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911 Film Fest part 1
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of Feb 21, 2010
by Roy L. Fox

Rating Scale
5 Stars—Outstanding
4 Stars—Very Good
3 Stars—Fair To Midland
2 Stars—Mediocre
1 Star—Time Waster

These are reviews of several films that appeared on the scene in the years after that horrific false flag attack. Many of the videos focus on the controlled demolition issue and the improbable collapse of WTC7. Also common to many films is the physical evidence disproving the US government fairy tale that a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon on 911. Some of these DVDs feature video segments borrowed from earlier 911 films. We should appreciate the time and efforts of each and every one of these filmmakers to bring the truth to the public. They all rate "outstanding" as far as content, as they all document the wealth of evidence that repudiates the official government story (excepting Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911—see comments below). The ratings of the following films are heavily weighted towards production quality and how well they convey their message. You can obtain most of these videos from

911 The Road To Tyranny    Time 2:20
This early release of this video by Alex Jones was probably the first major 911 conspiracy video produced after the September 11 attacks.  As a result, a lot of the smoking gun evidence that came public in the months and years afterward did not make it into this documentary.  A year later Alex produced "Masters of Terror" which covered much more of the 911 evidence than this film did. The video features a compelling segment showing government lies and complicity in the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing and the botched first World Trade Center bombing.  Building a case on the history of false flag attacks, Alex combines circumstantial evidence to build a case of probable White House/Pentagon involvement in the attacks.  The video later runs rapid-fire through various important side issues, including the control of information through the elite-owned mass media, martial law exercises, vaccinations, microchip implantation, surveillance, loss of our rights, and other topics.  It concludes with an apocalyptic vision of the world if the global elite are successful in their plans.
Rating: ***

Loose Change 2nd Edition    Time   1:26
This is the follow-up expanded version of the video that became a sensation on the internet with millions of viewings and copies of the DVD circulating throughout the country, and indeed around the world. The title "Loose Change" was "coined" by the amateur filmmakers who put it together on a very small budget. Yet the film is extremely powerful and convincing in making its points and in exposing many of the key anomalies associated with the government's version of 911. The immense popularity of the film is testimony to the power of internet to break through the mainstream media information gatekeepers. Loose Change demolishes the official story and asks a lot of poignant questions. This is one of the "must-see" videos produced by the 911 truth movement.
Rating: ****

911 Eyewitnes    Time 1:44
911 Eyewitness contains interesting analysis of video footage taken by photographer Richard Siegel on September 11. A lot of questions about the government's explanation of events are raised in the film.  Alternative theories of what happened are followed up with careful measurements taken directly from the audio and video footage and live audio from AM radio station WINS. The photographic evidence easily proves that the government version of events was false. It might have improved the film if the main points were delineated and organized better. In spite of this, 911 Eyewitness is useful for serious students of 911 who want to look into several key details of the buildings collapsing.
Rating: ***

911 Mysteries    Time 1:30
Although the introduction to the film risks alienating potential viewers ("Hi, I'm Brad and I'm a conservative Republican..."), this is a very good forensic analysis of most of the factual data of 911. Produced in 2006, the film does an impressive job of destroying the official government version of events by first reciting each official conclusion from the 911 Commission followed by a scientific analysis of the evidence that proves each of the Fedgov's points wrong. Unlike other films which go more heavily into the political and foreign policy aspects of 911, this film stays on task with using factual documentation and primary laws of physics.  There is no escaping the conclusion that the government's "911 conspiracy theory" is a badly fabricated lie.
Rating: *****

Fahrenheit 911    Time 2:01 plus extras
This film is not really a "911" documentary, but merely leftist political theater aimed at George Bush 2nd Edition and the neocons. While pretending to be just an "average Joe", Michael Moore prostitutes himself to the establishment by framing everything as a political issue. The audience Moore targets in his films are the American Sheeple, those who still haven't figured out that the Republicans and Democrats are just different wings of the same bird of prey. The government version of events on 911 is never questioned by Moore, even though dozens of earlier internet articles and independent films had already exposed the mountain of lies and massive coverup.  Moore's script calls for alternating between two themes: Bush administration incompetence and the neocons' ties to the military-industrial complex.  The only reason that this film didn't receive a "Timewaster" rating was that the second half of the film does have some redeeming value as an anti-war film. Most of the "video extras" that come with the DVD are a continuation of the anti-war theme in the film.
Rating: **


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