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Number 526, July 5, 2009

"There are aliens among us."

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"Is anyone minding the store at the Federal Reserve?"
by Dr. Duck

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Check this out ... this video clip called "Is anyone minding the store at the Federal Reserve ?" ... it's one of the best lube jobs by the Fed I've seen in a long time .... (see the video before reading my letter)

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Folks are starting to wake up about what's been happening to them. The Ron Paul Revolution woke up tens of millions of folks about who controls the Fed (read private bankers who have nothing to do with the U.S. Government), what's happening and who they really are ... Obama is also waking up tens of millions more ... (however not on purpose)

I've been an advocate for years to abolish the Federal Reserve, break the two party political system that enables them to operate ... and take our country and currency back, just like JFK was going to do before he was killed back in 1963.

They own our currency, the government, the media, the military industrial complex and most of the institutions of higher learning.

The media would have you believe that both Bush's were Republicans ... not quite .. try Big Government One World Globalists .. which is part of the reason I've never voted for a Bush.

And now Obama wants to give the Federal Reserve more power ?!? ... these are the very people who created the problem in the first place ... and once again—proof positive both parties are on the same side of this issue.

Bush bails out big business with billions ... Obazma bails out big business with billions ... (by the way .. any news on our troops standing down in the middle east yet ?)

I highly recommend listening to The Alex Jones Show and The Dave Champion Show for a few evenings on the web ... very enlightening ... .

As Captain Truth once said ... "If your answer is Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush or Obama ... you are not asking the right questions" .. it's who they all work for ...

Also a great source of info and for those who are "fed up with the currant set up".. try the Libertarian Enterprise .. check out always great reading ..

Other topics of interest that shine light on the subject—look up Jeckyl Island 1911 , The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Confirm that The purpose of the IRS is to collect $$ for the Fed, Woodrow Wilson sold us down the river in 1913, The Grace Commission Report on where every penny of your income tax dollars really go (guess where ... you're right—The Fed!), The Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations ...

Obama has packed his cabinet with members of the above mentioned groups .. they're not even trying to hide it anymore ... anyone for The New World Order ? ... I believe when most folks voted for change they did not realize what they were getting into.

The combination of loathing all things Bush/Cheney (and who can blame anyone for that ?), no info from the education establishment about the intent of the founding fathers, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, most assuming that Bush is a true Republican and punishment for those who went along with the Bush policies worked ... the general population would have elected anyone who did not have an "R" next to their name on the ballot ... the dumbing down from the media and our public schools worked.

Of course the last election was a complete set up by the same folks we're talking about here ... John McCain an authoritarian hypocritical dictator who tried to abolish the first amendment under the guise of campaign reform, Mario Cuomo—a gun controlling drag queen from New York City, Mitt Romney—a pair of shined shoes and a sharp suit from The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts—yea right ... some choice you've given us here ...

Don't forget the time that the hierarchy of the Republican party closed the Nevada Republican Parties Platform Convention because there were too many delegates who insisted on a plank in the platform to abolish the Federal Reserve and take our currency back ... and would NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SUPPORT JOHN McCAIN, after he said that the Federal Reserve System was doing a great job with our currency ! .. Gee Whiz ... I wonder whose side the Republican Hierarchy is really on ? .. Oh Yea ... great choices there ... (those rebel delegates and folks of "like mind" will be the ones who save the republic)

I don't blame the greater population for the Bush backlash (the most despised president of our time by both major parties and all independents) .. but they threw out the baby with the dirty bath water ... it's got to be third party to get out of this mess.

Pass this on to help expose one of the biggest frauds, robberies and cover ups in the history of the world ... the banks, the government, the media, the military industrial complex and most of the institutions of higher learning are all in on this full on assault of your finances and freedoms together ...

Can you say "Great Big Tax Paying One World Government" ? .. with no freedom of speech and no way to defend yourself ? ... (oh yea ... and get the US out of the UN now ! .. it's become a sick joke too)

I also highly recommend the Zeitgeist Movie .. the second and third parts of the three part movie documents and illuminates a tremendous amount of info on this and related subjects

Happy July 4th. weekend folks ... attend any tea parties you can ... the revolution will not be televised because the media will refuse to broadcast it .. the currant regime in Washington will be devastated during the midterms and finished off at the next general election.

The problem is—I'm not sure the Republicans can get rid of the RINO's, Globalists, fellow travelers and useful idiots that currently call the GOP home .. the above mentioned delegates, various groups of patriots and the third parties have all got to unite .. and soon ... then we can start undoing what was created for us in 1913 when the Wilson administration sold us out.

Ever Onward ...


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