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Number 550, December 27, 2009

"It will not end with medicine."

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The Cure
by L. Neil Smith

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Had enough, yet?

As you are no doubt aware, the United States Senate has joined the House of Representatives in forcing medical Marxism down the throats of tens of millions of Americans—a clear and unmistakable majority, if democracy still means anything to you—whether they want it or not.

Given the fact that the regime he has imposed on us, against our wills, should end up killing thousands, if not millions of people by denying them treatment they could simply bargain over and pay for in a free country, Harry Reid deserves a place in history beside other mass-murderers like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and Pol Pot.

Having continuously fought various deadly forms of socialism throughout the 20th century, including the Nazi movement in World War II, Chinese communism in Korea, the Ho Chi Minh variation in Vietnam, and Russian Marxism in a long, drawn-out "Cold War" that went on from 1945 until about 1989, the United States has now been handed over to collectivism, rendering all of that struggle and sacrifice utterly meaningless.

Former Soviet Premiere Nikita Khruschev was right: in the end, Americans—make that American politicians—have junked the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and everything else the Founding Fathers gave us and embraced, instead, the vile, murderous criminality Khruschev stood for, raising the hammer and sickle over their own heads.

And ours.

At this point, all that remains is for the Senate and House to edit their disparate versions into agreement and take a final vote. But that is only the beginning. They have found a way to ram through any legislation that strikes their fancy, and it will not end with medicine.

It will not end with medicine.

Everything those of us who value liberty have fought them on over the years, over the decades they have been picking away at freedom and the rule of law, will be relentlessly eradicated until we end up dead and our children slaves in a shattered nation that looks just like East Berlin did for years after World War II, or Beirut after it was destroyed.

While this particular crime has been committed by the Democratic Party—not entirely without Republican help—Americans can't trust Republicans not do do exactly the same kind of thing when they once again acquire power. Theirs is the party, after all, that reintroduced abduction, secret imprisonment, and torture as routine government expedients, that built "relocation" camps all over America, ready to be filled with dissenters, that brought thousands of soldiers back from overseas and maintained them in a state of readiness to conquer their own country in order to preserve the wealth and power of their masters.

What the future holds now is unclear. Republicans will replace Democrats beginning in 2010, and regain presidential power in 2012, or Democratic tampering with the election process will keep them in power despite the wishes of an extremely angry majority. Neither option is good news for Americans tired of being drained, spied on, and pushed around, but the people of this country have demonstrated plainly that they would rather be enslaved than to consider voting for third party candidates.

Perhaps it's just as well. The only third party that might once have offered them hope is now just as putresecently corrupt as the two major parties, having substituted—precisely imitating Republicans and Democrats—what they falsely believe is electoral expedience for principle, and having allowed themselves, like the political gulls and hicks they are, to be destroyed from the inside by the enemies of freedom.

Short of the violent revolution the current administration appears eager to foment, there's only one course left. Those currently in control of this country are weak and timid. They hate and fear the American people deeply. Defeat them once, decisively, they'll crumple just like the communist governments of eastern Europe did twenty years ago.

And here's the weapon:


No law shall be made, nor any ordinance, promulgation, statute, decree, or regulation, with respect to the provision and reception, by private individuals, of medicine, medical consultation, or medical care.

Any public official, elected or appointed, who violates or evades any prohibition within the Constitution shall be removed from office, stripped of pay and benefits, and imprisoned for life at hard labor, without hope of clemency or parole.

That's it: separation of medicine and state. You will note that, correcting the tragic error of the Bill of Rights, it contains a penalty clause that future adjudication will interpret, as courts will, to cover every one of the amendments, and not just this one. There is a lot that any individual can to to advance this cause. You don't need to wait for an election. You don't have to spend any time explaining away the stupid things being said and done by a candidate. It doesn't depend on any party, it doesn't require the support of the Old Media. The procedure for initiating Constitutional amendments is clear.

Separation of medicine and state. And there's a bonus: rather than see these deeply threatening ideas enacted into law, professional politicians of all parties will happily repeal the medical Marxism legislation being shoved through now. All it will take is for this amendment to become a credible threat.

Separation of medicine and state.

Let me rephrase that so it's clear: this amendment doesn't have to be ratified in order for it to succeed. For once, all of your letters, telegrams, e-mails, and phone calls to politicians (keep them polite, it's the idea itself that will do the job) will actually accomplish something. More importantly, the idea has to get talked about on the radio, in letters to the editor, in the barber shop and beauty parlor, over the back fence, at the grocery store and especially in the pharmacy.

Separation of medicine and state.

It's entirely possible that I'm introducing this in the wrong place, to the wrong people. Libertarians seem uniquely subject to "analysis paralysis", a tendency to sit on their thumbs and nitpick a proposal to death, or to generate endless, extremely reasonable sounding excuses, rather than to get to work and actually do something.

Prove me wrong. Send copies of every letter you write supporting this idea to The Libertarian Enterprise. (We'll publish the ones we like best.) Let us know what talk show hosts you called, and what lame excuses and bad logic they used in a futile attempt to fight the idea off. Don't stop at one letter, write a dozen—a week. Call those radio shows again and again and again. Become an obnoxious pest—for liberty.

Separation of medicine and state.

In the immortal words of Captain Peter Quincy Taggart, "Never give up!

"Never surrender!"

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