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Number 549, December 20, 2009

"The United Nations must be destroyed."

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UN Insult

by L. Neil Smith

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Imagine, for a just moment, that there was a famous international organization, forged in the last, terrible days of the planet's most devastating conflict, headquartered in New York, ostensibly dedicated—in the immortal words of Elvis Costello—to peace, love, and understanding.

Now imagine, if you will, that on the broad plaza in front of that organization's world headquarters, for everyone to see, there was a massive sculpture, piped for gas so it was perpetually enshrouded in flames, of a cross, the feared and hated calling card of the Ku Klux Klan.

Would you find this display offensive, especially if your taxes were consumed to keep this organization in operation? Mass media from coast to coast would blast the evil it promotes. Would you demand that this burning cross be ripped out, carted off, and broken up for scrap? You most certainly would, especially if you were a right-minded "progressive" of the very kind who created this organization to begin with.

No imagination is necessary, however, because such an abomination has been on display since 1988, on the grounds of the United Nations complex—no, let's make that "compound"—in the Big Apple, crafted as a deliberate, calculated affront to everything its host nation stands for, especially the highest law of the land, the first ten amendments to its Constitution, commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights.

In particular, to the Second Amendment, which protects the other nine.

The sculpture in question is not a burning cross, but an outsized copy of one of the most famous and easily-identifiable handguns made, a .357 Magnum Colt Python, recognizable by the barrel, with its vented sight-plane and full-length underlug, a cylinder catch which is pulled back, rather than pushed forward, inward, or upward, the distinctive shape and decoration of the grip, and for its unusual hammer which the accompanying online propaganda says is cocked, but which, in fact, is not.

This so-called "peace sculpture" is generally called "the Knotted Gun". I'm sure that the sculptor would want his name mentioned. The Python's barrel, which in real life would be a ridiculous eighteen inches long, is tied in an overhand knot, the muzzle pointing up, in representation of a nasty old weapon that has been rendered harmless. In fact, such a gun would be far from harmless, it would blow up upon being fired, injuring or killing the shooter and any close bystanders. The sculptor, in the bucket-headed manner typical of all victim disarmament advocates, has found a way to covert a revolver into a grenade.

But here's the point: Colt's Patent Firearms should sue the sculptor, the United Nations, and the comic-relief state of Luxembourg, which presented the sculpture as a gift. Quintessentially a civilian weapon, meant for private individuals, the Colt Python's use as a symbol of violence is utter hypocrisy in a world where millions of lives are preserved every year by privately-owned guns, and the vast majority of violence is done—and always has been—with government issued rifles, by trained killers, usually conscripts wearing state livery.

But they know all of this perfectly well. The real target of their pseudo-artistic slander is America, and gun ownership by peasants—you and me—which the world's self-appointed elite in general and the United Nations thugocracy in particular have always found deplorable. The United Nations has several operations underway aimed specifically at disarming people all over the world, rendering them even more helpless against predatory governments than they are right now.

So much for peace, love, and understanding.

What makes this more than an academic exercise, or an argument over empty symbolism, is the fact that on April 11, 2002, a so-called International Criminal Court was established under the aegis of that fountainhead of liberty and justice, the United Nations. The court, which doesn't operate by the standards of the English jury system, claims authority to override the sovereignty, constitutions, lesser laws and customs, and traditional justice systems of any nation it chooses.

This means that if the court decides that your exercise of free speech or your right to own and carry weapons offends its collectivist sensibilities, (think of the way colleges today stifle free speech in the name of political correctness; one even declared recently that concealed weapons carry on campus is an unsuitable topic for civilized discourse) both well-established liberties in the United States, however much they may find themselves under attack from time to time, it thinks it can send blue-hatted goons to deal with you in any way it wishes.

We're much closer to that sort of thing than you might imagine. The "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change", chief promoter of the global warming scam, is a creature of the United Nations, as is the farcical "climate change" summit in Copenhagen. The objective of these and similar undertakings is to extract as much money as possible from the American Productive Class and wrest control from us, in the name of reducing "greenhouse gases", of the means of production, in short, to pull off a worldwide Marxist revolution using the weather as an excuse.

Troops under United Nations command routinely brutalize, rape, rob, and murder the helpless, disarmed inhabitants of poor, backward countries, and they're anxious to start here. They want their own army and they want us to pay for it. Somehow that never makes the evening news.

Neither does the United Nations' "Agenda 21" scheme, under which, at some point in the 21st century, all of humankind (but especially Americans) is scheduled to be rounded up and forced to live in giant coops like the colonel's chickens, while, in the countryside beyond these mile-high tenements, the "balance of nature" will be "restored", as if the "blight" of humanity never existed. Don't believe me? Google it. Check out Wikipedia. See what the United Nations itself says about it.

What they won't tell you, of course, what they'll never tell you, is that exceptions will be made for a deserving few—the Obamas, Bushes, Gores, Cheneys, Pelosis, Gingriches, Reids, and other such nomenklatura—who will be given retirement dachas staffed with pretty peasant boys and girls. If that seems fanciful, take a good hard look at Arthur C. Clarke's The Fountains of Paradise where just such privileges are granted to those of whom the world government approves.

Two hundred thirty-three years ago, our country began existence as a loose confederation of independent nation-states who found out some four-score and seven years later, the hard way, at the cost of 620 thousand lives, that membership in the confederation was no longer optional.

Given a basic understanding of history and human nature, and more specifically, of politicians and power, it's easy to see similar things happening in the future. For decades, there's been a simmering undercurrent in America against the corrupt, illegal organization that is the United Nations. Americans are reluctant to let their military sons and daughters be commanded by the United Nations, and resent United Nations claims being made on our national parks and other properties.

The more folks learn about the United Nations the less they like it. Its "Universal Declaration of Rights makes a crime in any country that adopts it, of criticizing the United Nations. In the interest of worldwide victim disarmament, the United Nations has openly declared its intention to abolish the Bill of Rights, starting with the Second Amendment which forbids American participation in "small arms treaties".

I believe, unless we act now, that we won't be able to withdraw from the United Nations. In the end, the United States will go down in history, not just as the first to use nuclear weapons against another country, but—pretty much without regard to which party is trying to push an increasingly stiff-necked populace around to suit their United Nations masters—tactical nukes and neutron bombs against its own people.

I also think that sometime in the 21st century, there will be a civil war in Europe, as people there suddenly discover that membership in the vaunted European Union is no more voluntary than membership in Lincoln's.

But perhaps I have digressed.

Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently commented on the discovery that scientists at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia (UAE) and elsewhere, including Pennsylvania State University and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration had colluded to distort the scientific peer-review process into a weapon for driving off other scientists who disagreed with them about global warming, and had, in fact, falsified or manufactured evidence for the phenomenon.

Doubting that a handful of corrupt scientists could advance the hoax of global warming, and ignoring the fact that these scientists stood athwart one of the tightest information bottlenecks in the history of science, Pachauri asserted that the basic science of global warming remains unchallenged—even though the entire theory rests on data over which those scientists and others in their clique had a monopoly.

And which they openly admitted to faking.

Who's the denier now?

Weather prophet Albert Gore pitched in, claiming that the damning e-mails from UEA were a decade old when, in reality, the most recent was from November of 2009. He and Pachauri, among others, would prefer to prosecute those who leaked the e-mails to the media. Good luck, Algore, at the moment it appears that the hackers work for the Russian government.

But the important point here is that, facts or not, the global warming con-men, in governments the world over and the United Nations, are going to try and tough it out, to assert in true Big Lie style that the mortal threat of global warming exists, despite massive and growing evidence to the contrary, and despite the fact that those who cooked the evidence up have been exposed—by their own writings—as crooks.

This cheerful willingness to ignore the scientific scandal that invalidates and demolishes "climate change" theory in order to impose a worldwide socialist regime, should send a chill up everybody's spine. What they're trying to establish is a pseudo-scientific regime in which something—anything—is true or false because they say it is.

Couple that to a United Nations army paid and armed with your tax dollars, and we can all say, "Goodbye, tomorrow—welcome back to the Dark Ages!"

As I suggested nearly eight years ago, in my essay "The Blue of Their Berets" (The Libertarian Enterprise, April 29, 2002), the United Nations must be destroyed, before it destroys us and everything we love. Ultimately we may have to deal with them as our ancestors dealt with the Redcoats, but in any case, the United Nations must be destroyed.

We've gone to war over lesser provocations. Like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, like the Communist regimes of Korea and Vietnam, the United Nations is America's enemy because it aims to erase everything that makes this country worthwhile. It's time to quit the United Nations, expel its vile, sleazy gangsters from our country, raze its buildings to the ground so that not one stone is left standing on another, and sow salt on the ruins.

The United Nations must be destroyed.

And they can put their "peace sculpture" where the sun doesn't shine.

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