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"Their real object is to control you and deny you joy."

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Bistatic Radar and Mass Graves
by Jim Davidson

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

What is bistatic radar? It is distinct from monostatic radar by having the receiving antenna separate from the transmitter. What if the two parts of the radar system are on separate satellites orbiting Earth in similar orbits?

It turns out that you can penetrate ground and many types of rock up to about two kilometers depth. There are good reasons to believe that very high resolution bistatic satellite radar systems have been deployed since an early "small business innovative research" aka death merchant contract was issued in 1988 to a Texas company. I worked for that company, Space Services Incorporated of America.

Tonight I was needing to relax, owing to six days of 14 hours or more working, including heavy lifting, at the Douglas county fair. Another wasted liberty movement initiative. The next time intrepidity meets stupidity, I don't want to be there.

So I watched the film Shooter which appeared on Turner Network Television in what seemed to be a badly edited for content version. The film is based on a novel, Point of Impact which I now plan to read [I highly recommend all of Stephen Hunter's books—Editor]. In the film, a believable set of conspirators having power in the USA government and military abuse their positions to the detriment of a great many people. Among those harmed are a village in Africa of 400 men, women, and children slaughtered on the site of a pipeline pumping station and buried in a mass grave there. One character in the film justifies the shooting as likely to inspire other villagers to just move away rather than get killed, or demand payment for their property.

The film certainly portrays the gutless cowardice of most military men and women and essentially all FBI, CIA, NSA, and other intelligence agency personnel in addressing the abuses of power, the frank treason, the corruption, and the brutality of the ruling elite—whose actions represent persistent war on the American people, on the United States, and arrogant, constant violations of the constitution, especially the bill of rights. None of these people care a fig for you, your freedom, your property, nor your life. They are scum who would wipe you off the face of the Earth and exterminate everyone who might ever remember you at the least provocation, or just on a whim.

But it came up for me as an idea while watching this film that the National Reconnaissance Office and various other spy agencies know all about the mass graves anywhere you might ask them to look. They have very powerful ground penetrating radar—use your favorite web research tools to look it up. Lacrosse, Onyx, and other code names describe some radar satellite systems. There are certainly other, darker programs—the whole point of black operations budgets in direct violation of article one section nine is to deprive Americans of the freedom to know, audit, and supervise their own government—which have capabilities similar to what a person knowledgeable about radar in 1988 could develop.

(Just for a moment, let's review that bit that says all black operations are garbage and all black operators are knowingly evil traitors. It says, "No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time." Which means that the senators and congresscritters who approve black operations budgets knowing the expenditures won't be published, are criminally in violation of their oaths to uphold the constitution. It means that the black operations doers and movers and shakers are all evil men and women who have sold their souls for a mess of pottage. To hell with them all, and may perdition be painful for their eternal souls. The sooner they all die painfully the better.)

There are no mass graves anywhere in the world that the National Recon Office can't find. There are no mass graves suspected by any national agency, international agency, or non-governmental organisation that the NRO hasn't heard about through ECHELON or other espionage functions of the USA government. They know where the bodies are buried, how deep, and in many cases by whom.

And they aren't telling. Just as their visible light and infrared satellites have told them all about the pranksters who put "crop circles" in fields. Just as they know all about every conceivable UFO sighting—what it looked like from above, and what it was.

These are the worst of the worst, the most venomous vermin on Earth. They are more committed to secrecy than their oaths of office. They are unwilling to protect the United States constitution and its bill of rights from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Not because they cannot, not because they don't know how, and not because there is any real challenge in the work. But because they will not. They don't wish to. They would rather go along to get along, have an easy life, work without working very hard, and be a part of the power structure.

To them, so what if some villagers in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, or Australia get slaughtered? They don't care. They don't have ethics or morals or decency. They prefer lots of dead men, women, and children. They have crazy ideas about eugenics in the power elite, and provably false, insane ideas about limiting population growth. They enjoy the idea of painful deaths, and they have blood on their chins every morning after breakfast. These are men and women who are drowning in blood, though it never touches them.

And that is why we fail to have freedom. There are no honest men, no honest women, no one worth working with. No one can be trusted, no one is interested in the long term. They are all thugs and thieves, dupes and fools.

There is a minuscule chance that the old style system may fall apart, some day. There is clearly another civilisation now existing in parallel. But it is weak, and likely to be overwhelmed.

In the Twentieth Century the powers that be slaughtered well over 250 million people. They killed them in combat, in war, in peace, in death camps, in eugenics experiments, in nuclear and biological weapons tests. And in many cases they buried the bodies.

They have gotten away with mass murder. Robert McNamara got away with slaughtering millions. William Ruckelshaus's actions have caused the deaths of tens of millions. LBJ and Nixon slaughtered millions. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney slaughtered millions.

They will continue to murder, steal, and pillage. They will continue to rape and violate with brutality and impunity.

And you won't do a thing about it. Not today. Not ever.


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