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911 Film Fest part 2
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of Feb 28, 2010
by Roy L. Fox

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Rating Scale
5 Stars—Outstanding
4 Stars—Very Good
3 Stars—Fair To Midland
2 Stars—Mediocre
1 Star—Time Waster

911 Film Fest part 1

Who Killed John O'Neil?     Time 1:40
Filmed using avant garde film techniques, this one qualifies as one of those "guilty pleasures".  Producers Ty Rauber and Ryan Thurston expose the intricate links between corrupt politicians, criminal corporations and how they are tied to the CIA and ISI. The exposure of the many conflicts of interest, revolving door political appointments, damning coincidences and how it all ties into the big bankers and drug trade/money laundering is mind boggling.  Maybe this explains why the filmmakers decided to portray the massive conspiracy through the eyes of a schizophrenic researcher, as he debates each point with his five other "personalities".  This film is definitely better suited for serious 911 researchers, with a caveat that it contains some offensive language. You can obtain many 911 videos from
Rating: ****

Steven E Jones 911 Revisited    Time 1:48
Dr. Steven Jones was a physics professor at Brigham Young University until his explosive findings (pardon the pun) led to his ouster.  His groundbreaking research on the probable use of military grade thermite (or thermate) and the apparent controlled demolition of the WTC towers provided a huge boost to the 911 truth movement.  Dr. Jones covers the science behind the demolition better than anyone, and he has been a featured speaker in many of the best 911 films.  Unfortunately in this film, Dr. Jones presents his information in the form of a lecture using a powerpoint slide presentation.  Taking nothing away from his heroic accomplishments, using the shopworn "talking head" film technique did not make this DVD very compelling to watch.
Rating: **

Masters of Terror      Time 2:03
This eagerly anticipated follow-up to Alex Jones' previous film 911 The Road to Tyranny is packed with information.  Produced a year later, this film covered many of the important 911 issues which were missing in his 2002 film.  Many news articles from around the world are summarized which contain vital facts withheld from the American public because the US media refuse to cover anything that contradicts the official government 911 story line.  Alex Jones builds a good circumstantial case for direct government involvement and complicity in the 911 disaster, and he excels at linking the conspiracy with the New World Order globalist elite.  But this film suffers from the frantic presentation style and rapid jumps from issue to issue...and typical of many of his films, Alex inevitably wanders off into side issues.  Also notably missing is discussion of the issues surrounding the Pentagon and American Flight 77.  This type of film works if you're preaching to the choir, but is less convincing with viewers being introduced to 911 issues for the first time.  This film would have been much better, in my opinion, if edited down to about 90 minutes.
Rating: ***

911 In Plane Site The Director's Cut     Time  1:12
Narrated by Power Hour's Dave Von Kleist, this short film is a very effective introduction to the 911 truth issues.  Von Kleist's measured approach early in the film helps to disarm the natural hostility many have towards controversial issues. His sincerity comes across while asking the viewer instead to just critically analyze some of the video of 911 for themselves.  The video includes good footage of the issues surrounding the Pentagon, and features intriguing close-ups that suggest a missile pod attached to the jets that struck the twin towers.  Although many important issues aren't covered in this film, it accomplishes what it set out to do, which is to convince the uninitiated that something is terribly wrong with the government story.
Rating: ****

Painful Deceptions     Time 1:23
Derived from Eric Hufschmid's pioneering work in his book "Painful Questions", this DVD released in 2005 covers those topics and more.  There is good coverage of the collapse of WTC7 and the Pentagon.  The engineering analysis that disproves the official 911 Commission Report is more than adequate.  The film's weakest point is the frequent repetition.  With so many issues to cover, what need is there to replay several of the video segments two and sometimes three times?  Also, the narration method of rapid fire questions instead of making positive statements doesn't come across as well in the film as it does in the book.  As with the Steven E Jones film reviewed earlier, the best researchers don't always produce the best films.  But we can still appreciate the groundbreaking discoveries and scholarly analysis that they have brought us.  For that reason alone, they still deserve our support.
Rating: **


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