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Number 555, January 31, 2010

"The days of political correctness are numbered"

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How Do We Reach More People?
by Roy L. Fox

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Except perhaps for the few who stumble into this website by accident through some search engine hyperlink, I think it is safe to say that the regular readers of this website are part of the small minority of the population who are aware. You are aware something is drastically wrong with the world. You are aware by virtue of the fact that you have rejected mainstream media and have turned instead to the alternative media.

You probably visit this website, and others like it, to read the latest grassroots news and analysis. You are probably well read on such things as the ongoing destruction of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, the criminal Federal Reserve System, the phony "War on Terror", and the conspiracy to create a One World Government dictatorship. You nod your head in agreement while one author after another points out the mortal threat of statism. Your interest is piqued by well reasoned arguments debating the merits of minarchy versus anarchy. And maybe, after years of researching, you finally get up the gumption to write something yourself and post it on TLE (!)... but make no mistake, we are preaching to the choir.

It is time to stop and ask ourselves why the principles of liberty haven't resonated with the masses and what needs to change in order to reach more people. One of our biggest obstacles is that only a small fraction of the population is proficient at reading. The painful truth is that our government schools have, by design, transformed us into a population of functional illiterates. Increasing numbers of high school graduates lack the ability to read. In fact, 1 in 7 US adults cannot read. Basic vocabulary shrinks with every succeeding generation. Few have read any of the great literary classics.

Also completely absent is any basic understanding of history... or worse, students learn phony history taught from government approved textbooks written by "court historians" endlessly praising the misdeeds of the state. The lies are reinforced by Hollywood movies and the globalist owned and controlled networks. Where is the foundation for critical thinking skills?

Newspapers are drastically losing readership and many are shutting down the presses. Books are becoming a lost art form. A recent survey indicated only 18 per cent of Americans read even one book in the last year. And one could make a reasonable assumption that a large portion of that was romance novels and other pulp fiction. The market for books from libertarians, revisionists, conspiracy researchers or freedom oriented science fiction novels is very limited indeed.

In just a few generations, our culture has been transformed. Watching television has replaced reading. Parroting mainstream propaganda has replaced thinking. With regard to the "flicker rate" of the scanning lines and how it affects the subconscious, the mind control aspects of television are well documented. Television puts us into a trance-like state while we are spoon-fed our daily dose of the elite's agenda and lies.

What needs to change in order to reach the masses of people is to use their system against them. The truth is that the only way we will ever reach a large segment of our friends and neighbors is to utilize the video medium they are addicted to. It is said a picture tells a thousand words. That is especially true for the vast majority who do not read. With that in mind, I have spent a great deal of time trying to find the most compelling videos to share with people. With the help of DVD duplication initiatives such as, we are seeing greater numbers of films being made available at affordable prices. While our written essays in defense of liberty are still vitally important, let's not forget to reach out to the "Video Generation."

As a Chicago native, I enjoyed watching the movie reviews by professional film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel many years ago. It struck me that movie reviews of documentary films might be of interest to those of us that are desperate to wake up the population. It helps to know which are done well and which are time-wasters. Beginning next week, I will be presenting the first of an ongoing series of conspiracy film reviews for TLE readers. Expect a short synopsis, the highlights, the lowlights, and the obligatory "star" rating system. You know the routine.

See you at the movies!

[Mr. Fox has signed-on as our movie reviewer. Tune-in next issue for the first of many!—Editor]


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