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Small business opportunity for libertarians
by socially aware entrepreneur Don Meinshausen

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Let's try to fantasize what the ultimate small business opportunity would be. Low start up cost would be one aspect. Ease of entry would be another with no government licensing requirements. A high mark-up would be good as well with little competition in your neighborhood. No Multi Level Marketing, franchise fees, courses or meetings to attend. You keep all your profits. No need for advertising, except for word of mouth.

You can work out of your own home at first but you should grow out of it. Work your own hours. Take weeks off since you own your own business. Work part time or full time as hard or as little as you want with no boss to stand over you. Dress the way you want as you blend into your clientele and surroundings. In fact your clients will be your friends

Sell a product that is well known with an incredibly hip cachet that has been enjoyed by the cognoscenti for generations. We are talking about film and recording stars of pop as well as the cutting edge of rap, alternative, country, goth, punk and rock. I've had Silicon Valley pioneers and New Age gurus as friends and clients and you can too. I've also had academics, best selling novelists as well as the guy next door. Young and old in every group enjoy this product. It is great at parties. It isn't taxed nor does it kill anyone. It's good for the environment, has many everyday uses and benefits the small farmer.

More than that it will give you a life of adventure and the money to pursue your wildest dreams. This business allows much travel as I went on trips to the most exciting and beautiful parts of America. I toured sunny Florida, the beautiful deserts of Arizona, to Las Vegas, to the Rocky Mountain highs of Colorado and to the great forests of northern California while on buying trips. I then went to great parties of the hip elite and swinging bohemia of Manhattan and San Francisco on business trips, yes business trips.

Some entrepreneurs have also put a spiritual spin on this endeavor. And they do have a point as it has been used this way for thousands of years. This is according to ancient traditions of India, Israel, Europe and China. There are also health benefits as well and even the state is recognizing this. This is also part of ancient tradition as well as the latest in scientific research as well as in natural healing modalities.

Being a libertarian I exemplified and lived my philosophy as a lifestyle and livelihood. Discretion is essential while you choose your clients and suppliers. You must be a good judge of people and product as well as of situations. Everyone involved must be responsible people. A supply chain is as strong as the weakest link.

This product will allow you to discourse at length on the evils of the state in economics as well as on civil liberties. Some of the people in this field have been involved in the libertarian movement and have run as its candidates. I have done business at libertarian events and even made hundreds of dollars at left anarchist events as well.

So how would you like to participate in an exciting, profitable and ethically aware business that is the subject of film and even TV shows? I'm an acknowledged founder of the libertarian movement and I have done all the things described. For decades I have been a hemp and psychedelics dealer until arrested in 2003. I have great stories of wit, outrageous humor, pathos and insight into cutting edge society and prison, as the attachments will show. Book me as a guest on your podcast or pay me for a series of articles on the drug trade.

There is no one in the movement who knows about this business as much as I do and is willing to write about it. I have interviewed over a hundred people in the business when I was in prison. While there I wrote a series of essays on the drug scene had them downloaded and printed and passed them around. The ones who were reviewing this were uniformly urban ghetto black or Hispanic and doing federal time for hard drugs. They all had made positive and concurring remarks to me on my work.

While in prison I went through the usual drug programs in order to get less time. I do not now and never had a drug problem. I got in, like most inmates, by saying that I had a problem with marijuana. While in the program I was asked to do a talk on the effects pot and psychedelics. During my talk I gave a blistering analysis of the racism and fascism of the drug war and also more importantly how to find real information about drugs on the internet and books. I also did my first stand up comedy. I killed my audience. I had to, it was prison and it was either them or me. I was the first of many thrown out of the class.

Later I was invited to perform my stand up comedy at a Kwanzaa celebration where I was the only white guy in the room. This was rather remarkable in that I was also the skald (poet or songwriter) at a Norse Pagan or Asatru group and I was also a bard at a Wiccan group. I was the only person who was allowed to be a member of both groups.

I am proud of and enjoyed my role as shaman entrepreneur. I never snitched and was active in the legalization movement before, during and after my incarceration. I know that my actions in founding the libertarian movement, which are written in libertarian journals and books, as well as my role in the black market has helped the freedom movement.

There is a problem with a pure black market strategy to attain a free society. I am now broke and without work. I am looking for employment in the above ground society in order to get rid of my parole and probation status. I 'm hoping that someone reading this would help. I need editing and an agent to help market my writings. Wbile I am broke I understand that in this community of poor writers I would be happy to return the favor and give comments on other writings as well.

Don Meinshausen is the person who organized the draft card burning at the 1969 YAF convention which is regarded as the dramatic beginning of the libertarian movement. He's also a former political prisoner in for 4 years for heretical misinterpretation of the First Amendment and the doctrine of free enterprise (as his old friend and client Robert Anton Wilson put it). The state called it conspiracy to distribute ecstasy and hemp. Unauthorized shamanism. He is currently in desperate need of work and money. Contact him if you have some available! He's looking and ready to move. Seriously!


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