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Number 548, December 13, 2009

Left-wing/right-wing, either of them will
cheerfully kill you and cook you and eat you.

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A collection of aphorisms
by Don Meinshausen
(Lese majesty of Laissez faire)

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Conspiracy theory like class analysis is an art form, diet and spirituality. It is a way of weighing our beefs that takes in storytelling, which is history, economics and politics. I see it as a cattle log, not a sacred cow. A well-intentioned bull in a china shop cannot help but hurt and will be made into a course. So do not accept the bull but throw it yourself and be sharp for your future is at steak.

Gates says that he can't wait for a legitimate state to appear in Afghanistan to increase military action. As a Bush appointee he couldn't wait for the US to wait until it had a legitimate state either. And how is Obama legitimate after his bailouts, with his wars? After working for the CIA and the Pentagon Gates knows terrorism by his experience. There is a need for the US to keep its monopoly on force. Perhaps the reason that they are bastards is that they are not legitimate. Perhaps this is the reason that the suffix "gates" means a scandal.

Happy to see conservatism defend tradition in the expose of ACORN. That a pimp and prostitute could go to politicos and bureaucrats and get help on tax dodges, immoral adventures overseas, subsidies etc is out of bounds. Didn't ACORN realize that this is why we have Congress and lobbyists? And for poor people we have lawyers who get income through the abundance of clients that the system supplies.

My father left Germany in the 1920's to escape the inflation there to come to the inflated reputation of America. Back then America was a golden land and backed by gold. You can stack paper only so high before it shifts and collapses like a drunken sailor three sheets to the wind. So he signed on as a sailor and jumped ship here. Inflated currency is now stacking against us. I wonder if I can find his return ticket?

Congress's pet project to get us to sit up and beg is a tax write-off for pets. Politics is dog eat dog. This will be like herding cats. Since they flip us the bird this bird bill may fly. Will gays get a deduction for gerbils if they ram this through? We'll be eating dog food while the Congress pigs get the pork and calls it kosher. If pagans oppose this we'll be accused of sacrificing animals and all that entrails. People have wanted me to do things with my mouse, which would be pushed in a straight direction even though I am straight. This could be for anyone of any ANALysis. What must be kept in mind is that rodents in an act of congress will do anything to get something passed. Many years ago someone famous was reputed to have creatures colon-ize himself. It was a deep-seated fantasy. Were these internal workings something gay? I don't know. But it was to make him happy. Was it something that Burroughs into him? That's why people get behind politicians. To de-bugger the system and to handle invasions and internal affairs. What we end up getting is a situation where we are prostrate, more pain, even more parasites and even more shit clogged in our system as the politicians end up behind us again where we can't see them.

LCROSS players shot Centaur of the Moon for the crater good. They can't find a target on earth because hitting anything else would start another war. Either way it's a net loss. Supposedly hitting Luna will cause her to lose her water. She is so cold this could cause her to get steamed. In a way I don't blame NASA. She has been mooning us for years. If she returns the shot would we be subject to LCROSS fire?

How can one stand for the GOP when the GOP creeps among the Bushes? These Bushes are known for being invasive and suppressing helpful non-toxic plants like hemp. This might be the reason that they have ruined all the hedge funds. They certainly need a lot of manure to grow. These Bushes need pruning or a good dose of prunes. Maybe they are a plant? Iraq my brains every day to say something funny and meaningful. Unfortunately for all of us the state will not let me Iran out of material. Let me know Afghanistan too far.

Talk about gelt tripping. The gelt's gold is gone. But there's enough gall to divide into 3 parts and it engulfs all. Did the gentry guild know that gilding the lily would also geld it and kill it? These filled to the gills, golden grabbers, gilted it, gulled us, jilted us, gilled us and without guilt gelled into a greasy gall that glided gilted securities into a gullet. Was it a goal of guile? The Galt of the earth are going with a force of several G's

I believe that laughter is a sign of truth. I also believe that puns and potential wordplay is a lode of loaded meanings. This play is a show of connections between supposedly unconnected terms. Multiple meanings are mandatory in mainstream media. I call this meta-forensics, which I practice here and put a smile on your similes, which is what people like. So have a nose for nodes, and not no what you knowed all along.

It used to be that the state would wait until the statesman (someone known for lying for the state) was lying in state before deification. It was almost worth it to have them to be deified when they died even knowing that they would be candidates for canon Kennedy-ization. Obama is now having schools named after him. Perhaps he will do the decent thing. Then we will be a-Biden our time.

When I lived in Hoboken I was a mile away from the NYC Federal Reserve Bank where there's a shitload of money. Here in Kentucky I'm a mile away from the Fort Knox Gold Depository (or suppository) where the real shit is. Wherever you find the shit is where you find bowel play held tight by assholes. Then there is either drowning in manure or no fertile ground. Talk about immantenizing the e-SCAT-on! We are left out in the gold on that one. We do get plenty of shit however.

There is one libertarian group that says that the state is a whore. It's true that they both might screw you. And interacting with both may cause self loathing. But at least with a whore its voluntary and you get your money's worth. Statism is a socially spread disease however. Its spread by socialists. So give socialists a land of their own, away from us, or condom nation.

Members of the state stood up soliciting support, wishing oral & other ways of reception. It's Erection Day. Go to a hidden space & play with buttons and pull levers. Some touch a surface. Winners spurt over losers . People do it in private; bathroom, sex and vote. All are dirty yet needful for a body. It's done to pass stuff and done in congress. Lots of shitting but no elimination of waste is done in congress.

Don Meinshausen is the person who organized the draft card burning at the 1969 YAF convention which is regarded as the dramatic beginning of the libertarian movement. He's also a former political prisoner in for 4 years for heretical misinterpretation of the First Amendment and the doctrine of free enterprise (as his old friend and client Robert Anton Wilson put it). The state called it conspiracy to distribute ecstasy and hemp. Unauthorized shamanism. He is currently in desperate need of work and money. Contact him if you have some available! Contact him of you know of some somewhere! He's looking and ready to move.


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