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"It will not end with medicine."

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The Fraud of "Global Warming" is a Plutocrat's Wet Dream
by Jim Davidson

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Let's take this in two parts. First, global warming is a theory that falsely claims that man made greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, especially that produced in industrial equipment and transportation machinery, is threatening to cause a run away greenhouse effect that would leave Earth in a few decades much like Venus—unless drastic and economy shattering steps are taken right now.

It is nonsense, and provably so. Here is the single most effective graphic available for illustrating that it is nonsense.

graphic showing long term temperature data

Notice the Trojan Warm Period about 1200 BC. Note the Roman warm periods between 200 BC and AD 400. Note the dramatic cooling, probably caused by a major volcanic eruption, roughly AD 600, associated with a period many call "the Dark Ages" which weren't really all that dark. Note the Medieval warm period between AD 800 and AD 1200. Then look at the Michael Mann "hockey stick" and ask yourself, "so what?"

Now, I believe the hockey stick itself is fraudulent, based on carefully choosing a handful of tree rings when dozens were available showing a very different figure. But even if it were real, so what?

In order to have anthropogenic global warming seem to be problematical, the data about the past had to be ignored, or deliberately forged. So it was. Because there were no steam engines in ancient Troy at the time we think the Greeks and Trojans had their war and Homer's ancestors first began to recite what became his epic poems. There were toy steam engines, but no industrial civilisation in the Roman warm period. And there were no great manufacturing plants turning coal and iron into steel during the Medieval warm period—though the techniques called "Damascus steel" had been developed on a craft basis in several places, mostly for making swords.

No, we're not in any danger of warming the Earth beyond its capacity to recover. Earth is a very large planet, as anyone who has flown across the Pacific can assure you. We have barely begun to scratch its surface, in a few places down into the crust about a mile or two, with thousands more to go to reach the center. In a few places we've built up a few thousand feet with towers or buildings.

Buckminster Fuller once designed a way to house three billion persons on the land surface area of the Galapagos Islands. There are schools of fish with tens of billions of individual fish in the oceans, right now. We're in no danger of overwhelming the "carrying capacity" of this planet, and there are many dozens of other places in the Solar System where we can live if we choose. Mars is an entire planet we could make livable within 40 years or so, with deliberate use of greenhouse gases increasing the temperature, releasing trapped water vapor and other gases into the atmosphere, to make an Earth-normal surface pressure. Within 400 years we could make Mars have an Earth-normal partial pressure of oxygen, according to studies reviewed and performed by Dr. Robert Zubrin.

Then why are some people destroying the peer review process that was supposed to protect the taxpayer financing of science from abuse? Simple. They favor a form of government called plutocracy.

1. Plutocracy is "a type of government in which effective control rested with men of wealth who sought to use political means to increase their wealth." H. A. Scott Trask, "William Graham Sumner: Against Democracy, Plutocracy and Imperialism (PDF)," 18 Journal of Libertarian Studies (Fall 2004) 1, 10.

Why use political means to increase wealth? Because that way one can steal without being convicted of theft, murder without being convicted of murder, and generally plunder the world. Plutocrats are never satisfied with their own wealth, they want yours, too.

In the end, that's all "global warming" and the other hysterias of our times have ever been. Just another hobgoblin to shake in the face of the public so they will demand something be done, give up their property, and give up their freedom. Don't be taken in. It was a lie all along.

The truth has been known since before the fall of the Soviet empire. Central planning cannot perform the important trick of finding a market clearing price. Ludwig von Mises pointed out this fact many decades before the Soviets joined the Nazis in having their empire busted up. Only a free market can find a market clearing price, and only a free market is able to allocate resources intelligently. All other systems lead directly to death camps, slavery, brutality, and collapse.

Americans have no choice in the matter. Central planning of the USA economy isn't going to work, and that won't please the imperial plutocrats. Many individuals will survive the coming collapse. But it won't be pretty, and it won't be fun.

Jim Davidson is an anti-war activist involved in the divestment project detailed at He is also an author and entrepreneur. His latest book Being Sovereign is now available from and should be available, soon, from Amazon.


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