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Census, ACORN and Other Fertilizer....
by Dave Earnest

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Greetings fellow prisoners!

Live from inside the Blue Curtain!

It's almost time for the 2010 Census. Says here that if you refuse to answer any questions you can be fined $5000 per refusal and imprisoned!

I intend to answer every question like this:

How many people in your home? 2 (me and my cat) (this is the only question they're supposed to ask)

How much money do you make? All of it, but my printer is broken right now.

Do you receive public assistance? Only when I fall down

What is your political affiliation? My girlfriend is a democrat.....

Do you own firearms? I'm not allowed to play with matches..... (yes it's in there)

You get the idea. There is absolutely nothing in the census law that says they have to like the answers you give. I did the same thing in 1990 and 2000. In 2000 a Census examiner called and threatened me with legal action and I just laughed and Yelled Legal Action! Legal Action! Legal Action! and then changed voices and said I'm sorry Mr so and so isn't supposed to answer the phone. When pressed by the examiner I explained I couldn't share any of Mr. so and so's personal information without signed consent from his guardian. Never heard from them again. Be creative, have fun! Some of the questions regarding health care and any medical information they ask for is in violation of the HIPPAA act. Point that out to them if you need to. I call this statist judo. I use their own idiocy against them. It's fun! It's passive resistance that Gandhi would chuckle at.!

ACORN is the Saviors political action wing. (think 1933 gestapo) Most of these folks are useful idiots, some are downright scary in a fanatical way. My immediate next door neighbor is a block warden for them. She's very politically ignorant, historically ignorant, bleeding heart. I am watering her flowers while she and her husband are at a bund meeting in Barbaraboxerland for the next 10 weeks. Just a good, harmless little fuzzball. That's me! My neighbors think I'm a little nutty (If they only knew!), but that's OK. If you're a little eccentric and unthreatening people tend to leave you alone. I like it that way.

Keep the faith! Aim Low and follow up!

Looks like we're finally gonna get all the government we paid for!

None of the Above in '12!


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