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Number 526, July 5, 2009

"There are aliens among us."

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No Internal Pass System
by Jim Davidson

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

The following senators should be shamed out of office. They are the sponsor and co-sponsors of yet another attempt to impose a system of internal passes in America. These jerks want to treat Americans like cattle, branded, limited, harnessed, and bled.

Senate bill 1261 is called the PASS act because these vermin want you to have a pass when you leave your home, when you walk your dog, when you buy a gun, when you visit a gun range, when you buy groceries, when you visit hospital, when you go to work, when you come home, when you visit a bar, when you do anything. They are sponsor, Daniel Akaka [D-HI] and co-sponsors, Patrick Leahy [D-VT], Lamar Alexander [R-TN], Max Baucus [D-MT], George Voinovich [R-OH], Thomas Carper [D-DE], Jon Tester [D-MT].

The text reads like something out of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. Americans are not to be trusted. They are not to leave their homes without papers, they are not to work without papers, they are not to be allowed food, shelter, clothing, nor medical services without papers. Being undocumented in America is to be made pariah if these despicable scum get their way.

They reveal their desire for making it an act for internal passes by calling it the PASS act. The short title is "Providing for Additional Security in States' Identification Act" so that would be PASSIA. But they can't spell, nor think, as free men would.

Scum like Akaka, Leahy, Alexander, Baucus, Voinovich, Carper, and Tester are evil, hateful thugs. They don't recognise the federalism of the USA constitution, and want to force all states to comply with federal mandates—though without federal money—to attack individual liberty. These are not men, they are tyrants, and should be treated as such.

Thus far they have not required a statement of religion, but you can bet that the federal databases will identify your property, your bank accounts, your tax obligations, your religion, your dissident writings. Perhaps they'll get a brand out and start branding the mark of their indignity on your forehead. Or tattoo it on your forearm.

Here are some of the requirements for state driver licenses. They must show, "the person's legal name; the person's date of birth; the person's gender; the person's driver's license or identification card number; digital photograph of the person; person's address of principal residence, except as provided for under section 827 of the Violence Against Women Act (Public Law 109-162); or for any individual who a State determines should be exempted from the requirement under this paragraph to protect the safety or security of the applicant (meaning spies, informants, government agents, bureau-rats, other filth who work at stomping human faces forever); the person's signature; a combination of security features designed to protect the physical integrity of the document, including the prevention of tampering, counterfeiting, or duplication of the document for fraudulent purposes; a common machine-readable technology, containing the data elements available on the face of a driver's license or identification card (can you say internationalist socialist database for all humans? thought that you could); person's social security number may not be included in these data elements; unique symbol designated by the Secretary to indicate compliance with the requirements under this section (which symbol we'll call the Mark of the Beast just to show we've been awake all this time).

The kicker is a bit further along. "Confirm with the Social Security Administration a social security account number presented by a person using the full social security account number. In the event that a social security account number is already registered to or associated with another person to which any State has issued a driver's license or identification card, the State may use any appropriate procedures to resolve nonmatches."

Endless requirements are imposed on the states, and there is pretense of block grants but there is no statement of how much money the federals will provide. And, of course, no money is budgeted for the obligations this act imposes on the several states. Papers must be kept for as long as the driver license is valid. Security must be maintained. And when the federal government proves to be bankrupt, the states won't be provided a dime for any of these requirements—numerous enough to list in their bill, but not to finance.

Here is the text of the bill.

You might as well tell your senators and congress critters that you won't comply. Rally outside their offices in your district. Throw blood on their vehicles. Find their homes using Google Maps and urinate on their rose bushes until the plants die. Leave them no comfort, no peace. Honk your horn at 3 a.m. outside their residences. Keep them awake, and afraid.

If they won't let you pass without a driver license, bring a gun.

Jim Davidson is an author and entrepreneur. His 700-page tome Being Sovereign is a work in progress. His current projects include an agorist cadre, a documentary film a feature film, a no-state wedding registry , a financial newsletter, and an individual sovereign university. He works every day to structure his affairs so he takes nothing from the state, and gives nothing to it.


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