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Number 526, July 4, 2009
"There are aliens among us."

Right-Wing Crazes
Right-Wing Crazes
by Rex May
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On Buttons and Clicks, by L. Neil Smith

Letters to the Editor
from Craig Goodrich, Paul Bonneau, Bryan Potratz, Andrew G. Eggleston Sr., A.X. Perez, NoTaxesNow.org, Jim Davidson, and Rex May

A Tale of Pot and Kettle
by L. Neil Smith
It is said that, during America's Revolutionary War, "lobsterback" soldiers took delight in bayonetting pregnant American women in the belly to prevent the birth of "another rebel whelp", or words to that effect.

Rebooting our System
by Donald Meinshausen
We are facing some big problems now. Somehow we have installed some big programs on our system that are not working. They are taking up too much of our memory or even distorting it. It usually starts like this. Spam appears on our screen in nice graphics, cleverly written bearing the names of institutions that we trust promising free stuff. Sometimes they want us to answer lots of questions. We understand that as necessary marketing. So we unwittingly install it. We find the messages then are empty promises, half-truths and lies. Then there's the big trouble.

The Cost of Vietnam
by Jim Davidson
The Vietnam war had a very high cost in lives, in treasure, and in loss of individual liberty at home. It also prompted a series of protests, including many very violent protests, including some where the government brutally responded with murder. As a result of these protests and the general pointlessness of the war, some things changed, for a time.

Welcome to the New Black Market
by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.
I am what they call a "disabled person" because I have a condition or two that prevents me from doing certain kinds of work and because I have medication to take daily. Occasionally this does interfere with my life slightly, for example I had three hospital stays this winter/spring for pneumonia. It was a bit of a rough year, but this is not uncommon, ask any diabetic you know and they'll tell you we have rough years and easy years.

Do Marriage Licenses Automatically Make You a Slave to Government?
Questions on the "practicality" of being a free, sovereign individual

by Dennis Lee Wilson
In an extended discussion on a Yahoo message board regarding the pros and cons of government marriage permits, the following question was raised: I don't disagree with what you are saying but is that to imply that for people who get marriage licenses that they will automatically become slaves to governments that issue them?

"Is anyone minding the store at the Federal Reserve?"
by Dr. Duck
Check this out ... this video clip called "Is anyone minding the store at the Federal Reserve ?" ... it's one of the best lube jobs by the Fed I've seen in a long time .... (see the video before reading my letter)

No Internal Pass System
by Jim Davidson
The following senators should be shamed out of office. They are the sponsor and co-sponsors of yet another attempt to impose a system of internal passes in America. These jerks want to treat Americans like cattle, branded, limited, harnessed, and bled.

Divided America
by A.X. Perez
Everyone keeps talking about a second civil war starting in the United States when states seceded over differing interpretation of what freedom means, what the relation between individual and government should be.

Atlantea The Beautiful
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 31 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!

Tom Paine Maru
Tom Paine Maru

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Reprinted by PhoenixPick.com (An Imprint of Arc Manor)
Hope cover

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Reprinted by PhoenixPick.com (An Imprint of Arc Manor)

The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

Roswell Texas Cover
Roswell, Texas

by L. Neil Smith and Rex F. May
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Colored by Jen Zach
Published by Bighead Press, 2008

The Probability Broach:
The Graphic Novel

by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by Bighead Press, 2004


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