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Number 540, October 11, 2009

"The gun is a symbol of freedom, not tyranny"

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What the Other Side Is Maybe Thinking
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Gun owners and supporters of gun rights know we're right. The gun is a tool for defending life, liberty and property, a necessity to maintaining our proper independence, a symbol of our freedom and a reminder to those who control the government that we will resist their abuse of power. Of course to hunters, target shooters and collectors guns have other lesser meanings, but to an urban guy tight for money and free time to do more than maintain skills these are the primary meaning of personal weapons. I suspect that to sport users and collectors weapons as tools to defend rights is a high priority.

We can also see that our would be oppressors seek to disarm us with various gun control laws. We can see and prove that 99.999% of "gun control" laws are ineffective and in fact counterproductive, that the one in ten thousand (and no I won't get more specific, anymore than Lovecraft was specific in doing more than hint at the horror of the Great Old Ones) is in fact simply a specific application of a more general law against reckless endangerment. To us it's so obvious we don't understand why more non-gun people don't get it.

The following based on conversations with non-gunners and trying to see what is going on in their heads. Verbalizing (okay, putting in writing) what's appears to be going on in their heads is not a statement of agreement with their logic. It is an attempt to spell out the problem we are facing in trying to communicate why gun control is bad. Of course, this interpretation could be totally wrong.

To many freedom loving supporters of gun control (remember we are trying to decipher the mentality of people who do not see this statement for the oxymoron it is) guns are symbols of oppression, especially to non Americans not involved in liberation movements. Guns are the tools the army and police use to keep them in line. Guns are the tools state sponsored paramilitary thugs use to enslave them. Guns are the tools criminals use to force people to submit to rape, robbery, and extortion. guns are the tools terrorists use to extort war taxes, to force them into supporting the terrorists, to commit attacks that bring the wrath of the state on the terrorists' victims.

As long as the enemies of liberty can control the media and education systems, both private and public, that is what too many good people will be deceived into believing, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that guns are the tools of the oppressor because only corrupt government, criminals and terrorists (the unholy trinity, one evil with three faces) have guns.

In the movie V, Guy Fawkes is armed with what looks like edged Sais and regularly wipes out platoons of cops armed with guns. The Jedi of the Star Wars franchise defend freedom with light sabers, essentially high tech Katanas. On the one hand, it is good to see that the producers of these movies see the need for armed self defense, defense of liberty, and resistance to tyranny. On the other hand they choose weapons which require a decades to master and hours of practice to maintain skills, in fact the tools that an ancient aristocracy used to enslave the common people of Japan so that they could have the leisure time needed to maintain their weapon skills.

Perhaps we need to find and support more movie and TV show makers who will begin to bring back the realization that guns in the hands of free people are a necessary component to true liberty, that otherwise we are only unarmed peasants whose freedom depends not on their right, but simply because their masters feel no immediate need to overtly enslave them.

We must bring back the realization that the gun is a symbol of freedom, not tyranny.

Like crazy Al says, Up with Liberty!


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