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Rex May
PHONE: 1-970-218-0889
All about me here:*

Re: fractional reserve banking and fraud being force

Usually, I agree with Neil; but occasionally I have to differ. I think fraud in general may be an initiation of force, but I haven't proven it even to my own satisfaction. But specific types of fraud are initiations of force; fractional reserve banking being one of them. Legalized counterfeiting inflates the money supply, thus devaluing the currency. Fractional reserve bankers are stealing everyone's "buying power" as surely as if they were reaching into our wallets and physically removing a few dollars.

Carl Bussjaeger

In response to "Letter from the Editor to the Readers"

While I certainly agree with the general intent of the L. Neil Smith quote, I'm not entirely certain "holding ancient people to moral standards that hadn't been invented yet" is even applicable in the case of Columbus or those who followed in his footsteps. The Spanish conquest of the Caribbean in general, and Columbus in particular, came under withering criticism in the early 16th century for inflicting "cruel and horrible servitude" on the native population and wars which "destroyed such an infinite number of them by homicides and slaughters never heard of before." This is not a case of modern sensibilities being projected backward, but a contemporary recognition of the barbarism of the Spanish administration of the newly discovered lands.

Do a search on Bartolomé de las Casas and Antonio de Montesinos.

Maybe the fact that it was Catholic priests and monks who issued these condemnations will cause them to be dismissed by many TLE readers who find absolutely no value in any religious practice or belief whatsoever. As a functional atheist I'm no fan of the Catholic Church, or any others for that matter, but from time-to-time a devotion to spiritual ideas, however misguided, does motivate people to do, or at least say the right thing, even if it is unpopular.

I am by no means a historian so it is entirely possible that some of what was written about Columbus, et al, at that time was exaggerated or motivated by factional infighting in the Spanish court--hell, it might even been the tissue of lies, but that does not change the fact that in that era that type of behavior was condemned by people regarded as the conscience of their culture.

Puck T. Smith
puck.smith(at)gmail(dot)com" target="new">

Eye of Barack Sauron Obama

Just playing around with the GIMP. Thought you might like it.

Originally here

Stephen Carville

Nya ha, nya ha, nya ha ha ha

It has come to my attention that many American Statists are in fact hypocritical cultural imperialists and trade protectionists. I propose the following act of cultural imperialism:

A one thousand percent tax on all manufactured goods from any nation that does not adopt the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments and the equal protection under the law of the Fourteenth Amendment, plus other right guaranteed in the Constitution by 2020 and the Second Amendment by 2030. This includes adopting all court precedents affirming these rights and A two thousand percent tariff on any nation that attempts to renege on this legislation.

I'd really rather insist that other nations adopt the Second Amendment first but both masters and serfs must be allowed to see that freedom will not lead to chaos and misery before the serfs are psychologically prepared to arm themselves. Besides, it seems evident that it large parts of the world restriction on private ownership of weapons are honored most in the breach.

A lot of people say America's economic and diplomatic clout is declining. Fine, but let's make one last grand gesture to promote liberty on our way out! And if by some chance we aren't declining, or declining more slowly than some of our foes would like, let us assert some moral leadership for the first time this century.

Then maybe we can increase the pressure on our own kakistocracy to stop messing with our freedoms.

Saoirse go bragh!

Crazy Al
Somewhere in Far, Far, West Texas

The Universal Order of Freesapients

Are you sick and tired of the control freaks and conspirators having all the fun? Would you like to be a part of a secret society that doesn't work behind the scenes for global domination and exploitation of the individuals of the world, but rather seeks to increase individual freedom, honor, and dignity? Then, just perhaps, you may be Freesapient material. Check us out at

Freesapient Sapients

couldn't happen to a nicer bunch

So terrorists put the whack on Pasdaran (Iranian Revolutionary Guard) Officers.

My heart does not bleed nor do my eyes weep for these servants of tyranny and sponsors of terrorism. If they did not hate Hinduism so they would know the law of karma (what goes around comes around), if they did not hate Christianity they would remember what crop those who sow the wind harvest.

Now if Dick Cheney can just get himself waterboarded.

Crazy Al
Somewhere in Far, Far, West Texas


I notice that many of Heinlein's stories, including most especially "The Green Hills of Earth" ,celebrate the competence of the working man and the greatness of his accomplishments,things that liberals who had just finish watching him complete the work projects of the New Deal and defeat the minions of overt fascism wished to brag of unleashing.

The American free working man was ready to celebrate the great things he had done during the New Deal and World War II. The fact that these deed were done at the behest of men who were often as tyrannical as those just defeated and the Soviet aparatchiki they were getting ready to face does not take anything away from the not so Average Joe.

Today's liberals now want to portray the proud American builder, factory and office worker; healer, soldier and technician; scientist, teacher and writer as an incompetent buffoon who needs a Messianic President and All wise Congress to keep him out of trouble and protect him from thieving capitalists.

If we are slaves, which we are not, we are John Henrys and they want to to reduce us to Stepin Fetchits. Let the devil take them so they can befoul his house instead of ours.

Then we can make a world worthy of free men. In fact, why do we not just start building that world now and see if those who mistakenly thought themselves our masters can let go of their delusions before they have to be locked up for their own good. They are after all buffoons who need to be protected and kept out of trouble.

A.X. Perez


There is always a problem with prosecutors and police trying to cheat to obtain convictions. This of course adds to temptation to falsify evidence or otherwise violate the rights of the accuse and /or to use false or exaggerated charges to silence political opposition.

So therefor the following is proposed.

Judges are required to order their bailiff to summarily execute any prosecuting attorney,arresting officers, and/or investigating officers who present falsified evidence in their court and/or deliberately violate the rights of the accused.

Judges will be paid a bounty of $100,000.00 and bailiffs $10,000.00 for each of these executions.

No person may be appointed to the US Supreme Court who has not ordered 100 such executions and/or cannot prove there were fewer than 100 incidents of falsified evidence presented in their court and /or deliberate violations of rights of accused persons tried in their courts.

Saoirse go bragh!

Crazy Al
Somewhere in Far, Far, West Texas

To The Editor:

Whoa! In response to Mr. Longcore's "What Would A Truly Free Nation Look Like", I have to object to certain issues.

1. There would be no "Constitution" with ZAP—only a simple, basic law of understanding: This is how this particular group of individuals chooses to live; you may agree with it or not, but don't try to tell others how to live within this group.

2. In conjunction with that, there would be no "legislative" group passing laws. No elected offices or elected officials. No determined- in-advance what a community should consist of—whether "city", "county" or "state."

3. There would be no "military"—only a loosely-banded militia of individuals working together for self-defense, however they chose to implement that self-defense. I do believe a land militia (an "army" composed of everyone) is necessary for self-defense; likewise a coastal militia (a "navy" if you will) might be necessary if there is a coast; and an "air force" watch might be necessary. But all members (individuals in a particular community, however big or small) of a "free nation" would be on watch and prepared to fight if they believed in maintaining that freedom.

4. And why not women in "combat roles?" The front line for freedom is not drawn in the sand—it is an ongoing, constantly shifting, challenge that requires daily, even hourly, attention from every individual. No one person can afford not to recognize and respond to an attack on freedom, from wherever or whenever it comes. "Defense" is an equal opportunity position; it doesn't demand that we go looking for a fight—it does require that we don't run from it (otherwise there would be no defense). A "combat role" is not restricted to sex or age, nor is it restricted to a particular combat zone. In any given area, any individual may be required to physically fight at whatever ability she is capable. All combat zones will of necessity include men, women and even children who may have to assume a combat role.

5. No law regarding abortions, for or against, at ANY level—"city", "county", "state", or "nation". Abortion is not a societal, or third-party, decision; it is a personal decision which can only be made by the woman, and secondarily by her mate if his wish is pertinent to their relationship (and hopefully it is).

(Likewise no law regarding doctor-assisted deaths. This is between the individual and the doctor. If individual suicide is a personal choice and a non-crime (and I believe that it is), so is assisted suicide. While family, friends or "society" may not like the choices we make, it is not their business to decide what those choices are, or to interfere with them at the ultimate decision.)

6. "No government health-care system"—absolutely! But how would you force insurance companies into underwriting pre-existing conditions? And why should you? You've lost me here.

I'm not sure how "free" this nation would be with all factors in place. Please elaborate on some of these issues, from a ZAP point-of view.

Pat Taylor


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