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Number 540, October 11, 2009
"The gun is a symbol of freedom, not tyranny"


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In the light of this week's ridiculous announcement that Barack H. Obama had been given a Nobel Peace Prize, for no perceivable reason—the same empty honor having previously been bestowed upon such luminaries as Jimmy Carter and Albert Gore—it is my honor and pleasure to present you with our own nominations for the next Nobel Prize.

Briefly, I thought hard myself about Madonna (words I never thought I'd see myself say), although I'm certain that excellent cases might be made—employing the Nobel committee's apparent guidlines—for Gary Glitter, David Hasselhoff, Peewee Herman, Charles Manson, Paris Hilton, Lou Costello, Hello Kitty, or Jack the Ripper. Basically anybody who can afford a box of Crackerjack to look for the prize inside.

Our nominations will be published in The Libertarian Enterprise each week as long as the subject remains funny. Our principal target will be the Nobel Prize or committee itself—I only just realized that Alfred Nobel was his own Sally Winchester—and the way it has lost any respect anybody with a functioning mind may ever have had for it. If you'd like to get in on the process, please submit any time you wish.

Thanks very much,

L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
The Libertarian Enterprise


"Obama's speech writer should have been the one to get the prize."
—Dangerous Pat

And I see other people have thought the same thing. Me, I was just astounded. But remember, the "real" Nobel Prizes are awarded by the The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Economics), The Swedish Academy (Literature), and The Swedish Karolinska Institutet (Physiology or Medicine). The Peace Prize is from The Norwegian Parliament—just a bunch of crooked politicians (are there any other kind?).

You know, the socialists who think they should own the world aren't aware of the simple fact that when it appears they have won, that just means the War of Liberation is about to start.

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Birth Certificate?

Letters to the Editor
from Curt Howland, A.X. Perez, Russell Longcore, Dave Nalle, Crazy Al, and Rex May

Nobel Peace Prize
by Kent McManigal
The recent Nobel Prize awarded to Obama means that I misunderstood the criteria for the award. Silly me, I thought it was for advancing peacefulness among living, breathing people.

Bars and Stripes for Algore
by L. Neil Smith
Here's an idea... Maybe the news hasn't reached the immediate neighborhood of your braincase, yet, but over the past couple of years, the bizarre conceit of man-made global warming—recently euphemized to "climate change"—has been thoroughly discredited. I won't say that "the science is settled"—properly speaking, science is never settled—but every item of "science" its proponents claimed to stand on has been knocked out from under them. So-called global warming has been demonstrated, beyond the palest possible shadow of a doubt to be a pseudoscientific hoax.

Mann Lies: Global Warming Unremarkable
by Jim Davidson
Ross McKitrick writing in the Financial Post about work performed by himself and Stephen McIntyre had this to say about the tree ring data used to allegedly support wild claims of a "hockey stick" in global temperatures by liar Michael Mann.

Wild Men Needed!
by Paul Bonneau
With all the usual forum talk about what is going on lately, this thought occurred to me. What we need is wild men. Not completely wild of course. The Vikings were pretty darn wild. That might be going a bit overboard.

Morpheus Reloaded
by Jim Davidson
Recently, a correspondent sent me a message about my essay "The Morpheus Proposal" which you can find on various sites using Google. My correspondent wrote in to mention that Beardsley Ruml had proposed that the purpose for taxes is to redistribute money from those who produce it to those who can't or won't. After all, he wrote, rather more honestly than the average government stooge, since the government can print money, it doesn't actually need to impose taxes.

Why Our Manufacturing Sector Is Disappearing (Hint: It's Not Free Trade)
by Andrew Syrios
While our dwindling manufacturing sector is not in the news like it used to be, given the current financial crisis, it's gradual, albeit often overstated), disappearance seems to be no mystery to anyone. Just pose the following question: "Why has the U.S. lost over 3 million manufacturing jobs in the last 15 years?... I'd bet good money that the answer would be free trade, or maybe, NAFTA. It's just common knowledge. Duh. As paleoconservative Pat Buchanan puts it, "Between January 2002 and January 2007, the gargantuan U.S. trade deficit set five straight world records... If this is the fruit of a successful trade policy, what would a failed trade policy look like?... Or Barack Obama, who agrees with Pat on approximately nothing, is actually in perfect harmony with him here. "It's a game where trade deals like NAFTA ship jobs overseas and force parents to compete with their teenagers to work for minimum wage at Wal-Mart.... I've even heard Lou Dobbs isn't a fan. I guess John McCain gave free trade some modest support while he was running for president, but rarely gave much of a rationale for it. That seems pretty standard these days. I mean, look at the embarrassing attempts the guy defending free trade makes in this debate. Countries like China have much lower wages, fewer labor protections and significantly less environmental regulations. Of course every company that could, would up and leave the United States if there were no trade barriers. It's that simple.

Barack Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize
by Russell Longcore
The Nobel Peace Prize continues its tradition of being a completely meaningless award with no basis in reality. Here are some of the more "interesting" past award winners:

Mandatory National Service
by C. Jeffery Small
The reason I am writing is that I want to bring another important issue to everyone's attention. During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama repeatedly spoke about his deep commitment to national service. In our President's view, we are not sovereign individuals possessing unalienable rights protected by the Constitution. Instead, as a thoroughgoing collectivist, he views "society" as the fundamental political unit and the sole repository of rights, with people as merely the raw material of that society—a natural resource to be applied by the collective's whim and will to those societal issues and problems deemed by the controlling elite (i.e., by him) to be worth addressing. If you think about this for a moment, I believe that you will see that this perspective makes sense of every one of his subsequent actions, from his calmly believing that he can make all of our personal decision for us, whether in the realm of executive pay or health care, to his belief that he has the power and authority to control every aspects of our economy. And as we are the clay in his hands, he intends to shape us as required to achieving his purpose, by instituting mandatory service requirements for every citizen, effectively making us all slaves of the state. Here is what Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had to say:

No One Ever Asks Why I Carry a Gun
by Paul Bonneau
There is a long thread on the Free State Wyoming forum called "Open Carry Experience stories" (visible only to those who join the forum, I believe). Just to cut to the chase, almost all the stories in this 43-page thread are essentially this: "I tried open carry in my Wyoming town today. Went all over town, took care of lots of chores. Nothing happened, and no one noticed or cared."

What the Other Side Is Maybe Thinking
by A.X. Perez
Gun owners and supporters of gun rights know we're right. The gun is a tool for defending life, liberty and property, a necessity to maintaining our proper independence, a symbol of our freedom and a reminder to those who control the government that we will resist their abuse of power. Of course to hunters, target shooters and collectors guns have other lesser meanings, but to an urban guy tight for money and free time to do more than maintain skills these are the primary meaning of personal weapons. I suspect that to sport users and collectors weapons as tools to defend rights is a high priority.

A Defense of Fractional Reserve Banking and other notes etc.
by Warren Tilson
In regards to Russell D. Longcore's Secession and the Gold Standard I would like to point out a few things. These comments all concern the last third of Mr. Longcore's article starting with: "In my opinion, the best solution for a new nation would be to allow every individual bank to issue bank notes based upon its deposits of gold and silver."

A Sour Old Left Wing Fart
by L. Neil Smith
Surfing the web a while back, I ended up on a site that offered, among other things, a recent Sydney Morning Herald interview with Tom Lehrer. There was a time in my life—more than forty years ago, I am deeply astonished to discover—when Tom was one of my biggest heroes.

Atlantea The Beautiful
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 45 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!

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