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"Void the Bill of Rights, you void the Constitution."

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Letter from A.X. Perez with reply from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Jim Davidson

Keep Your Kids Home September 8th!

An extremely important, time-sensitive message from my friend, libertarian educator Linda Schrock Taylor:

L. Neil Smith

Dear Fellow LNS Fans,

Today is the 70th anniversary of our delcaration of war on Germany. My own view is that this was the greatest single disaster in British and perhaps world history. It beats the decision to go to war with Germany in 1914. That was a disaster in its own right, but did not necessarily mean the destruction of western civilisation. By 1945, around fifty million Europeans had been killed in battle or murdered or starved or bombed, and Bolshevik Russia was supreme across half the continent. British liberalism and world power had collapsed. Their best replacement was American corporatism with its increasingly ludicrous fig leaf of "human rights" and "democracy". None of this would have happened had we stayed out of another European war.

I see that the newspapers here are yet again pushing the Churchill cult. The man was named in a BBC poll some years ago as the Greatest Ever Briton. I suppose he had more solid qualities than the late Princess of Wales. But I increasingly wish the Fuzzy-Wuzzies had tried a little harder at Omdurman and planted a spear in his belly. Without him to preach jihad against Germany, the 20th century might easily have been a continuation of the 19th, rather than a precipitate retreat from a liberal world order underpinned by the Pax Britannica.

I am working on a new novel and have neither time nor inclination to set out my reasons at any length why the declaration of war was such a mistake. However, I refer you to an article I wrote in 2003 about Neville Chamberlain and appeasement:


Sean Gabb
Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979)
Tel: 07956 472 199
Skype Username: seangabb

Wikipedia Entry:

Buy these novels by Richard Blake: Conspiracies of Rome ("Fascinating to read, very well written, an intriguing plot" Derek Jacobi); Terror of Constantinople ("Nasty, fun and educational" The Daily Telegraph). Blood of Alexandria will soon be in a book shop near you.

In "A Message From The Publisher" (Issue 534) L. Neil Smith wrote:

> I can't think of a single instance in his 47 Senate years of Teddy
> taking the same side of an issue that most of this journal's readers
> or I would.

Now, as it happens, I hated Ted Kennedy with a burning passion, but in fairness he did in fact sometimes take the same side that we would. He voted against the anti-Flag Burning amendment to the constitution, for example, and he voted against the Defense of Marriage Act, and I believe he voted against warrantless wiretapping but I'd have to check that.

He was certainly a giant net lose, not some sort of gift from god to man, but it would be wrong to say that he *never* took the right side. Remember, even broken clocks are right twice a day.

Perry E. Metzger

Baloo News!

The big news this month is that I've finally come up with the definitive Ted Kennedy cartoon. Here it is:

The definitive Ted Kennedy cartoon

And you can get it on merchandise at:

And remember to check out my sites every day!

Finally, please forward this e-mail on to anyone who might be interested.


Rex May
PHONE: 1-970-218-0889
All about me here:*

Re: "Letter from Sean Gangol"

It doesn't matter what time we are talking about—right now, or the instant our Republic was created. The same points apply.

One can get as theoretical as one wants, but it's not a good idea to ignore the facts in doing so. The facts are, individuals, including members of Congress, act in their own interests—the people be damned! Another fact is that governments attract individuals who like to lord it over others and spend others' money. That is what their interest is.

Saying, "Unfortunately, most of our representatives only care about their own interests," is a bit like saying "Unfortunately, if we step off a tall building, we fall and go splat!" Self-interest and gravity, two forces of nature.

Sean thought I might have faith in the masses because I wrote that they wouldn't have bailed out Wall Street. Well, he can set his mind at rest; I don't have faith in the masses. Both these systems of governance are rotten. But I do believe the mail to Congress was running at something like 99 to 1 against. Seems unlikely a direct democracy would have bailed 'em out.

Paul Bonneau

I have received another letter about my article, "The Tyranny of Democracy." Actually, it had more to do with the letter I wrote in response to Paul Bonneau's "Republic? What republic?"

Mamaliberty seems to take issue with these two sentences, "Theoretically our representatives are suppose to act in the best interests of the people. Unfortunately, most of our representatives only care about their own interests." I think Mamaliberty has completely missed the point that I was trying to make. I wasn't advocating for the government to act in our best interests. I am well aware of what happens every time the government attempts to carry out things in our best interests. This is how our liberties have been lost. Obviously, Mamaliberty didn't notice the word "theoretically", which was placed at the beginning of the sentence. I was simply trying to explain how a "theoretical" republic is supposed to function.

One of the reasons why our republic has failed is because our so-called representatives care only about their own interests.

You could probably add the notion of nobody actually being able to act in the interests of another individual as another reason for the failure of our republic. Our representatives have also ignored every limitation that has been placed upon them by the Constitution, which is another reason why our representative form of government is failing.

Sean Gangol

Saw it on the news

The "Command Guidance" column in the October Soldier of Fortune Magazine is titled "Guns, God, Words, and Crowds—the Constitution Protects Dangerous Things" and is a reprint of an article by Paul Danish in the Boulder Weekly. It discusses the fact that the rights protected in the beginning of the Bill of rights involve risk taking and that the point of making them guaranteed rights was to block the State from protecting us out of freedom. OK, I may not be stating this correctly ( my October copy of SOF keeps getting disappeared and that is stopping me from referring to the article in question more exactly)but you get the gist. Better yet, (re)read the article in either of its two places of publication.

The American Rifleman online (received in an E-mail) dated 1 September 2009 points out that the guns involved in the current spike of sale are self defense and other fighting guns, sporting and collector grade gun sales are languishing to a degree about right for a recession (again I am way oversimplifying the point.) This is a shame as this risks the jobs of people making guns and could lead to a contraction of the industry. Also note that the weapons losing sales are meant for fun shooting. Reduction in these sales, combined with the current ammo shortages, may lead to people not spending enough time on the range or casually plinking, which of course will lead to a deterioration of shooting skills. Be a shame if some tyrant got away because you didn't spend enough time protecting the Republic from fascist and Taliban tin cans.

Besides, freedom is supposed to be fun. If you got the money (hey we are in a recession after all) buy one of the "fun guns" and enjoy it.

A.X. Perez

To Which L. Neil Smith Replied:

I know Paul Danish. He was once a leftist city councilman in Boulder, Colorado. I ripped him a new one in public on a free speech panel at the 1981 LP national convention (Fred Saberhagen was also on the panel, looking like he wondered why he was there, and Dave Nolan was in the audience) over a sign ordinance that was his baby.

Guess he's learned something over the years. Hope I was the one who started it.

L. Neil Smith

Dear Editor,

To serve the other people who have gotten involved in Free State Wyoming, you might want to point out the following.

In his letter published in your newsletter 16 August 2009, Kenneth W. Royce also known as Boston T. Party writes, in part:

"I will no longer read nor reply to that pathetic time/energy sink who leaves only discord, bitterness, and failure in his wake."

Since you published that on 16 August, it must have been written by him and sent in earlier.

Then on 18 August 2009, he took the time out of his busy day to write at "Amendall is a known alias of Jim Davidson, which validates theory #3 in my below letter."

So, it is war to the death, then. Ken Royce lied when he said that he would leave me alone. No, instead, he insists on following me around to various sites looking to stir up trouble.

In his letter that you published, he says that I'm insane. He can't quite decide how I'm insane, whether it is multiple personality disorder, which he seems to think means schizophrenia (a very different disorder) or whether I have delusions of persecution. Maybe narcissism. But, it doesn't matter, since I'm not insane.

Calling me crazy doesn't address my arguments, doesn't deal with my evidence, doesn't respond to me as a human being, it dismisses me. It says that I am a worthless maniac, therefore no one should be expected to address my arguments, look at my evidence, or treat me decently. Royce repeatedly says I should be locked away in a cage and given electro-shock treatments until I die.

Which is fine. I was prepared, on reading his nasty letter of the 16th to leave it at that. He can go on thinking I'm crazy, as long as he leaves me alone.

He didn't think I was crazy when I showed up to his event in Montana and bought his book. He didn't think I was crazy when I showed up to the first series of four events he put together in Wyoming where we camped out. Where I helped with cooking at the grill. Where I donated cash, gold, and silver. No, I wasn't crazy then. It was only when he began bullying me over the June 2008 event, when he demanded that I stop using the colors green, blue and purple in the event promotion, when he demanded that I stop using any words starting with the letters W, F, or S in promoting the event—you see he owns those—that I became increasingly upset with his attitude, his viciousness, and his lies.

Because Ken Royce won't ever stop. He'll follow me around from site to site, and blog to blog. He'll attack me no matter what I say, no matter what I do. This is how he treats people that he wants to discredit.

It doesn't matter how much work you do for the project. It does not matter how much money you contribute. It doesn't matter how hard you work. Nothing is good enough for Ken Royce.

I think he's a megalomaniacal parasite. He has never accounted for the money that was contributed to Free State Wyoming. He has never explained where the money went or what it got for the group. And he's never tolerated anything remotely like dissent or criticism—talk about the pot calling the kettle black. He thinks I can't accept criticism. Very funny. I think he took our money, the money contributed to Free State Wyoming, and spent it on his safari in Africa. Perhaps he should publish detailed accounting for every single penny, but I don't think he can—he's not very good with numbers.

So, it's like this. He lied when he wrote that he was done following me around and persecuting me. He wants to continue taunting me. That's cool. It shows what kind of a person he is.

He's a worthless racist parasite. He hates open borders and freedom of travel. He despises everyone who isn't just like him, who thinks differently from him. He cannot tolerate dissent. And if you try to leave his group, he'll hunt you down. He'll follow you around, forever, saying nasty things.

That's what you get when you work with Ken Royce. He'll turn on you.

And that's what you get when you work with the other slime who are involved in Free State Wyoming. None of them come to the defense of anyone else. Susan Callaway—a worthless and ungracious person I regret ever having met. Paul Bonneau—a vicious person who I regret meeting. None of these people have any integrity. None of them care about anything except staying in line and not getting Ken Royce upset.

And none of them are my friends. No one who has ever been involved in Free State Wyoming should ever ask me for anything. I will not lift a finger to help any of you.

You are on your own. No one spoke up for me when I was banned and banished and persecuted.

And it won't end. It didn't end when Ken wrote that letter to you, and it didn't end when you published that letter. His words are at on 18 August 2009. He'll never stop tormenting me.

So why should I stop? Why should I lift a finger to help anyone involved with his racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic nationalist statist and socialist cause.

In his book Molon Labe, Ken Royce announces his intention to get a nuclear weapon to use in establishing a secessionist, racist state in Wyoming. You Free State Wyoming people ought to ask yourselves if you would trust a man like that with a nuclear weapon. So don't be surprised if he blows up a city to keep people in line.


Jim Davidson


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