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Number 540, October 11, 2009

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Prize in the box!
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Nobel Peace Prize
by Kent McManigal

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

The recent Nobel Prize awarded to Obama means that I misunderstood the criteria for the award. Silly me, I thought it was for advancing peacefulness among living, breathing people.

Instead the award went to a man who has not ended any wars started by previous presidential office-holders, and who seems positively determined to get the American Revolutionary War, Part III, begun as quickly as humanly possible. This means the prize can't be awarded for the reasons I had thought it was.

With this new information, I hereby nominate Adolf Hitler to be the next Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

The reasons, and Hitler's qualifications, should be self-evident. As all statists know, people are violent. If there are fewer people alive (apparently a goal of Al Gore and Mr. Obama, as well), then obviously there is more peace. No one is more peaceful than a corpse.

While there may be others who piled up more corpses than Hitler, his flair in doing so, and the lasting fame he achieved through his effort, puts him in a special category.

Hitler also has the decency to be dead, too. This only adds to the peacefulness of his effort.

There is no more deserving recipient of this new, redefined Nobel Peace Prize than Adolf Hitler. Join me in demanding his recognition by the Nobel Prize committee.

Mr McManigal is the Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner. His website is


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