James Hansen's Disease: Leprosy of the Mind
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Number 554, January 21, 2010
(Actually the date should have read: January 27—I was confused—Editor)

"We don't need permission."


by Rex May

L. Neil Smith personally recommends Climate Depot
as the best general source of infomation on the subject.



Ever have one of those days when yer just can't think of anything to say? That's the way most of my days are. That's why I ain't a writer. Maybe someday they'll have a pill for that. Or not. More likely a pill for people who do have something to say, eh?

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Letters to the Editor
from Richard B.Boddie, Suarts Yerom, Chris Claypoole, A.X. Perez, Richard Bartucci, Manuel Miles and Jim Davidson

James Hansen's Disease: Leprosy of the Mind
by L. Neil Smith
Climate hero Marc Morano's latest at ClimateDepot.com is all about NASA "scientist" James Hansen's endorsement of a book that calls for "ridding the world of industrial civilization... razing cities to the ground, blowing up dams and switching off the greenhouse gas emissions machine". It's extremely interesting, in a depressing sort of way.

The War on Salt
by Jim Davidson
"Everybody knows the war is over. Everybody knows that the good guys lost. Everybody knows the fight was fixed. The poor stay poor. The rich stay rich. That's how it goes. Everybody knows."—Leonard Cohen It's a depressing song, pleasantly sung. Terribly true. The war has been going on for thousands of years. It comes up again and again. It manifests itself as a war on drugs, a war on terror, a global warming crisis. It is the war amongst those who would rule everyone else asserting that they know better how to run your life and it is the war against you. The war on salt is just one aspect of this same, tired, ancient, boring, despicable, and horrid war—a war with billions of casualties, a war against human spirit, a war on possibility. It is the war that doesn't give you a walk-on role in the world, only a lead role in a cage.

Secession and the Bankruptcy of Ideas
by Russell D. Longcore
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."—Arthur Schopenhauer I was on a conference call Thursday night with the leadership of a state secessionist movement. The general theme of the call was the need to present a unified message to all seekers of truth. Later, as I tried to slow my mind down before sleep, I had an "AHA!" moment which is why you're reading this now.

The Adventures of Modern-Day American Pioneer Woman
by Bob Wallace
Characters: Muggers, Muggee, Modern-Day American Pioneer Woman. Muggee: Help! Help! I'm being mugged by public school graduates! Mugger #1: We're high school drop-outs. Muggee: How can anyone tell the difference?

Shame them into Openness
by Jim Davidson
One of the things I enjoyed growing up was science fiction. One of the authors I enjoyed reading was Robert Heinlein. He wrote a lot of science fiction, on a lot of differing themes. Some of it was really interesting, innovative, and displayed libertarian ethics. Stranger in a Strange Land especially the later, unexpurgated version, is a great example.

Atlantea The Beautiful
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 60 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!

The Venus Belt cover
The Venus Belt

by L. Neil Smith
Phoenix Pick Edition
Paperback, 166 Pages
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The Crystal Empire
by L. Neil Smith
Phoenix Pick Edition

Tom Paine Maru
Tom Paine Maru

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Reprinted by PhoenixPick.com (An Imprint of Arc Manor)
Hope cover

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Reprinted by PhoenixPick.com (An Imprint of Arc Manor)

The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

Roswell Texas Cover
Roswell, Texas

by L. Neil Smith and Rex F. May
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Colored by Jen Zach
Published by Bighead Press, 2008

The Probability Broach:
The Graphic Novel

by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by Bighead Press, 2004


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