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Number 556, February 7, 2010

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No One Likes A Critic
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of Feb 7, 2010
by Roy L. Fox

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Rating Scale
5 Stars—Outstanding
4 Stars—Very Good
3 Stars—Fair To Midland
2 Stars—Mediocre
1 Star—Time Waster

(The reviews chosen for this week include one example of each rating, arranged from best to worst.—RF)

Zeitgeist     Time 2:02
Zeitgeist is perhaps the most earth shaking and paradigm shattering film in the conspiracy documentary genre. Part I has created tremendous controversy because it exposes the false basis of religion, and how the elites have always used religion to control populations. In particular, the sacred myths of Christianity are exposed as retreads of many earlier religious myths, and are linked to sun worship and astrological belief systems. Part II exposes the myths behind the 911 story portrayed by government and the mass media. Part III is a breathtakingly powerful discourse on the criminal basis of the Federal Reserve System and our enslavement through the bankers' corruption of the monetary system. The film concludes with an appeal to people to question their paradigms and belief systems, which is the first step toward defeating the elite's conspiracy against mankind. The production quality is excellent, and the film is a must see. Some argue that the contentious subject matter in Part I may distract from the message of the film. Edited versions that skip Part I can be found for those who might be disturbed by the subject matter are available from
Rating: *****

America From Freedom to Fascism    Time 1:49
This is a professionally done film by the late Hollywood director Aaron Russo whose credits include the Hollywood hits "Trading Places" and "The Rose". In fact, AFFTF was shown in select movie theatres across the country, but predictably only for a very short time. Russo also hosted a weekly cable TV series "Mad As Hell" where he dealt with the many government intrusions into our lives. The film begins with a short history of the elite's conspiracy to saddle the American people with a central bank and an income tax. The film is done in Michael Moore style, with Russo playing the role of "Average Joe" while interviewing government officials and random folks on the sidewalk. Just as it consumes a large portion of our productive lives, the income tax issue consumes a large portion of the film. Russo defended his obsession with taxation and the corrupt money system during a Q & A session at a pre-release screening of the film in Saint Charles, Illinois. He felt that this was what would grab the attention of most middle class Americans. But it would have been nice to see some of the other issues get more screen time, i.e. the militarization of our police, discussion of the increasingly fascistic laws being passed by Congress, and the new technologies of surveillance and population control.
Rating: ****

Obama Deception   Time 1:51
Alex Jones documentary films are legendary and ubiquitous in the truth movement. Although controversial at times, Jones has matured greatly as a filmmaker over the years. Unlike the frequently scattershot approach of earlier films, Obama Deception maintains its focus on the central topic of the film which is identifying the elitist's power structure. The film provides damning evidence of politicians at every level being tied to the CFR, Bilderberg, or Tri-Lateral organizations. Bush's and Obama's connections to occult groups/secret societies such as Skull and Bones and Freemasonry complete the sinister picture. The real power behind the throne pulls the strings of the President and Congress to carry out the plan for world domination. Jones shows how the agenda for world government and the loss of our rights and constitutional sovereignty never changes regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat are in the White House. By staying carefully non-partisan, the film is useful appealing to folks on the left or the right. The analysis of the elite's pyramid of control is typically superficial, as Jones ignores several of the "elephants in the living room".  The negatives in the film are too many scenes of Alex in the streets shouting through a bullhorn, and too much footage of Jim Tucker in hotel rooms stating the obvious. As with similar scenes in Jones' previous films, they distract from the more important issues being discussed.
Rating: ***

Our Corrupt Foreign Policy    Time 2:02
This DVD is a collection of documentaries available from The topics cover all aspects of the ongoing US war against Third World countries, including the School of the Americas, the Iraqi genocide, Iran-contra, the Panama invasion, Indonesia/ East Timor and Viet Nam. There is more than ample evidence of the atrocities committed against civilian populations in the name of "freedom" and "democracy". Many topics are narrated by different Hollywood celebrities like Elizabeth Montgomery, Susan Sarandon, and Kris Kristofferson. There are extended speeches by Philip Agee (CIA) and Ramsey Clark. Overall the information is good, but marred by the obligatory left-wing clichés. Particularly annoying is the endless repetition of the phrase "killing women and children"...does that mean killing adult men is of no concern? The different narrators all offer the same "feel good" strategies--calling/writing your Congresscritters or standing in the street with "peace" symbols and antiwar chants. Rather than exercises in futility, we need real solutions...this DVD doesn't offer any.
Rating: **

Pretext for the North American Union   Time 1:38
This video deals with an important subject for those who worship the nation-state. Unfortunately for those who have as little use for the USA as they have for the NAU, the film has little to offer. The entire presentation uses the film technique of playing video clips in a small window while scrolling text below, with an American flag as a backdrop. Large sections of the film are "power point" style, with the narrator reading the text frame by frame. Unless you are hearing impaired, the technique is very irritating.  For those who make it to the finale, you will be "treated" to more patriotic drivel and the national anthem...guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of all the mindless sheep who consider themselves proud right-wing conservatives. Suggestions that we should all beg Congress to stop their plans to steamroll us into world government are laughably naive. The film has good intentions, but that isn't good enough any more. Instead of flag waving, the film maker needs to pay attention to the ongoing destruction of our (so-called) civil liberties in what has become the American police state. Within the context of the much larger conspiracy, the subject of the New World Order empire rearranging its administrative network over the North American region is merely a footnote.
Rating: *


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