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Number 531, August 9, 2009

"Hadn't I made it clear that Ambrose is a cat?"

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Just as Lucy was disappointed when she found out Snoopy moved his lips when he read, so did my beloved Petie disappoint me in the first few months after we adopted her. I caught her training the family.

Early on I made up my mind to train Petie to be a kind and gentle dog, which considering that she was a staffie is alleged to not be possible. In her dealings with humans I was effective, though vermin, livestock and birds were always in danger when Petie was allowed the run of the back yard.

Then one day I noticed that just as I rewarded her for behavior I found appropriate she rewarded me with displays of affection and doing cute tricks as I learned, in her opinion, to be a kind and gentle master. Careful observation after that showed me that in fact many people are trained by their pets just as we train our pets. Since it seemed to help in my reward training regimen with Petie I went along with the gag, just as I am sure many people who make the same observation go along with their dogs efforts to train them.

Many people stuck under tyrannical governments labor to train their political masters to be kind and gentle. They soon make several rude discoveries. Most are livestock to be exploited, not pets or even commensals to be taken care of and rewarded for good service. Even when slaves are to be rewarded this by no means involves their masters ever, ever allowing their slaves to train them.

If by any chance they do try to train their masters their masters will not be amused and will punish these efforts. the bosses won't "go along with the gag."

This gives us an indicator as to whether we live in a free or unfree society. If you are asserting your rights under the laws of nature and nature's God and respecting and helping you protect them is a necessary condition of your rulers keeping power you are in a free society. If you are wheedling and struggling to obtain privileges and in fact have no voice in how your rulers use their power you are a slave living under masters. Most societies mix these two forms up, it is our duty as free men to reinforce the elements of freedom in our nations and strangle the elements of tyranny (and some tyrants while we're at it) that exist in our states.

Because to tell you the truth most of us aren't as cute as affectionate pitbull terriers (in the background I hear a voice saying "speak for yourself.").


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