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"There are aliens among us."

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Letter from Craig Goodrich

Letter from Paul Bonneau

Letter from Bryan Potratz

Letter from Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.

Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Jim Davidson

Yet Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Rex May

The wretched Waxman control-everything-in-the-name-of-green-junk-science bill just passed the House. Goody. Absolutely the best discussion of this I found at the blog of Czech string-theoretician Lubosh Motl. (String theory is a kind of particle physics that hurts the heads of those who find a dozen new left-handed mauve quarks every morning.) I really suggest you ask permission to use his blog post as a guest article. (Vaclav Havel, by the way, has always rejected the nutzo global warming hysteria. Maybe we should all learn Czech, now that it's safe, since Germany has socialized itself into total impotence and Russia is run by a xenophobic Mafia.)

Anyway, a couple of samples: (from

The supporters have uniformly been delusional imbeciles, talking about a shiny future, added jobs, reduced deficits, and saving the world. They have clearly no idea what's written in the bill and even if you told them, they wouldn't understand what it would mean. They're not capable of an elementary mental activity.

They're apparently not even supposed to be thinking: they are just paid to raise their hand in favor of any stupidity that their bosses ask them to support. They're individually irresponsible appendices of a filthy octopus. I just felt terrible for the U.S. when I saw e.g. those congresswomen who were manifestly included in the House because they were black, female, and simple-minded enough to blindly approve anything recommended by their white male "leaders".


Let me tell start somewhere. The very size of the bill, 1201 pages, means that most people—and even most "local experts"—have absolutely no chance to understand all of its glitches. (I offer USD 5 to the first person who shows some evidence that he or she has read the full text.) So this bill is, first of all, a stunning document transferring an immense amount of power to a few selected people who will know how to master the bill and benefit from its details.

For a comparison, a pretty good bill called the U.S. Constitution originally had four pages and it allowed a great country to work well for 230+ years. Those four pages are somewhat less than 1201 pages whose only purpose is to allow one particular green tumor to thrive for a few years, before it dies of hunger...

... The bill allows the new octopus to infiltrate the life of all the individuals, force them to look for expert opinions about all kinds of things before very basic transactions, order even villages (which often can't afford to hire anyone) to employ useless green staff that is a part of this new mafia, force them to have power outlets (or expensive devices to sequester CO2, a harmless gas that we call life) at all conceivable and inconceivable, mostly useless places, and so on. In other words, you won't be able and your community or company won't be able to live normally without paying attention to the new mechanism and you won't be able to rely on having resources because you can always be ordered to waste them for nonsensical expenses dictated by the bill.

Pretty good for a country which only got rid of Communism 18 years ago.

Craig Goodrich

Re: "Another Letter from Jim Davidson"

We did not think Jim was a provocateur, nor a troll, that I am aware of; so my article had nothing to do with him. He did manage to wear out his welcome on the forum though. A perfect example is shown in his letter, with the insinuations of racism. This is completely ridiculous (in fact one of the people we booted off was because he was a racist). We simply got tired of having Jim around.

If he likes unmoderated forums, he is welcome to make one of his own. He may follow any policy he likes with it, or no policy at all. That's the nice thing about forum ownership. No matter what, he will set the policy. Thus private property trumps freedom of expression, even if complete freedom of expression is allowed.

Freedom includes the right to be a jerk. It does not include the right to be a jerk on someone else's property.

Paul Bonneau

So... a President decides he is going to ignore the Constitution and remain in power beyond his term limit—in defiance of the Legislature and Supreme Court.

So the Legislature & Supreme Court have him Arrested by the only people with the authority to do so: The Military.

And now BoBo, the Senate & all the Dictators at the UN condemn the arrest... I wonder why... Hmmmm...

Wasn't this something the Blogosphere Left was saying that Bush v.2 was intent on trying before the inauguration if BoBo got elected?

I believe the appropriate Psychological term is "Projection"...

This is a Big O'l Trial Balloon folks... The DemSocs have already proposed repealing the 22nd.

All Hail BoBo—El Presedente For Life of the fully Post-Colonial, Nigeria-fied US Socialist Dictatorship...

Ragnarok & Roll baby....

Bryan Potratz


Though it is legislation, it seems to be semi-positive legislation. Arizona approves bill allowing guns in bars; If they have a concealed carry permit!


Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.

From time to time it is brought to my attention that there are aliens among us. Not people from other planets (at least I don't think so) or people from other nations necessarily. These are people who are so alien that my mind rejects their existence. When people draw my attention to their presence or I notice them my brain stops recording data and I forget that they exist, could possibly exist. All of this is to explain why I am possibly revisiting an observation or insight others have made or that I've discussed previously. If others rediscover this point or revisit it I will not call foul, as stated earlier, this is an insight the rational mind rejects and must be reminded of from time to time.

Our esteemed publisher and others have described supporters of victim disarmament as people who would rather see a woman raped and strangled dead with her own pantyhose than permit her to have the necessary tools to defend herself (not simply guns, but also knives, pepper spray and/or just a really surly attitude.). The aliens of whom I speak are the women (and their male counterparts) who would rather be strangled to death than fight back.

There are of course people who are convinced for religious reasons that it is better to accept a horrible death than engage in violence. This of course is a sublimation of the survival instinct where spiritual salvation replaces physical survival. Such people are still acting on their instinct to survive.

What I am talking about here are the people who have somehow or other completely (or nearly completely) turned off their instinct to survive.They refuse to accept responsibility to save themselves, view it as an unpleasant chore they will not touch. They have become sheep, voluntarily going to their slaughter. They will not fight back, that's what cops are for. Perhaps it is the equivalent of childish fussiness, perhaps they have advocated passivity for others for so long that they have internalized it, breaking the con artist's rule "Don't believe your own bullshit."

Or maybe they're just suicidal (a half pound of C4 taped to the base of your skull hurts less. Probably overkill.). That's their business. However more and more they advocate this learned helplessness for the rest of us, and every two by twice wannabe tyrant and their media tools are happy to help them spread their message.

By me they might as well be speaking Klingon. They are that alien. I hear their words, I see they exist, and then the enormity of their alien nature forces me to forgot what I saw and heard.

There are aliens among us.

A.X. Perez

The Original Spark of the American Revolution

Instead of taxes being used to pay interest to the international bankers, interest should be used to pay all the taxes.

Benjamin Franklin knew this when he printed colonial scrip for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

That's what a real American Commonwealth was. We had four of them. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia and Kentucky. They had taxes back then, but the Commonwealths were on their way to eliminating all of them. The colonial scrip was good sound currency because the scrip was actually backed up by property. When the English Parliament outlawed the colonial scrip, the American reaction was the spark that lit the fuse to the American insurrection of 1776.

But it wasn't so much that the crown wasn't getting their money, it was the fact that the international bankers weren't getting theirs. That's why the bankers sent the Hessian soldiers over here to help the British crown crush the insurrection.

Then the founding scoundrels, the Masonic Lodge members and other international banker's men destroyed the Commonwealths when they wrote the U.S. CONstitution. It prohibited the states from emitting bills of credit. It has been debt and taxation ever since.

It's now 2009.

Enter Eric WhoRU, who has a plan to eliminate all taxation. It's called a 28th Amendment to the U.S.CON. It's time to bring control of the money system back to the people. A money system that will eliminate all taxation with changes to the mortgage system so that mortgage payments are not front end interest loaded. A mortgage system that is simple interest, not compound interest. A way to enable the average homeowner to pay off their house in 8 to 10 years.

It's time for

In spite of Mr. Obama's repudiation of seeking new gun control laws at the current time to help Mexico with her drug war, articles are still coming out expressing alarm he may do so. The tenor of many of these articles indicates not so much a fear of perfidy on BO's part as the articles being overtaken by events, or more clearly, that it was too late in the publishing cycle to rewrite or kill and replace these articles.

They do raise an interesting point. Both Canada and Mexico have complained that the US's Second Amendment has interfered with enforcement of their gun control laws and contributed to their violent crime problems. Supporters of victim disarmament use these complaints as an argument to junk the Right to keep and bear arms.

Just for the hell of it let's see where agreeing to impose gun control to satisfy other nations would lead us.

The Qu'ran, contrary to the blathering of Al Quaeda and the Wahabi, does in fact call for tolerance of Christians, Jews, and other Peoples of the Book. Towards Hinduism, Wicca, and Asatru (among others) Moslems are not required to be tolerant. To satisfy them we shall establish the Abrahamist faiths and outlaw all thers.

Currently the use of peyote (by members of the Native American Church of Christ as I believe the Peyoteros are properly called) and marijuana (by Rastafarians) are protected by the free exercise clause of the First Amendment. So is animal sacrifice by a variety of cults. Since these go against other counties' efforts to stem drug abuse and cruelty to animals the free exercise of religion clause shall be junked.

Many countries restrict criticism of domestic and foreign leaders. We shall keep them happy and junk freedom of speech and the press.

The Ninth Amendment guarantees consenting adults the right to fuck as they please with other consenting adults. Goes against several nations sodomy laws. Junk it.

Four examples of how we are out of step with other nations in just part of two amendments included in the Bill of Rights. Five and three if you count the Second Amendment.

Admit we must impose gun control to satisfy the demands of internationalists and you admit the rest.

Maybe accepting restrictions on our rights is not the best way to be "good citizens of the community of nations." Perhaps supporters of this point of view should be encouraged to exercise the Ninth Amendment Right mentioned here in solitude.

Just saying....

A.X. Perez

Dear Editor,

I believe this proposal to stop new legislation including new regulations is very good, original, and should prevail. If we look back on the nearest thing, the freeze on new regulations under Reagan, I think the program was a success.

Among its other benefits, the freeze prevented the post office from raising rates. Thus volume of mail increased and the postal disservice posted their first (and so far only) profit at the end of Reagan's term.

Milton Friedman liked the result. He shows that non-defense spending was stabilised, in part by this policy. Reagan reduced the number of pages added to the federal register more than any other president. See [PDF file]

Late in his term, the elder Bush imposed a 90 day moratorium, and liked the results. [link]

Here is another review of the process under Reagan. [link]

The point, of course, is that neither Reagan nor the elder Bush did enough to curb the growth of new laws. Clinton, the younger Bush, and Obama have been eager for all kinds of new laws. With the economy on the rocks, Obama seems determined to make a greater mess by adding more new rules than ever.

I like the retroactive repeal of new regulations. Let's set the goal of having this new law passed in 2012 and make it retroactive to 1963. Can anyone name a treaty or a law or a regulation passed since then that they really like?


Jim Davidson

I have never been able to get behind the support for secession that some have proposed. I've always been more concerned about Texas getting expelled from the Union the way Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia back when. That said various internationalists have gotten my goat and I propose the following two ideas, admittedly in a snit.

Many people who favor socialized medicine, gun control and other atrocities use their "success" in England as evidence why we should do these things to ourselves. They seem to forget that our political ancestors were so unhappy with British rule they left the mother country to a place where they had a four in five chance of dying within the first five years of coming to the colonies to get out from under. I say push the argument to a logical extreme. Let Congress pass a law (if necessary a Constitutional Amendment) setting a date in which every state must determine by plebiscite to stay in the United States or become part of Britain. Not the British Commonwealth, but part of Britain, under British rule and law and with representatives in Parliament, the whole hog. If seventy percent of the citizens so voted their state would be required to secede, lose its representation in Congress and its citizens would lose their US citizenship and benefits from the Federal government (except for Social security and pensions if retired Federal employees or military.) in exchange for British citizenship and benefits. Persons who did not sign the plebiscite would have ninety days to emigrate to the States or apply for extensions if completing studies, medical treatment, incarceration or had other special circumstances to keep their citizenship. Minors, to include children born on the day of the plebiscite, would have thirty days after their eighteenth birthday to chose if the wished to be US citizens or British subjects. Hopefully those who stay under American rule would shut up and stop extolling the wonders of a system we fought two wars to avoid having authority over us.

The other threat of secession I favor would be that states pass a law stating if the US Federal government accept the sovereignty of an international body over it (E.g., but not limited to the UN) or abrogate rights guaranteed under the Constitution as part of a treaty, pact, or executive agreement they would consider the Union dissolved and no longer be part of the United States. The fact is the Federal Government was created to protect the status of the US as a sovereign nation and to use its considerable power to assist its citizens in protecting their rights under the Constitution. States and the people of the states did in fact create and agree to submit to the power of the Fed on the condition that it meet these requirements (and others). Therefor submission to foreign rule or suspension of American rights as part of an agreement with a foreign nation would in fact dissolve the Union.

Perhaps if enough states pass such laws the self appointed ruling class of this nation will stop trying to sellout its sovereignty and the freedoms of America's citizenry to satisfy their meth and ecstasy induced fever dreams.

A.X. Perez

Hi, all.





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Rex May
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