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"Each advocate [of socialism] secretly imagines
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Letter from Rex May

The text of John McCain's >S.1836, the "Internet Freedom Act", which I mentioned last week in "Neutering the Net", is now available. With a few innocuous-looking exceptions, it says simply, "The Federal Communications Commission shall not propose, promulgate, or issue any regulations regarding the Internet or IP-enabled services." Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee has sponsored a companion bill in the House. The text of H.R.3924 is identical to S.1836. Neither bill has any cosponsors, so unless they get some support, they will likely die in committee.

Bill St. Clair

The future of Obamacare

At first it was only eight percent.

By ruthlessly excluding the unemployable and illegal aliens and not counting those already on Medicare and Medicaid the government was able to keep the roll of those getting health insurance via public option to twenty four million, eight percent of the population.

The Recession of 2018 raised it to 12% as people were left underemployed and forced to turn to public option.

Inflation and the tax raises to cover people on Ameriplan (as the public option was named by then), Medicare and Medicaid forced another eight percent of the population to go public option.

Union givebacks sacrificing health coverage raised the percent of the population covered by Ameriplan to twenty five percent.

The Depression of 2026 put a grand total of 37% of the people on Medicaid, Ameriplan, and Americare, a free health benefit for the unemployed. Taxes to cover these programs drained investment capital and slowed down the recovery by eight years.

In 2037 advances in immunology, nanite technology and other fields eliminated most illnesses and reduced the time needed to recover from non fatal illness and/or injury. They also reduced the cost of becoming and staying healthy. This freed up capital as private insurance claims and therefor costs and number of workdays lost to illness went down. The resulting improved productivity revitalized the American economy.

In spite of reduced claims Ameriplan and Americare continue to grow in size, though they have almost no claims being filed and few people needing their service. Like all bureaucracies they burgeon even after they are no longer needed.


Free In Every Box


Tip of the glass to Del Mar Dave

Mike Snell

Ok, so I wasn't right

Last spring I wrote at least one article stating that the risks of the H1N1 influenza were being overstated and an unnecessary panic being fostered.

The bad news is that the swine flu (as the virus is commonly called) is in fact deadlier than earlier strains, especially to people under 24 and people with preexisting conditions (fat asthmatic big mouths with hypertension like me, for example). The good news is that apparently millions have caught it and survived with fairly minimal treatment, side effects, and aftermath.

So while worse than earlier flus and a good reason to get vaccinated instead of trusting to rugged good health, unless you're not particularly concerned about dying if you have preexisting risk factors, the risk the swine flu offers is not quite enough to even remotely justify an extension of federal power and government intrusion into personal liberty.

So, yeah, I was wrong in minimizing the risk, but no, I was still correct in claiming the risk was overblown to sell papers (more correcty, advertising time on the TV news.) Maybe this reflects an inherent inability of the press or anyone else to state expanded risk without hyperbole. Or maybe it just shows that the newcasters can't resist overstating risk in a pavlovian desire to expand government power at the least excuse.

Protect yourself from the flu and panic and we'll enjoy next spring's flowers and allergy symptoms.

A.X. Perez

Here are some notes on a little soiree we are putting together here in Altoona next week!

Bona na Croin—SCOTT!

Scott A. Campanaro
PO Box 308
Altoona. PA 16603-0308

H. Beam Piper

H. Beam Piper

7 NOV 2009 @ 3pm a new memorial will be placed at the grave of Altoona's most prolific and famous writer—H. Beam Piper.

H. Beam Piper was born, reared, lived and worked in Altoona almost all of his life. His families were longtime residents and his Grandfather served in the Civil War as a Captain (see below):


H. Beam Piper It is about Time, and H. Beam Piper is one of our Native Sons H. Beam Piper

Scott A. Campanaro

Re: "A Platoon of Spetznaz" by A.X. Perez

Last week I sent in an article discussing the fact that one platoon of Spetznaz put paid to the old USSR because they refused to kill Boris Yeltsin, thus causing the attempt by the Communists to hold power by force to fail. I wrote this to express the hope that if and when such a time comes to America our own soldiers will refuse to fight against liberty. The Special Forces Underground during the Clinton Presidency comes to mind.

This creates one more argument for a generally armed populace. A few elite troops can determine the outcome of any one incident. They can block tyrants from keeping power or determine the outcome of the struggle between two tyrannical factions.

However, against "a people numerous and well armed" (and united in their determination to refuse to submit to tyrants) even the best troops in the planet can do little more than delay the triumph of liberty.

If nothing else they can keep the struggle going until the soldiers realize their bosses are not worth fighting and dying for and that their self respect requires that they change sides. But this only works if there is a large group of well armed people willing to fight for their liberty.

If you are reading this you probably got the love of liberty down. Most of you probably also armed yourselves with at least a home defense pistol. times are hard and that may be all you can afford. Fine, but whatever you do, make sure you hang on to at least one gun.

Then do all you can to help create a culture that values liberty enough to go up against tanks, drone bombers, and troops trained up to Delta Force and Navy SEALs level.

If you do that we may stay free.

A.X. Perez

Our "Duh!" meter just went off

Lawmakers Question NIH Study On Teens And Firearms: Some Congressional lawmakers are questioning a National Institutes of Health (NIH) "study" designed to determine why inner city teenagers who illegally drink and carry firearms—and consort with others who do the same—run a different risk of getting shot. If your "Duh!" meter just went off, don't panic—you're not alone.
—From NRA-ILA Alert dated 24 October, 2009

Many of you are NRA members or at least receive NRA-ILA alerts and other correspondence via Email, so you read this already. If not track down the article.

As long as the Government retains the power (note I said power, not authority) to collect taxes from us (which is basically going to be as long as we have government) there are a few things that I feel we should insist on, two of them listed below:

a) Please don't use my money (and it is my money, you've just used your power to determine how it will be spent for me, minus the relatively small amount pocketed in salaries for the Congress, Courts, Cabinet, and President) to fake up "scientific evidence" to try to strip me of my rights. Drunks with guns are always bad news, underaged, inexperienced drunks from groups undergoing or just starting to recover politically and economically from centuries of persecution and oppression are worse news. This is a situation best solved by reducing taxes which prevent the investment need to create opportunity for these kids and take away these kids' and their parents' chance to accumulate the wealth needed to advance in social class and invest in education. It will not be solved by stripping honest folk of the tools they need to defend their lives, family, liberty, property and community.

b) Please use my money prudently. Invest it in developing medicines and techniques which unjust government regs scare private firms from investing in then sell the products you develop this way at a profit or license them out to industry at a profit. Maybe this way you can get rid of some taxes.

We all dislike paying taxes, and we all find doing so onerous, even those who feel that any kind of taxes are a necessary and therfor bearable evil. For the time being though we have damnall choice about paying protection to the Res Nostra. However we need to insist and exert every effort we can to minimize the damage to freedom this payment of Danegeld represents and force our elected "leaders" to use their (our ) extortion money in a manner that meets our interests somewhat more than less.

Money spent researching why inner city youth who drink, carry weapons, and hang around with other kids doing the same are more likely to get shot than other kids and the general population meets our interests a whole lot less than more.

Or better keep wasting our money. Maybe you can succeed in provoking a revolution and give us a chance to start over from scratch without a government or at least with one that is more strongly committed to helping its people protect their rights.

Until it's time for the next revolution.

A.X. Perez

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