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Number 544, November 15, 2009

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A Prophecy
by Rocky Frisco

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

That song the kids are singing has convinced me what the "Powers-That-be" are planning.

Just another case where the goal is polarization between worship of Obama and hatred caused by that worship. The writer of that song even included the verse: "Red and yellow black and white; they are equal in his sight" a parody of a song about Jesus.

I see that this is all leading up to the ultimate false flag operation of all time: the assassination of Obama, similar to Kennedy's murder. It's pretty obvious that to most black Americans, Obama can do no wrong. The riots that will follow this event will make those that followed the murder of M L King look like a church picnic. This will also draw in all of the residual resentment that lingers on the part of prejudiced whites and the violence will be almost unimaginable. The event will also trigger Martial Law and all of the police state preparations from FEMA and DHS will come to pass.

When I drive, I look down the road as far as I can see. I'm a former racing driver and I have learned that this is the way to avoid being surprised by traffic conditions. This prediction is based on that same tendency. The Powers-That-Be are psychopaths and the tendencies of psychopaths are fairly well-known. This allows us to predict what they will do. History has certain paths of behavior, at least partly because of the influence of psychopaths. When the tendencies of the present day are compared to past tendencies, a pattern arises. I see, in this pattern, that we are being prepared for a social cataclysm. The Secret Service has a dual duty, both, on the surface, to protect the president, and, unseen, under that, to control him. When JFK was murdered, the Secret Service agents that were walking beside his car were directed away from the car moments before he was shot. The Powers-That-be will drum up the polarization until their chosen moment and then Obama will be shot, apparently by a Southern racist who is a Gun enthusiast and Ron Paul supporter, a supporter of the Constitution and State's rights.

That will be the end of the American dream and the beginning of the cruelest total police state in the history of the world, one that will make Stalin and Hitler look like Sunday School teachers.

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