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Number 545, November 22, 2009

"Socialism is Death"

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Hemming, Hawing, and Cautionary Statements
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

There is a growing body of evidence that:

A. Major Nidal Hasan MD had a variety of personality issues that inclined him towards becoming a mass shooter.

B. Was attracted to radical Islam and inclined to make war against the US because he perceived it as an enemy of Islam.

C. The "Authorities" were aware of these facts and either failed to put two and two together or else in their arrogance didn't care. Rather like Indira Gandhi relying on Sikh guards even as she unjustly persecuted the Sikhim of the Punjab.*

One result of the Fort Hood Massacre has been an outpouring of hatred of Muslims in general and a call to restrict immigration of Moslems to keep them from becoming a large enough part of the population to think they can forcibly impose Islam on everyone else.

Having gone the rounds with people over this elsewhere I will concede that admitting members of Known members Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban. Al Qaeida, Abu Nidal and others into the US isn't real smart. Also, certain Moslems clerics are preaching that members of their congregations take up arms against the US. Again taking their word that they are at war with the US and its people and treating them accordingly doesn't strike me as a violation of their rights as treating them as if they mean what they say.

However, please keep in mind that any restrictions you call for against Muslims will later be applied to "potential right wing terrorists" and I qualify for a place on that list for at least three reasons (member of antiabortion church, want to restrict government and pro gun big mouth). Which restrictions are you willing to call down on yourself?

Even if some restrictions, applied with all due effort to avoid unjustly violating civil liberties unnecessarily, are unavoidable, it is a particularly steep and slick slope. Between reasonable precaution and rampant raging xenophobic bigotry there is a what appears to be a wide gulf, but it is one that is easy to cross unintentionally. village to save it?

What happens when Rohm and Holder get to use Obama and a fear of Muslim invaders to turn the US into a punk dictatorship? Remember the one about burning the village to save it?

The second problem is that there are many disenfranchised Americans who can easily be seduced into turning to Radical Islam, many people dissatisfied with our culture that they might find less Radical Islam attractive. What point is there in keeping out Muslims immigrants who want to turn the US into a Muslim state when so many people voluntarily convert that we become such a state?

Not offering answers, just asking questions.


* The Sikh religion requires all its adult male members to go armed, even if only with a symbolic toy dagger, to show their willingness to forcibly defend their right to practice their faith, not impose it in others but practice it. This religion show a proper understanding between the right to bear arms and all others.


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