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When I was a kid racism was an easy issue to understand. Members of the "majority" enjoyed more wealth, power, privileges, and status than members of the "minority (ies)." Force, either officially sanctioned or at least officially ignored, was used to keep members of the minority groups in their place. Majority and minority were expected to live in segregation. Minority members who got uppity were beaten back into place or even killed. Majority members who got too friendly with minority members were sanctioned.

The Holocaust and lynchings in the Southern and Midwestern US made people aware that his was wrong. Seeing the promise of equal opportunity and equal reward for equal accomplishment broken made people realize that racism was wrong. Seeing how racism excused the creation of goon squads to keep minority members in line, then be sicced on trouble making majority members made people realize that racism was wrong.

And so in the US we began to dismantle state support of racism and to destroy the power base of those who used racism to rule their parts of the country. To quote Genesis "And it was good."

Unfortunately politicians got involved. Quotas and reverse discrimination became tactics in the fight against racism, and even if they were ever valid (and no I will not get drawn into arguments if they were ever valid responses to racism) they were used too long, to where they became the new racism. Somehow all conservatives were slapped with the racist label. And it was not so good.

And now a new nadir has been achieved. Any member of an ethnic minority who does not support the liberal agenda or expresses support for conservative or libertarian goals is labeled as a traitor to his race and a racist.

And racism goes from being a fascist tool to being a socialist tool to keep us in our place, thus proving the adage "Plus le change, plus le mime merde." And merde tre fatigue I must add.


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