our individual rights at it tries to protect itself from its enemies, including its own citizens.

Bringing the Federal Government to heel is not a viable, logical choice. There remain two viable, logical choices for those who want to live free:

1. State Secession, and then move to that state
2. Expatriation

So, each one of us is going to have to make a decision: Should I stay or should I go?

Americans have been seriously considering expatriation since the events of September 11, 2001. That date and its events seem to be a turning point for repression here in the USA.

More and more experts warn of impending disaster in America. Gerald Celente, CEO of Trend Research, wrote an article recently predicting that by 2012 there would be revolution scattered throughout the country, including food riots and tax rebellions. Celente has a proven track record in trend forecasting.

Escaping America is a growing phenomenon. Thousands of people are moving offshore and beginning a new life in a foreign country. And that emigration is getting the attention of that repressive Federal Government. There is the distinct possibility that American borders could someday close to emigration. The United States would become a concentration camp for over 300 million people.

Many Americans are weighing their options and determining that life outside the USA could be more pleasant and more free. They see the economic depression that looms ahead and the unavoidable hyperinflation that will accompany it. They are looking into the future and seeing that getting their physical bodies outside the US might become more important than moving their assets offshore.

If you are considering becoming an expat, look for these features in the countries on your short list:

  • Stable government
  • Low crime rate
  • Pleasant climate
  • Existing expat community
  • Abundant food supply, long growing season
  • Available current technology (cell, internet)
  • Modern medical treatment facilities
  • Available visas and/or dual citizenship
  • Favorable to foreign workers

Once you narrow your list to one or two countries, you must spend some time in each country. A month or two would be good. But, if you can only afford a two week vacation, do further research in-country while you're there.

Begin now compiling a file of the necessary documents you will need, such as:

  • Passports
  • Drivers Licenses
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage, divorce or adoption records
  • Incorporation documents
  • Name change records
  • Education records
  • Bank statements
  • Letters of recommendation

Moving to another country does not mean forsaking friends and family, never seeing them again. But at least acknowledge that it might. If American borders slam shut, visiting friends and family may be problematic or impossible. You may have to rely on the Internet and Skype.

Few people can make a decision like this without considering family connections. Don't be surprised if your family tries to dissuade you from leaving. They may make convincing arguments for staying in the US. But this decision must eventually be made by you. As Proverbs says, "In the multitude of counselors is safety."

As you plan the remainder of your life, I urge you to give very serious thought to moving outside the USA and becoming an expatriate. You could do worse.

Russell D. Longcore is one of those rare individuals who found the perfect career and loves every minute of his work. Russell has an insurance claim consulting practice in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He also owns a publishing company. In his career, he has handled claims as simple as a water leak in a home, and as complicated as multi-million dollar commercial property and liability losses. Russell has a breadth of knowledge and wisdom about insurance, money and life, and writes widely about those issues in publications, online article directories, newspapers, magazines and blogs. He is married to "his redhead" Julie, and has three wonderful children, and three even more wonderful grandchildren.

Russell can be reached at:

Abigail Morgan Austin Publishing Company
1750 Powder Springs Road, Suite 190
Marietta, Georgia 30064
Nationwide toll free voice and fax 877-688-5879


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