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Number 549, December 20, 2009

"The United Nations must be destroyed."

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Obama and Libertarians
by Daniel G. Jennings

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid maybe the best friends that libertarians have in America today.

By trying to solve the nation's problems through big government and big spending and failing, these three are demonstrating how impotent government really is. More importantly, they're giving big government, progressivism and socialism a really bad name.

No amount of media spin is going to be able to hide the catastrophes that will result when Obama's program of welfare, warfare and regulation fails. There's no way that the establishment media will be able to cover up the orgy of corruption, waste, regulation and stupidity that Madam Pelosi and Mister Reid are presiding over on Capitol Hill.

Once the Big Three have gotten done with their work, progressivism and liberalism will be dead in America. Obama and company will kill off what's left of progressivism and liberalism as surely as George W. Bush's brand of buffoonery killed off the stupidity known as neoconservatism (watered down neofascism would be a more accurate term for it).

The best thing that libertarians can do for now is lay low and wait for the Obama program to run off the track as it surely will. Then be there with answers and real alternatives when the American people see their new emperor has no clothes.

As investor and gold bug Peter Schiff has pointed out, Obama could discredit progressivism in the way that Herbert Hoover discredited conservatism in the 1930s. Schiff noted correctly that Obama's election was a good thing for free marketers. In the early 1930s, socialists and progressives were able to scapegoat the free market for the nation's woes by blaming them on an incumbent Republican president. Today, socialists and progressives will have to turn on their own or head to Wall Street to find a scapegoat.

The best libertarian strategy would be to find a libertarian Obama, a charismatic and popular candidate with a common touch. Then organize a successful campaign for the Republican nomination using the successful strategies that Mr. Obama pioneered. Mr. Obama's economic policies might be dismal but his political organization was revolutionary and points the way for others. That way a viable libertarian Republican presidential candidate would be ready to go when the failure of Obamaism becomes plain for all to see.

The worst libertarian strategy would be to follow Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and company off into the fever swamps of the right. That is spend all their time saying ridiculous things, looking for fake birth certificates or organizing laughable impeachment efforts while filling their minds with imbecilic propaganda. That will convince the American public that libertarians are bunch of ignorant nuts who live in trailers out in the boondocks.

Unfortunately, I doubt libertarians will see this. They'll join in on the mindless attack ad politics and ignore the golden opportunity that Mr. Obama is presenting them. Oh well, I could be wrong Ron Paul and Peter Schiff are pretty bright guys and I'm sure they see this.


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