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Number 539, October 4, 2009

"The Age of Authority draws to a close"

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Plagues, Cures and Choices
by Michael Bradshaw

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

In TLE Number 583 of September 27, 2009 L. Neil Smith finished his article "The Plague" with:

"If we are ever to get the vile stench of authoritarianism out of our nostrils once and for all, we must find a cure for this plague that threatens to destroy our country and, indeed, the entire human species."

I could not agree more. The world-wide problem of authoritarianism is real, right now and in our faces; just like National Socialism (NAZI-ism) was to the people of Europe in the nineteen-thirties and 'forties.

I proposed such a cure back in TLE #295 in my article "Election and Revolution" and elaborated on it in subsequent articles in this publication. You can read them in my TLE archive at the United States House of Repeals, or TLE's back issue archive.

The cure that I propose is 5GW, Fifth Generation War strategy. If it works, the United States may be brought down and anarchy-and-order reestablished in North America (then to spread throughout human occupied space), with the least possible cost in lives and treasure, by less than one thousand freedom fighters. The state may then be prevented from rising on its ashes again by at least one web master, the contributions of the now-free public and the efforts of free-market "political surgeons".

The first stage of 5GW, the top-down, distributed order of battle, has been tested in the past and found to work well. See the first American Revolution and the John Ross novel Unintended Consequences.

The second stage, the Bell Memorial Foundation (see Jim Bell's paper "Assassination Politics" at, has not been tested yet. In that way it has something in common with the first American Revolution and the brief period of freedom that followed.

If there is a fatal flaw in Mr. Bell's thesis I have not been able to find it, as long as it is applied after the local state is rendered unable to fight back by stage one of 5GW. It would need to be falsified to render 5GW un-workable.

Falsification does not consist of protestations of personal dislike, expressions of cowardice or moral condemnation of self defense. It must be proof of un-workability—a practical failure to function.

Examples would include such failures as working within the present political system to gradually regain freedom by electing better candidates to government office so that they may gradually repeal bad laws and regulations, thereby making government permanently "good" and acceptable under the Zero Aggression Principle.

Falsification is provided by:

  • The observable fact that the political systems of government have four basic functions: robbery, rape, slavery and genocide; with all other functions providing only window dressing and excuses for these.

  • The fact that the political systems are so arranged that only psychopaths are electable or appointed, and decent people are excluded from offices of power. The singular exception of Dr. Ron Paul notwithstanding.

  • The fact that no lasting or net progress in gradually improving government has ever been made. The evolution of governments over time is always toward greater control and savagery in the application of the four basic functions until the governments collapse from the destruction of the supporting productive class; usually in an orgy of foreign or civil war and genocide. See Dr. Rummel's research on the subject at

If 5GW can be falsified I will abandon it and look for something else to cure the cancer of government. I urge anyone to put my theory to any valid test to that end.

Until that happens, I will promote it to the extent that I am able. So far I see no other viable method of avoiding the coming economic collapse and genocide of hundreds of millions (or billions) of innocents that is the present political trend.

We stand at a historic political cusp, driven by the technological triad of world-wide instantaneous communication, anonymous digital cash and strong encryption; where we have choices to make.

If we choose poorly and let the present trend line continue, we will descend into the almost unimaginable socialist hell of universal slavery, rape, torture and genocide of the "new world order" that the politicians are working so hard to bring about. If they are successful, the new socialist system may last for several centuries, like the medieval dark ages that are the model for the politician's vision of the future.

If we choose well we can have anarchy-and-order, peace, prosperity and progress in a society that may be similar in many ways to the "North American Confederacy" of Mr. Smith's fiction.

Think hard and well.

Michael Bradshaw is the Speaker (also the Lord-High Janitor) of the United States House of Repeals,
Copyright © 2009, Michael T. Bradshaw


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