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Number 553, January 17, 2010

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2012 BS or a Warning?
by Dave Earnest

Attribute to the Libertarian Enterprise

After 40 years of paying attention to the antics of elected officialdom the conclusion is clear they work for themselves, not US. It has come to my attention that for at least the last 15 to 20 years the US government have been building massive underground installations to protect themselves and their real constituents, the Money People, from the rampaging hordes should the feces engage the fan. That horde is you, me and everyone that isn't rich and powerful. We are excess biomass. The less of us the better.

People are going insane over the Mayan calendar, the I-Ching, etc all pointing to some type of calamity in 2012. I don't believe for an instant that the US government would spend $2.35 billion dollars developing airport infrastructure in Colorado alone if they believed the end was nigh. Unless there was a purpose. It all came clear to me today after watching Jesse Venturas' show "Conspiracy Theory" on Tru TV. When you folks are done rolling your eyes and muttering "WTF ol shotgun is off his meds again...." Nope, take 'em everyday just like the doc sez.

Normally I ignore the crap oozing off the screen. This time The Body had a presentation following my own line of research, to wit:

In the 96 hour period between December 20 and 26, 2012 our Sun will reach it's Solar Max. According to NASA and NOAA Sunspot activity will peak. A large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is not only possible it is a certainty!!

I've met Jesse Ventura in person here in Portland when he was Governor of Minnesota. He's a "No Shit", BTDT kinda guy with a very dry, almost nonexistent sense of humor. If he says check it out for yourself and supplies his resources I pay attention. So should you. The government doesn't even know if it could be an extinction level event or not. One thing is sure, they aren't doing anything for us. They are however using our tax dollars to protect their asses.

At the best we will be thrown back to 1850's technology, no electricity, no phones, no internet, no computers. No credit card bills and no more big brother! What do you think the backlash will be against politicians will be when 250-300 million people find out the hard way the government did nothing to warn or allow people to prepare? The lucky ones will die quickly. The survivors will be in the same boat as the rest of us, and some of us are gonna get real hungry. At worst we won't have to worry about cremation or burial decisions.

I'm not giving another damn dime to the US government for the rest of my life. You do what you like. I'm spending my money on Ammo and sunscreen. Maybe becoming Amish?

Happy New Year!


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