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Number 553, January 17, 2010

"What you really want is to be left alone"

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On Friday I sent the following note to several friends:

Am I the only one who has noticed that a year or two after a volcanic eruption we have an El Nino event and a really harsh northern hemisphere winter?

Is there anyone who has used this tidbit of info to work on masters, doctorate, private or Big G grant, refute or refine Al Gore's Anthropocentric Climate Change Thesis (ok, it's not his but he got a Nobel Prize for presenting it) and other profitable and/or useful ends?

An old friend from work, Roger Clark, said this had probably already been done. L. Neil Smith commented that living under the quietest sun in memory trumps everything, which I assume means human release of greenhouse gases, volcanoes, and other terrestrial events. Mama Liberty and my friend Sam Walker commented that AGW (anthropomorphic global warming) is an article of religious faith to many who do not wish to be confused by the facts. Others said they would keep their eyes open for info. Thank you all.

After sending the note I actually googled my query. As Roger predicted it had already been done, climatologists have noted this pattern. They have also noted that a quiet sun is affecting the weather. Finally there was an article to the effect that while volcanic activity and changes in solar activity do affect the the climate they only mask AGW. Imagine that! Our effect on the weather is greater than that of the sun or old Gea herself! We are such badasses!

Mama Liberty and Sam called it. It's an article of religious faith. Sinful evil people are destroying the Earth and must live in poverty to do penance and restore the Earth. Al Gore and Mother Earth's other prophets will enjoy luxury but you peasants (thee and me) gotta do penance.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to think what spending most of my childhood and early adulthood breathing sulfur dioxide did to my lungs. And you don't have to be some kind of ecofreak to want to make sure our ecosystem remains "people friendly." However it is also obvious that no one has invested the time to develop a strategy for dealing with AGW that doesn't come down to "We got ours, you can't have any or it will destroy the Earth." In fact, it seems that the point is to block others from advancing economically.

Nations busting out of poverty like India and China won't take it. People engaging in upward social mobility in the US and other nations where this is not culturally restricted (nations who live by the "it takes a village" philosophy by the way) won't take it. To be very blunt this philosophy reduces civil rights efforts in the US and other nations to a promise of political rights without the economic wherewithal to exercise them meaningfully.

Whether it is their intent or not, the promoters of AGW as a religious doctrine are trying to create a world that denies others the wealth and privilege they enjoy. The world they want to create is classically imperialist, racist, and classist. We have accused them of being socialists, they are in fact the Decadent Bourgeoisie that bring the horrors of fascism and "scientific socialism" (both collectivists philosophies that seek to reduce most people to expendable slaves like worker ants, bees and mole rats) on the rest of us.

I'm pretty sure that we can control what effect we have on the environment without paying that price.


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