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Number 535, September 6, 2009

"Void the Bill of Rights, you void the Constitution."

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Frazetta feminine pulchritude
Frazetta feminine pulchritude

Frank Frazetta
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

If you are old enough you remember the old Edgar Rice Burroughs reprints that Ace published in the early to middle 1960's. They seemed to form the bulk of the Ace F series (40 cents). One of the best things about them were the covers by Roy Krenkel Jr. and Frank Frazetta, especially Frank Frazetta. Especially the scantily clad women.

Set my standards for feminine pulchritude they did. Or at least helped canalize them. Fortunately women of mixed American Indian and European ancestry and Eurasian women in a wide variety of skin and hair colors are the majority of women living in my little corner of the world. Please note that while several of Frazetta's models are quite slim they are not the anorexic refugees from a prison camp so popular today in the Media. Keira Knightly and her twin Natalie Portman need not apply. Madonna and Holly Hunter (who actually is kinda cute) can take their down to muscle and bone look elsewhere.

Frazetta's women look like women who enjoy being women and enjoy being looked at. They are cuddly. More importantly, they have enough body fat to bring a child to full term without endangering their health and suckle the child without risking mother or infant's health. To be redundant they appear to be women who enjoy being women and who spend their time around men who like being men.

Unlike the wannabe men promoted by the media nowadays.

Meanwhile let us consider the modern standard of masculinity. There are those who claim men must be sensitive to be strong. Wrong. Real men have the strength to kick anyone's ass who mocks them for showing sensitivity. Generally men and women are rewarded for their strength by being able to be whoever they wish as long as they don't violate anyone else's rights. Instead we seem to have a situation where media and state empowered bullies define what men and women are permitted to be and do. You are expected to be weak, except when the boss needs you to be strong, feel what you are told to feel instead of what your brain chemistry and wiring, education and experience tell you to feel. And when this drives you neurotic you are told that is the new normal. Rather like being told that wearing a leg brace as a result of polio is normal, that having two unwithered legs is freakish.

No wonder people seem confused about what their gender is. This has nothing to do with being heterosexual or homosexual by the way. It has to do with being yourself whether male or female, straight or gay, or even in contexts where gender doesn't matter. It has to do with not being crippled at the masters' whim.

The modern statists have chosen to create a society in which weakness and confusion are the norm, where people are enslaved because they don't know who they are and lack the strength to control their destinies, whether it is about gender, religion or what brand of chewing gum to masticate. As in everything else they seem to go against the laws of natural selection. Then they wonder why it all seems to go horribly wrong.

So, from time to time I will sit next to my wife and watch a tear jerker (Somewhere in Time, perhaps). She may cry on my shoulder, causing us to cuddle closer (the reason why men should never complain about taking women to see tear jerker chick flicks). It may happen that I will cry into my wife's hair. And I have a really good left uppercut for anyone who's got a problem with that.


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