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Number 534, August 30, 2009
"Ding Dong the Drunk is dead!"

The UN Insult to Americans
The UN Insult to Americans
(It's still there)

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Of the dead, speak only the truth.

Life has its rewards, sometimes. It never occurred to me that mine would include writing Senator Edward M. "Teddy" Kennedy's obituary. The world is a cleaner place without him, and we are all vastly better off.

I can't think of a single instance in his 47 Senate years of Teddy taking the same side of an issue that most of this journal's readers or I would. As for the Constitution, the contempt in which this nation's founding fathers would have held him is beyond my power to describe. Even Alexander Hamilton would have lifted one eyebrow and sneered.

The man came from a family that was utterly without principles or scruples. The fact that their fortune was founded on Prohibition-era liquor smuggling is the only point in their favor I can think of. The patriarch, Joseph P., was a funny-looking little guy whose financial support for Franklin Delano Roosevelt bought him an appointment as Ambassador to the "Court of St. James"—an appointment that was later withdrawn when it developed that the Ambassador was allegedly leaning toward the National Socialist side of the ongoing argument in Europe.

I had a neighbor once—and no, I can't back this up, it's simply a story the guy next door told me about something that had happened to him personally—who had lived, as a kid, just down the road from the Kennedy "compound" at Hyannisport. Sometimes he and his siblings would play with the Kennedy children, On one occasion, when it was time to go home, Teddy took my friend's bicycle with him. When my friend's dad confronted Old Man Joe, the latter automatically began to write him a check.

"It's not about money. That's my son's bicycle, and he wants it back." Apparently it took several iterations to get this across to the former Ambassador; he never really understood the principle involved. Later, Teddy was caught cheating in school, but I figure that was only par for the course for a guy, not terribly bright, whose famous older brother basked in the lifelong glory of award-winning ghost-written books. No wonder the youngest brother embraced socialism. Someone with so little ability would wish desperately to receive according to his needs.

Of such stuff is the American "aristocracy" fashioned. This poor, sad country doesn't need a royal family, even figuratively speaking. As a people, we are all too inclined to be awed by celebrities, most of whom, in fact, are just barely hanging onto what's left of their humanity with their teeth and nails. I've often thought the British, once they got a good idea of what kind of blathering cretin Prince Charles is, should have visited Madame Tussaud's and broken out the guillotine.

It would probably be against the law to make the same observation about our own "princes", a maudlinity I've heard all too often in the last few days. So much for the First Amendment. Enough to say that Teddy has left us, exactly as he left Mary Jo Kopechne, trapped in the wreckage he helped to make of America, gasping our last few precious breaths of liberty as the cold, black waters of socialism rise around us.

L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
The Libertarian Enterprise


Ding Dong the Drunk is Dead!
Which old Drunk?
The Wicked old Drunk!
Ding Dong the Wicked Drunk is Dead!

Hi-ho the derry-oh!
Sing it high!
Sing it low!
Ding Dong the Wicked Drunk is Dead!

Thanks to Dangerous Pat who saw the first line of the above rewritten song on the Browncoat's Forum, posted by TOTUS. All hail TOTUS!

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Letters to the Editor
from MamaLiberty, Nydra Karlen, Bo Fredricsson, A.X. Perez, and Crazy Al

They Never Paid Attention Until We Started Yelling
by L. Neil Smith
I'm just like everybody else. For several weeks I've been listening to and watching these "town meetings", originally put together in the home districts of various senators and congressthings simply and transparently for the purpose of rubberstamping Barack Obama's obsessive Marxist lust (an obsessive lust he shares with Hillary Clinton and many another tired, threadbare old collectivist) to nationalize an institution that they refer to as "healthcare".

Some Parts of Ted Kennedy's Life
by Jim Davidson
He died this week, so I thought to look at some of the events in his life that made Teddy Kennedy who he was. On the whole, I didn't like him.

Lysenko's Revenge
by L. Neil Smith
It isn't the fact that people go on and on reinventing the wheel that I mind so much, as their idiotic insistence on reinventing it square.

Slavery = Segregation = Minority = Socialism?
by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.
You thought Slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment to the constitution? Nope. Here is the actual text of the Amendment that merely abolished the slave trade:

Concealed Carry Issues
by Michael Gaddy
While the response to my previous articles elsewhere has been by majority positive, I appear to have ruffled a few feathers of those who have chosen to beg the state for permission to exercise their 2A rights. The central theme of their objections is they fear being arrested and going to jail if law enforcement personnel find them with a concealed weapon. While this is certainly a concern, I believe it fails to address the central issue.

Mitigating the Risk of State Abuse
by Rob Sandwell
Cops are cracking down. The "War on Drugs" has pulled another dangerous criminal off the street. Donald May was driving home from work when he was pulled over, arrested, and imprisoned for three months on charges of possession of crack cocaine and tampering with evidence. During those three months he lost his job and his apartment, and the police sold his vehicle at auction. Make special note of that last one. Before he was convicted of a crime, the police confiscated his vehicle, and sold it for their own gain.

Or is it a Dinosaur?
by L. Neil Smith
People enjoy seeing cartoons in their heads. A popular one, lately, seems to be "the elephant in the parlor", the idea being that there's this enormous pachyderm taking up space, and yet those in the room with it refuse to acknowledge that it exists.

The Nude Economy
by Jim Davidson
Do you remember the "new economy" back in 1998? Amazon was trading at $331 per share (28 December 1998). But where were the earnings? There were none. People were swept up in a stock mania to rival the Dutch tulip mania of the early 17th Century. Companies like Yahoo were trading at 320 times projected earnings for the coming year. A more normal valuation would be 18 times trailing earnings. But in many instances there were no earnings.

by A.X. Perez
If you are old enough you can remember some extremely racist WWII propaganda cartoons. While the cartoons aimed at the Germans were bad, those aimed at the Japanese approach mean spiritedness. However, most kids in the post WWII "got it" that the cartoons were aimed at an enemy during war, the result is that while the cartoons may have reinforced preexisting bigotry, they did not create bigotry. As the US became more closely tied economically to Japan after WWII the truly vicious cartoons went off the air, especially after Sony bought the studios that owned the rights to them.

Atlantea The Beautiful
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 39 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!

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