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Number 539, October 4, 2009

"The Age of Authority draws to a close"

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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lucy Vodden. Her friend Julian drew her picture and showed it to his dad John Lennon saying "This is my friend Lucy in the sky with diamonds." John liked the image and wrote a somewhat notorious song about the little girl. a lot of people got it into their heads that it was about LSD, and some ugly minded people said that this song must be censored lest it encourage young people to abuse drugs. And a song celebrating the imagination of how children see the world was excoriated by evil minded creeps and used as an argument to not let kids enjoy their own music and think for themselves.

Lucy died recently and it would be good to remember that her song was about the wonder-filled world kids live in and not an enticement to abuse drugs.

Mary Travers also died recently. She and her friends got in trouble for a song titled "Puff the Magic Dragon" as you may remember. Their send up of their attackers by pointing out the pro drug nature of the "Star Spangled Banner" stiil reduces me to paroxysms of laughter (or at least gives me a really good chuckle). Dirty minded people wanted to censor "Puff" too.

Kids live in a magical world and grow up into a real world not as new shiny pretty but often more wondrous unless they are taught to lock their minds in a world of fear, and hatred, and deliberate ignorance.

Unless they are taught to be dirty minded and limited in their vision, to be sane in a way that lacks all wisdom and innocence and yet remains ultimately naive.

Unless they are taught to be the next generation of censors.


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