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Number 556, February 7, 2010

"It is worth everything you are to think for yourself."

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

It is quite disturbing to realize that Obama may be able to soon claim that he is a gun friendlier president than Bush fil et pere. What the frak are you talking about, strange person, you may ask, and well you should.

Consider the following. Papa Bush was at best a "moderate" on gun control, owning that maybe certain weapons should be banned while running for office. He also ordered the ban on the importation of several "assault rifles" after the Stockton Massacre. Ruby Ridge happened on his watch and ATF and DEA trained for the raid on Mount Carmel Ranch while he was in office. he quit the NRA when they denounced the jack booted thugs involved for being jack booted thugs. Not strong support for gun rights.

Baby Bush stated that if gun control advocates could get enough votes to renew the 1994 ugly gun ban he would sign the legislation (ok, so there was a snowball chance in hell it would get the votes. The point is he did not come out and denounce it. His Department of Justice also filed as an amicus curiae brief that supported Washington DC in the Heller case. He did not criticize the head of the FBI for complaining about Heller making his job more difficult instead of proclaiming that regardless of personal opinion he would cause his agents to be as enthusiastic in their enforcement of the rights guarantee in Heller as they are in enforcing all other civil rights (it would have been disingenuous and hypocritical but at least it wouldn't have been so blatantly anti gun.). Not strong support for gun rights.

While running for office BO said he would not push gun control if for no other reason than that he lacked the votes in Congress, He signed legislation authorizing holders of concealed carry permits to go healed in National parks. He signed legislation continuing the sale of surplus cartridge brass to the civilian market instead of destroying it and selling it as scrap as the Pentagon had started to do. He has told Holder and Clinton not to push using the drug violence in Mexico as a pretext to reimpose the ugly gun ban. Not strong opposition to gun rights.

All he has to do is tell his Solicitor General to keep silent on MacDonald v. City of Chicago and he could qualify as the most progun president since Reagan signed the deeply flawed Gun Owners Bill of Rights.*

I have no doubt that Obama will sock it to us if he is reelected in 2012 with a strong liberal Congress or during his lame duck period. still it is truly weird.

* Gun Owner bill of rights had following flaws:

A. The capping of manufacturing of machine guns for civilian ownership to those registered before May 1986.

B. The failure to declare that the Second Amendment guaranteed an individual civil right to own guns. And

C. The failure to declare that the Supremacy Clause and 14th Amendment required the States as well as the Federal Government to respect and act to protect this right.


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