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"The Age of Authority draws to a close"

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Letter from Rex May

Letter from A.X. Perez with Commentary by Crazy Al

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Another Letter from A.X. Perez

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Yet Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Again a Letter from A.X. Perez

Another Letter from Crazy Al

If you think this cartoon isn't fair, take a look at:


Rex May
PHONE: 1-970-218-0889
All about me here:*

Re: Ward Griffith's letter

Please note that in the article he referred to the example of hubristic pride (Creon in Antigone) had placed his will (don't bury dead enemies) over the rights of others (decent funeral, showing respect for dead loved ones). He had by the rules of his society violated the Zero Aggression Principle. If Mr. Griffith feels more comfortable with me saying it this way hubris is the false pride based belief that one has the right to violate the ZAP.

A.X. Perez

I now surrender the forum to Crazy Al:

There are people out there who have been mislead into believing that religion requires them to submitting to violence and to supporting victim disarmament. Knowing were to turn to show them that this belief is mistaken based on their own beliefs is easier than trying to refute their belief system. This assumes that helping people "see the light" and strive to protect their liberty is a desirable goal.

Maybe I'm lazy but showing people God wants them to be free and heavily armed to protect their freedom (An M4 refitted to shoot 6.8 mm Rem., one of them new fangled XM-25 grenade launchers, and a pair of Glock 18's (Fully auto version of Glock 17) is the minimum I'd like, poverty and lack of connections make obtaining these items problematical) is easier than convincing them there is no god so they don't have to submit to slavery.

Besides I believe in God. He told me He exists in a mystic vision (Crazy Al, remember?). He also told me that freedom and how cute a nekkid woman can look are two of His better ideas.

Mysticism is knowing it's so because God (or other spirits) talked to you and said it's so. Many punks over the years have claimed this type of revelation as their excuse to tyrannize the rest of us, which is why so many people who love freedom distrust mysticism and prefer using the scientific method as a way of learning the truth. This is commendable, as too many liars, tyrants, and other thugs have hidden behind the "irrefutable nature of mystic vision" to pull all sorts of crap.

In many case both reason and mysticism lead some of us to respect other people's freedom and to value our own. I was commenting that this is a good thing.

Generally, I am of the opinion that one should keep one's mysticism to oneself as I have noticed that expressing it causes people to look for escape routes and get that "should I call the cops?" look. Definitely no one who claims they are shaping public policy on direct revelation from God (or whoever) should be trusted.

Crazy Al
Somewhere in Far Far West Texas

Sam Adams Alliance logo

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Sam with balloons

The Sam Adams Alliance invites you to join us in our virtual celebration of Sam Adams's 287th birthday by logging onto our website and participating in our essay contest, interactive programming, and activities for teachers, parents, and students of all ages. SAA launched a new web portal on Monday commemorating the birth and accomplishments of Samuel Adams.

Samuel Adams was the original organizer—a man who knew that a compelling message, if communicated effectively, could change the world. His ability to connect citizens and unite them around his message of freedom is as relevant today as it was more than 200 years ago, and it inspires our work at the Sam Adams Alliance.

The web portal features include:

  • An essay contest challenging citizens to answer: "What issues would motivate one of our Founding Fathers to action in 2010?" Prizes include autographed books for runners-up and a grand prize trip to Chicago for two to the Sam Adams Alliance "Sammies" gala in the spring

  • A timeline of Sam's life and times, engaging people in a history lesson about this least known Founding Father

  • A wide array of games, including a Facebook trivia game, word search, coloring page, and a pumpkin-carving template

We encourage moms and dads, teachers, and young people to learn more about Sam Adams and the Founders' vision and principles that give the United States a unique strength and place in the world. Please feel free to forward this email to family, friends, and colleagues.


Eric O'Keefe
Sam Adams Alliance

The Sam Adams Alliance is a 501 (c)(3) organization based in Chicago. Its mission is to educate the public about free-market policies and principles through a variety of initiatives and training programs, so the ideals of the Founding Fathers flourish in the modern world and for future generations.

Sam Adams Alliance
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You may remember the movie The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez. In it one of the character states that the manhunt for Cortez has saved the Texas Rangers from being shut down.

The arrest of various alleged terrorists (sorry, at least two of the suspects being brought in pushed the button on dummy firing switches) will breathe new life into the PATRIOT Act. Let's face it, too many people are not so dedicated to liberty as to be willing to give up the illusory safety unjust laws permitting violation of rights when they are looking at a guy doing his best to commit an atrocity and stopped only by those laws (at least that's how it will be spun.).

Were these guys entrapped? I dunno. Were they morons? Ya think? Are they the poster boys for a bunch of repressive laws? Damn betcha. Please do not try to explain to me the relative merits of their cause(s), because I'll agree with you. Then I'll point at a bunch of scared men and women saying "Do something now to protect our kids."

Trust me that Congress will be listening to them, not us. Especially because they are saying what Congress wants to hear.

A hundred years later and the same old tricks work.

A.X. Perez

Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder

Could this possible be true?

Well folks, here is your true blue "anti gunner"! Guess what he used to protect himself when the chips were down? You got it—the flaming hypocrite used a "GUN"!

Isn't it amazing that this did NOT appear in a paper near you?

No, that's right—it would show a gun in a positive light and we can't have that, Can we????

Looks like it took about three weeks to surface & start making the email rounds. another one we didn't see on the National News.... Wonder Why ?

Elitism at its finest! It appears that once again, what's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander as far as liberals are concerned. In other words, they say one thing but mean two sets of rules: one for them, the intellectual elite and another for the unwashed masses.

See link to story below. This NC Democrat State Senator is a die hard anti gunner. He has voted for every anti gun bill that has crossed his desk, but when someone invaded his house, he picked up a gun for self defense. Hypocrites! See another news article below the link.

74-year-old N.C. state senator shoots, wounds intruder at his home
Aug 24, 2009
Published: August 24, 2009

TABOR CITY, N.C.—A sheriff says a North Carolina state senator shot one of two intruders at his home and hospital officials say the man is in fair condition.
Read More

I know this is going to anger people

My friend L. Neil Smith and many others who read and contribute to TLE are opposed to the current American adventures* in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan**. Other readers support these efforts I'm sure and I don't wish to stir up argument among the two groups. That said I feel that the US needs to intelligently carry out an expeditious withdrawal from these filibusters.

The most important reason is that ultimately these "wars" can only be won by the Iraqi, Afghan, and Pakistani people. Whether the factions we want to see win can win and hold their victory is an other question. However Ba'athist, Taliban, or pro American, the ultimate victors in these countries will be the ones who best represent the will of the people there, whether it is next year or ten years hence.

When we leave it is important that it is understood in America that we do so only because we either had no business there or that we have achieved our legitimate goals and have done all we can to help our allies create the state they desire to live in. We do not need a perception that we "failed" because of lack of wisdom, courage, or will on the part of America's political leaders.

The reason for this is simple. There is a fascist streak a mile wide in American politics. We do not need the fascists complaining that America was betrayed as they raise votes to gain control of the nation and completely crush liberty.

Of course, not keeping pressure on the USG to wind up affairs in these nations and allowing the local fascisti to do as they will is also foolish. We must keep up questioning if getting into wars in Southwest and Central Asia was in America's legitimate defensive interests, if the way these wars are being fought is in our nation's interests (not to mention just and humane, though we won't let the bums off on those points either), and why we can't pull out any faster.

Before We're the Johnnies fighting India for control of the Kashmir and wondering how we got in to this mess.

A.X. Perez

*These adventures are not wars as war must be formally declared and creates a legal relation between Combatants, including rules and restrictions. Last I heard an authorization to use force is not a formal declaration of war, and both sides seem to honor the law of war more often by their breach than not.

**The effort to shut down the Taliban and Al Qaeda have involved ops in Pakistan since Day 1. Combat and political activity in that country tied to America's "war on terror" has been increasing, thus expanding the scope of the filibuster in Afghanistan.

The Supreme Court will be deciding this session as to whether or not the Second Amendment applies to local governments. While many many readers of TLE don't like the 14th Amendment, that is probably the one that will be used to guarantee that under the Federal Constitution the state and local government may not deny people the right to keep and bear arms. This has been the way rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights are applied to State as well as Federal law and actions.

Two points of interest. The first is that victim disarmers have discovered a new found passion for states' rights and respect for local rule. The second is that one of the reasons given for passing the 14th Amendment was that Post Civil War Southern states were passing laws blocking Black people from owning guns. Apparently denying people Black people weapons was a tool of enslavement and oppression.

Which means denying people the right to keep and bear arms regardless of race, color, creed or former condition of servitude is oppressive and tyrannical.

Hopefully the lawyers arguing that the Second does apply to the States will have sufficient historical savvy and background to make it clear that the Fourteenth Amendment was and is intended to bind state and local government to respect the right to keep and bear arms.

Of course, we can count on the Court to say the states and local governments have the right to make reasonable rules about how people exercise the RKBA. This should guarantee a generation of lawyers paying work.

A.X. Perez

Bill Clinton is still carrying on about the vast right wing conspiracy, saying that now they're out to get Mr. Obama. Actually someone asked him and he said yes.

Let's see: I'm against Mr. Obama's policies.

I don't want school hours and days extended so that the Big G can get its hooks deeper into our kids. I'm against keeping the prison Camp at Gitmo open past January. I'm against replacing it with a camp at Bagram. I'm opposed to mandatory government service. I'm opposed to mandatory government subsidized health insurance. I'm against the government taking over the banks then selling it self worm of Ourobos style back to the banks. Ditto GM. I'm against labeling political opponents potential terrorists. Looked wrong on Nixon, looks wrong on Obama.

I'm also against gun control, art censorship (including bans on porn.), drug prohibition, the current immigration system and a whole bunch of other acts of repression which the Obama regime has failed to correct.

Don't know if this makes me a right wing conspiracist. just know that I'm in good company.

Crazy Al
Somewhere in Far Far West Texas


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